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Content Drives eDM Engagement

  1. Content copyright 2015. ContentBacon. All rights reserved. CONTENT  DRIVES  EDM  ENGAGEMENT   David  Barnes    &  Dave  Kustin
  2. Dave Kustin, founder ContentBacon “We are on a mission to make it easy for companies around the world to create, distribute and promote tasty custom content for their business. More content = more opportunities, improved SEO and better brand positioning.” Meet the Presenters David Barnes, founder theedmFactory
  3. Don’t Forget Special Offer Content Production  2 articles + Social Media Headlines (2 headlines x 3 platforms) $250/USD  Campaign Template conversion from another platform = Free Custom template = $100 Create and send a campaign including ContentBacon content = $50 Software for up to 4,000 emails = Free
  4. eDM  Defined Reference:
  5. eDM Defined e·∙D·∙M   /'ee  dee  emm'/   noun   is  a  strategic  process  of  building  and  refining  a  centralized  marketing  database  with   the  purpose  of  communicating  directly  to  subscribers  using  any  form  of  electronic   messaging  in  targeted  and  personalized  manner.   The  purpose  of  the  communication  must  be  to  increase  value  for  the  organization   whilst  delivering  a  purposeful  outcome  for  the  recipient  maintaining  the  best   engagement  possible. Reference:
  6. A Closer Look
  7. Key Takeaways: 1. Understand the type of content your customers want and need. 2. How to develop creative topics. 3. Managing your content once it has been published. 4. How to build a social media foundation with your content. What to Expect Today
  8. • Information that is available electronically • Content that is: interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking and educational. • It should solve a problem and add value to the reader. • Bring prospects further into the sales funnel. What is Content?
  9. Why Content? 21st Century Business Model • Get found easily • Value and trust • Capture leads - build a database (for campaigns) • Create valuable content and give it away • Follow-up system • Deepen relationships - build a following of raving fans
  10. Your digital footprint = rise above, be seen, be heard (be found) • Includes Social Channels • Builds Credibility • Positions You, Your Brand as an Expert • Delivers Content • Engages with an Audience Digital Footprint
  11. • The most effective marketers publish new content for their audience several times a week. Some every single day! • Top websites generate their traffic from in-depth content that sits on Google’s top result pages. • The best content will always win and will always find an audience. So why isn’t everyone doing it? Content is the NEW Advertising
  12. Content is Hard • There is a huge demand for valuable content in every industry. • But…it’s not easy to produce the kind of content that gets noticed. • 41% state producing the kind of content that engages prospects and customers is the biggest challenge.
  13. What NOT to do: 1. Don’t mistake content for advertising. 2. Don’t make it about you, you, you (pssst, it’s about them). 3. Don’t think creative content isn’t effective if it doesn’t generate leads. Overcoming Challenges
  14. Where to Start?
  15. Creating an Avatar - Engage Sales Team Who are your ideal customers? • What age brackets do they fall into? • What about their income status, educational backgrounds, needs, and wants? Your Avatar is the foundation of your inbound marketing plan and is one of the key factors of success in content creation and marketing. Know Your Audience: AVATAR
  16. Mapping the Process • Questions leading up to the sale? • Major challenges and obstacles? • Information your sales people wish prospects knew about? • Frequently asked questions? • What does the on-boarding process consist of? • How can you help your customers have the best experience with your company? • Problems or pain points your customers have? • What keeps customers up at night? • Misconceptions in your industry that your customers need to know? • Issues your customer service team is dealing with? BRAINSTORM IDEAS AND THEN GROUP AND PRIORITIZE How to Start: TOPICS
  17. Determine the type(s) of content you want to create Create a 90-day plan (leave room for new ideas) Content can and should take on many different formats: Action Item: CONTENT PLAN • Educational • Book Review • Opinion Post • How to Guide • List – resource list, compilation • Product/Service Review • Link Pages • Research • Interview • Research • Cheat Sheets, checklists and to-dos • Podcast, video or webinar summary notes • Blog series • Event information – overview or recap • Q & A • Opinion Post

  18. ContentBacon Content Checklist • Tells a great story • Adds value to target audience • Solves a problem, educates, entertains, delights, enhances their life • Brings something unique that they can’t find elsewhere • Searchable + shareable • Written in our clients unique voice so when they read it they say “Wow, that sounds exactly like how I would like to write it if I could - or BETTER!” • Grammatically correct - goes with saying but we’re saying it • Visually pleasing • Has a call to action Content Guidelines
  19. To truly be effective, content should be structured with… 1. Headline that instantly commands attention. 2. Introduction that pulls the audience in, making it hard to turn away. 3. Information that solves a problem the audience genuinely cares about. 4. Singular point or theme to communicate. 5. Stories, metaphors, or examples to teach that point. 6. Call-to-action at conclusion that rouses the audience to take the next step. Smart content thinks in terms of an audience, rather than prospects or leads.
  20. Always tell the truth Be authentic & vulnerable Get uncomfortable Have a position Say something!   Content Guidelines
  21. 1. Promote content on your social media channels. 2. Headlines that are native to the platform. 3. Reach out to other influencers and share via social media. 4. Mention companies, people in your posts to gain attention (and be social). 5. Comment/interact. 6. Share your content multiple times. 7. Test different headlines - pay attention to what works. 8. Use visuals. 9. Participate in groups. Social Media Foundation
  22. Most Importantly: JUST DO IT! Start creating content. Done is better the perfect. The more you do it, the better it will get. WHAT GETS OUTSOURCED GETS DONE. AND IF YOU CAN’T DO IT, OUTSOURCE IT.
  23. MOBILE Customers will access and read your content on their mobile devices. Therefore, you have to adopt a mobile responsive design for your blog or site. CONTENT MARKETING Takes a piece of content that you’ve written, and delivers it to the right audience, in a quiet, creative, and professional manner. SELLING Know that selling is part of the formula. But when you consistently produce great content that addresses real problems, you’ll sell more and win loyal customers in the process…it’s an ‘always on’ activity. Final Thoughts I
  24. Final Thoughts II
  25. Don’t Forget Special Offer Content Production  2 articles + Social Media Headlines (2 headlines x 3 platforms) $250/USD  Campaign Template conversion from another platform = Free Custom template = $100 Create and send a campaign including ContentBacon content = $50 Software for up to 4,000 emails = Free
  26. Don’t Forget Questions?
  27. Thank you for joining us!