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Good habits for a better life

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Good habits for a better life

  1. 1. GOOD HABITS FOR A BETTER LIFE 1. We´ve worked on goods habits at school during this term. Each group worked on a different aspect. 2. Second grade worked on the environment. 3. Our school has a garden with many flowers. 4. We replant trees in our woods. 5. We are an ecoschool and so we recycle every day. 6. To help protect the environment, we save energy to provide our planet with fresh air. 7. We give water to the planet by not using any more than we need. 8. We look for sustainability by reusing materials to play and work 9. Third grade worked on healthy food. 10. To take care of our body, we eat healthy food at school and at home. 11. We eat five meals a day, and we have fruits, vegetables and cereals every day, pasta, meat and fish two or three times a week, and we don´t eat lots of sweets or cakes. 12. fourth grade worked on traffic signals 13. We learnt to stay safe in the street by respecting the traffic signals. 14. Fifth grade worked on good manners 15. We learnt it´s important to have good manners to get along with others. 16. And sixth grade worked on how to use our free time properly. 17. We made a display to show how to spend your free time properly. We brought newspapers and magazines and cut out different pictures to make a collage. 18. With this collage we show we can use our free time to practice some sport, to read, to listen to music, to dance, to go to the cinema or the theatre, to take care of our pets… and all these things are good for us.