postmodernism cubism art modernism modernity formalism visual culture diy self-organise impressionism subjectivity abstract expressionism clement greenberg taste feminism simulacra simulation brit art biennale globalisation nationalism culture identity art and objecthood activated viewer participatory art aesthetics detached spectatorship to active participant role of the audience opticality spectator work wage labour occupy grassroots independence protest counterculture artist-run initiatives alternative organisation art theory contemporary art claire bishop nicholas bourriaud relational art greek and roman canons classicism futurism post-impressionism (1885-1910) neoclassicism (1750-1850) dada & surrealism (1917-1950) abstract expressionism (1940s-1950s) supremativism modernism: realism (1848-1900) constructivism & de stijl (1905-1920) fauvism & expressionism (1900-1935) postmodernism (1970s-) pop art (1960s) impressionism (1865-1885) romanticism (1780-1850) connoisseurship art history historiography the art canon artists institutions counter-culture scottish art radical alterity greenberg autonomy pollock newman de kooning adorno marx industrial revolution benjamin jung panofsky freud anthropology ethnography travel ethnocentrism celebrity emin yba hirst globalisation and art 1970s narratology rupturing non-linear storytelling structuralism anti-narrative roland barthes narrative arc unfaithful narratives post-narrative nouvelle vague fairytale structure fabula and syuzhet montage multiplicity french new wave todorovian principles avant-garde cultural narratives salon enlightenment glocal local barbara kruger baudrillard cindy sherman mass media self high modernism harold rosenberg cold war cia karl marx walter benjamin key thinkers design status consumption home function gender courbet communards realism civil rights politically engaged activism rfid performance virtual reality big brother mirror worlds rear window youtube surveillance visual technologies private cctv augmented reality digital images truth public real belief participatory panopticon mixed reality authorship originality readymades recombination roland barthes essay death of the author parody detournement pastiche appropriation signification approriation rephotography deconstruction new labour art criticism self promotion ybas british art show the spectacle creative industries shock tactics lee oconnor john mullen glasgow international annuale the divided self toung athenians douglas gordon artist placement group tam a roddy buchanan artist-run galleries switchspace disco grafifiti collaborations alternative punk sub-culture hip-hop art market capitalism neo-liberalism creolisation cultural geographies decentralisation hybridity counter-stereotypes cultural and economic heritage parochialism representation stereotypes devolution scotland domestic appropriation scottish heritage light projections murals monumental sculpture regeneration public art building features
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