My Map Introduction

Director, Employee Development à Metroland Media Group
29 Aug 2012
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
My Map Introduction
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My Map Introduction

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. Some of the world’s most admired companies today say they’ll lose HALF their key people over the next 5 years. A broader shortage of talent looms on the horizon, even as new generations of workers splash into the global talent pool. It’s important that companies have a business-focused talent strategy. Metroland Media Group is an organization that encourages continuous growth and improvement.  Our President, Ian Oliver, has stated that talent development is a critical requirement for the company’s long term success, and as a result, he is the Sponsor (and #1 supporter) of the My MAP Program.  The MAP Program is based upon the Lominger (FYI) Core Competencies Model that we have adopted as our framework for Performance Review, Employee Development and Succession Planning.
  2. So in the next few minutes we are going to give you an overview ofWhat My MAP isHow it worksAnd let you know how to get started
  3. Read slide
  4. How does it work?It’s a relatively simple process with measurable benefits:Read slide 1-4
  5. Metroland’s Business Strategy consists of 3 Components for sustainable growthMMG Vision is to be Canada’s leading media company & achieve double digit profit growth year over year.This is the Strategy to make it happen – but only if we all contribute to it one way or another.More productsMore clientsLarger audience reach. Think about how you contribute – make sure you know/have line of sight, and make sure your staff know exactly how they contribute and where the most value comes from.Our approach to workforce planning is grounded in a clear understanding of our business priorities.
  6. Once we understand the business goals we can determine how best to attract, retain and develop talent to achieve those goals.Our contribution is to ensure that all staff understand the mission and strategy and how they contribute to it. Therefore, we work to optimize employee personal talents and help them excel in the competencies that pertain to their current roles and to the future competencies that they, and the cThese are the competencies that our President and Senior Executive feel are necessary for employees to develop in order to successfully support the company strategies for sustainable growth. ompany, will need to be successful in achieving our mission.
  7. There are six individual assessments:My Profile – measures history, engagement and aspirationCore Competencies – skilled, underskilled and overused.Individual Contributor Competencies – skilled, underskilled and overused.Manager Competencies – skilled, underskilled and overused.Director/GM Competencies – skilled, underskilled and overused.VP/Senior Executive Competencies – skilled, underskilled and overused.The employee completes the assessment from a personal perspective and their manager assesses them on the same questions and competencies.
  8. The answers from the employee and their manager on the assessments indicate where competencies need to be developed and those competencies are attached to the management courses available – whether fundamental, essential, strategic or electives that change annually.
  9. Here’s the process:Read slide As timing indicates
  10. Read slideEmployees are being asked to take ownership of their development.  As a Manager, you too, are critical to the continuous improvement and growth of our current and future employees, and by extension, the achievement of our short and long term business strategies.  We ask that you support your employee in their leadership development by being receptive to their discussions and facilitating concrete opportunities for them to apply their new skills back in the workplace.  We’ll probvide you with an outline of the key stages of discussion and it is recommended that you pre-schedule these discussions around structured learning sessions.  Updates over and above the schedule are always encouraged. 
  11. It’s about two basic things:SkillsSupportMy MAP will assist your employee in acquiring the ever-changing skills required to master the job they've been hired to do as that job changes. In addition, your employee can use My MAP as a focus and support system to reach their highest potential and create a career within Metroland – with your help.
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  13. For questions about the My MAP program specifically contact Denise.