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9 Reasons Why Designers Hate A Logo Maker

Do we smell jealously wafting up the winds? Or do the custom logo designers see logomakers sprawling on the horizon when they try to visualize the morrow? After all, with the viable benefits offered by online logo makers, it’s only a matter of time before clients start nurturing a heartwarming affection for them! Take a deep breathe, now hold it in as we walk you through the raging war and take you directly towards the designer camp to see what they have to say for themselves.

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9 Reasons Why Designers Hate A Logo Maker

  1. 1. 9 Reasons Why Designers Hate A Logo Maker!
  2. 2. What’s the point of a designer if clients have everything in hand to customize their design?!!?
  3. 3. Like seriously!! We wonder how can a design be created in a matter of minutes!
  4. 4. We also have numerous color palettes, but why should we share color palettes with clients? We know better what colors to use!
  5. 5. Tons of design options generated by logo maker can certainly confuse the client
  6. 6. What’s the point of offering clients to redesign the logo whenever they want?? Redesigning authority must be given only to the designer. Create customized logos.
  7. 7. Anything available online provides easy registration. We are professionals, detailed design contract is a must for us.
  8. 8. Obviously a logo maker is an app and it will be available for 24/7.
  9. 9. The ease to make logos through logo maker has put designer's worth at stake.
  10. 10. Logo maker charges less because it doesn’t work for hours and days like designers do.
  11. 11. How was your experience with a logo maker?