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Enterprise Developer Journey to the IoT

v11 for TriJUG May 18 2015
The current hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a substantial amount of innovation thanks to open source software, open hardware, open standards, and community inspiration. In this session, we will explore how you can use open source software to incorporate the physical world (the “Things”) into your traditional enterprise IT infrastructure. We will walk the path from a typical enterprise developer’s current focus on web desktop applications to mobile and devices, specifically developer prototyping platforms like Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, Arduino, Spark Core, and several others. Learn how to connect the physical world to your enterprise backbone via sensors and actuators.

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Enterprise Developer Journey to the IoT

  1. 1. An Enterprise Developer's Journey to IoT Burr Sutter @burrsutter Web, Mobile, IoT Hacker :-)
  2. 2. Before Software ate the World: We made Things! Burr Sutter | @burrsutter
  3. 3. Burr Sutter | @burrsutter My Developer Journey Understanding what is Possible Experimentation & Prototyping Making Friends Embedded & Electrical Engineers Box & Deploy Custom PCB Design BOM & Sourcing Quick PCB Prototypes Sunstone, OSHPark Mass Production Box & Ship Learning FPGA Detect & Connect Me
  4. 4. Field Gateway Ingestion Sensors Actuators Dashboards Analytics Workflow Integration High-level architecture Datacenter WiFi Bluetooth Zigbee/Thread 802.15.4 Burr Sutter | @burrsutter
  5. 5. Bluetooth + WiFi 3 Possible Edge Architectures Burr Sutter | @burrsutter 802.15.4 + WiFi/Ethernet Direct WiFi, Ethernet, Cell connectivity
  6. 6. History Lessons ComputerWorld February 4, 1991 ComputerWorld January 8, 1990 Do remember you Novell's Netware IPX/SPX, Banyan Vines, IBM's SNA?...and then came TCP/IP...and the rest are history Burr Sutter | @burrsutter CompuServe Prodigy AOL Then...World Wide Web
  7. 7. Lots of standards, groups, affiliations, consortium Organizations/Consortium: ● IPSO (www.ipso-alliance.org) ● IIC (www.industrialinternetconsortium.org) ● OIC (openinterconnect.org) ● Thread Group (www.threadgroup.org) ● Zigbee Alliance (www.zigbee.org) ● AllSeen Alliance (allseenalliance.org) ● IETF (www.ietf.org) ● IEEE ● 802.11 (WiFi) ● 802.15.1 Bluetooth ● 802.15.4 – mesh networking ● 6LoWPAN – IPv6 over 802.15.4 ● Thread – based on 6LoWPAN ● ZigBee – based on 802.15.4 ● AllJoyn – based D-Bus protocol ● IoTivity – layers on top of CoAP ● MQTT – messaging ● CoAP – RESTful ● REST Wildcards: ● Apple Homekit ● Google Works-with-Nest
  8. 8. Decisions, decisions...requirements 1) Product – unlike infinitely flexible software, hardware is harder to change, think like a Product manufacturer/owner 2) Business Drivers: lower costs, improved analytics, increased customer satisfaction, reduced errors... 3) B2C, B2B, B2E, M2M internal, M2M with business partner – context, stakeholders 4) Hypothesis - what do you wish to prove/understand? Sensors 5) Timeliness – what business value is derived by knowing something now vs 30 days later? 6) Describe the inbound dataflow/stream, attempt to quantify its frequency, size and nature. Do you want readings from a person's blood pressure every hour or the out-flow of a water pump every minute or video capture from a security camera every second? 7) Analytics: discovered, ingested, stored, visualized, etc 8) Actions: What would you do IF you could collect the data, in a timely fashion. Provide upper and lower boundaries on timeliness. Actuators, business processes, alerting, etc. 9) Distribution: how far flung will your Thing be. Connectivity – wired or wireless, distance, bandwidth, latency Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, 802.15.4, Zigbee (Thread), 2.4 Ghz roll-your-own (nRF24L01) 10) Security: Both physical (someone opening the box, data a rest) and network (data transmission) 11) Environment: dust, vibration, humidity, water, cold, heat, pressure, etc. 12) Packaging: Related to environment, do you need an attractive rubberized casing for your customers (B2C) 13) Power – wired or battery – if battery, how long does it need to last, solar-recharging, etc 14) Maintenance – field deployment considerations, both initial and ongoing – cost of a “truck roll” 15) Device end-of-life planning 16) Application Connectivity to your enterprise architecture – MQTT, XMPP, REST, AMQP, DDS Burr Sutter | @burrsutter
  9. 9. IoT Developer Hardware (from my perspective) Microcontrollers: C, C++ Embeddable Linux: Python, Node.js, Java Note: Images not scaled to relative sizing Arduino Uno Arduino Pro Mini (<$10) SparkFun Lilypad(<$25) AdaFruit Gemma (<$8) Spark.io WiFi Core ($39) Photon ($19) Electron (Kickstarter - Cell) LightBlue Bean BLE - Bluetooth Smart ($30) TI LaunchPad CC3200- LAUNCHXL ($29) mbed NXP LPC1768 ($59) Arduino Teensy (<$20) Connectivity Add-On Arduino Pro Mini (<$10) Includes Connectivity Electric Imp ($29) – SD card size Intel Edison ($50) Includes: WiFi, BLE (Bluetooth Smart) Yocto Raspberry Pi 2 ($35) + WiFi ($10) + Bluetooth ($12) Raspbian, Pidora, Windows, etc Onion Omega Includes: WiFi OpenWRT Linux At Kickstarter BeagleBone Black ($45) + WiFi ($10) + Bluetooth ($12) Debian, Angstrom Android, etc MinnowBoard Max ($145) + WiFi (?) + Bluetooth (?) Angstrom, Android Arduino Yun ($72) Includes: WiFi + BLE ($12) OpenWRT-Yun Burr Sutter | @burrsutter
  10. 10. Connectivity is still a challenge – like in the 90's ComputerWorld – March 20 1995 Burr Sutter | @burrsutter Now, when someone rings my doorbell, the current goes to a scanner that digitizes the audio impulses and sends the image to the PC where it's converted to a Pict file. The image is then animated, compressed, and sent via high-speed modem to an automated phone service that sends an e-mail message back to tell me someone was at my door 40 minutes ago.
  11. 11. New Skills ● Breadboarding ● Soldering ● Volts, Amps, Watts ● Serial, I2C, UART, SPI, PWM ● Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Diode, Transistor, Shift Register vs Voltage Divider ● Sensors: Temp, Humidity, Accelerometer, Force, Barometer, Magnetometer, Pulse, Muscle, Gyroscope, Proximity, CO2, etc... Examples/Images from SparkFun.com Burr Sutter | @burrsutter
  12. 12. DEMOs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXfkIRHfDzY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U6T1UWEnj0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd6Ghh5bWx4 Burr Sutter | @burrsutter