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  1. 1. DEVSHREE HOUSE KEEPING SOLUTIONS KANNAMWAR NAGAR 1, VIKHROLI EAST, MUMBAI – 400083 Mail us – dhksmumbai@gmail.com CALL US # 9821294655
  2. 2. DHKS is started just few days ago by the team of professional peoples. The founder members are qualified and having excellent knowledge in Administration and Facility work. After spending enough time in job they have started DHKS to show there expertise in the field of House Keeping business to serve people better in terms of services and satisfaction.
  3. 3. We are the prominent service providers engaged in offering House Keeping Solutions. Our team consists of the professionals who have knowledge in various industries. This enables us to take accurate measures towards achieving the requirement of our clients. Our professionals work in close proximity of each other to offer solutions that complements client strategies. Further, we aim to being a preferred link between our clients and the executives and thereby establish a long term and cordial relationship. With our holistic approach and client-eccentric ideology, we are able to offer unmatched services to the clients.
  4. 4. The proper upkeep of any premises depends mainly on well-trained and effective management with proper cleaning equipment and materials. We specialize in providing our esteemed clients a complete integrated cleaning system. As an organization with philosophy based on innovation, quality & efficiency, we are committed to provide services in most cost effective manner. By outsourcing your housekeeping management to ‘Ultimate Management Services’ you achieve a single point accountability, which gives you: i) Healthy, comfortable and clean work environment. ii) Consistent and standardized quality services. iii) Extended asset life and reduced maintenance cost of infrastructure.
  5. 5.  Offices  Banks  Hospitals  Residential Buildings and Complexes  Bunglows and Villas  Malls  Educational Institutes, Collages and Schools  ATM’s  Hotels n Resorts  We provide Management Staff for offices.  We do house cleaning services on Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly basis  We do Carpet Shampooing for offices, residence, malls, and other institution on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.  Custom made packages are also available for home cleaning and carpet shampooing cleaning.  We do Factory Cleaning, Project cleaning and Construction Cleaning etc.
  6. 6. We provide well trained and experienced house keeping staff that is well versed with prevalent housekeeping techniques to ensure desired standard of cleanliness at all times. The staff employed shall be physically & mentally fit to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.
  7. 7. THANK YOU