deep learning convolutional neural network computer vision cvpr instance segmentation neural network iclr cvpr2021 vision transformer cnn cvpr2020 object detection medical ai detr vit few-shot self-attention eccv2020 artificial intelligence generative adversarial network gan imagenet machine learning iclr2020 pruning iccv mask r-cnn boxinst weakly-supervised learning incremental learning fpn yolof yolo transfer learning semi-supervised learning edge device real-time yolactedge context residual learning image segmentation 3d cnn ieee tmi ieee sensetime iclr2021 deformable convolution attention nlp transformer prototypes stargan munit image-to-image translation brain tumor segmentation brats missing mri domain image generation mri multi-domain chest x-ray radiologist lunit eccv self-training pre-training google google research segmentation medical image customization python radiomics pyradiomics simpleitk iccv2019 resnet network pruning normalization deconvolution receptive fields position overhaul relu featuremaps distillation clova icc2019 sparse network light-weight the lottery ticket hypothesis centernet objects as points robustness data augmentation augmix image classification bag of tricks
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