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The Future of Big Data in Education

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Presentation given at Serious Request 2015, #SR15, Heerlen.
Within the Open University we started a 12 hours marathon college, to collect money for the charity action of radiostation 3FM. The collected money will go to the red cross and support young people in conflict areas.

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The Future of Big Data in Education

  1. 1. Marty McFly alias Hendrik Drachsler @HDrachsler, #SR15, 23.12.2015 De Toekomst van Big Data in het Onderwijs
  2. 2. What is Big Data? Voorbeeld: The Google Flue trend technology … … kun nu ook voor onderwijs toegepast worden. @Hdrachsler, #SR15
  3. 3. The Big Data Economy Example: The Google Flue trend technology … … can also be applied now for education.
  4. 4. New MIT study
  5. 5. 5http://ifets.info/journals/15_3/4.pdf
  6. 6. 17 Graph by Rob Koper. Data science voor de realisatie van online activerend onderwijs. Presentation given at Dag van het Onderwijs (5 November 2015). Heerlen. The Netherlands New insights Learning Activities Studytime in days
  7. 7. 17 Graph by Rob Koper. Data science voor de realisatie van online activerend onderwijs. Presentation given at Dag van het Onderwijs (5 November 2015). Heerlen. The Netherlands New insights Learning Activities Studytime in days
  8. 8. Chances vs. Issues of Learning Analytics Chances 1.Monitoring learning while it happens 2.On demand Learning Measures 3.Personalize education 4.Identify students at risk early 5.Reflection and Feedback support Dangers 1. Data not protected 2. Anonymisation 3. Unfair discrimination 4. Different behaviour through panoptic effect 5. No trust into the organisation @Hdrachsler, #SR15
  9. 9.  Step 1: Short presentation of a vision (Marty)  Step 2: Rate Vision on (Audience)  1. ‘haalbaar’ =‘feasible’  2. ‘wenselijk’ = ‘desirable’  By raising your hands! Envision the future of Learning Analytics … @Hdrachsler, #SR15
  10. 10. Vision 1: 2025, LA are essential tools for educational management 10Pic by: Janneke Staaks, https://www.flickr.com/photos/jannekestaaks/14204590229/ • A wide range of data about learner behaviour is used • This generates good quality, real-time predictions about likely study success • Learners, teachers, managers and policymakers have access to live information from schools
  11. 11. Vision 2: 2025, Learning analytics support self- directed autonomous learning 11Pic by: SparkFun, https://www.flickr.com/photos/sparkfun/4536382170/ • No Curricula and assessment anymore • Students create communities for own learning goals • Analytics support information exchange and group collaborations • Teachers become MENTORS
  12. 12. Vision 3: 2025, analytics are rarely used in education 12Pic by: Tara Hunt, https://www.flickr.com/photos/missrogue/94403705 • Courses that are automated by analytics are seen as inferior • There have been major leaks and misuse of sensitive personal data • All use of data for educational purposes has to be approved by the learners and inspectorates
  13. 13. Vision 4: 2025, classrooms monitor the physical environment to support learning and teaching 13Pic by: SparkFun, https://www.flickr.com/photos/sparkfun/4536382170/ • Furniture, pens, writing pads – almost any learning tool uses sensors. • Information is used to monitor learners’ progress. • Teachers are alerted to signs of individual learner’s boredom, confusion, and deviation from task.
  14. 14. Vision 5: 2025, most teaching is delegated to computers 14Pic by: Charis Tsevis, https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5215/5470451264_c0612f2102_z • Enormous datasets containing information about millions of learners • Computers suggest successful routes for learning • Recommendations are better informed and more reliable than by even the best-trained humans
  15. 15. Vision 6: 2025, personal data tracking supports learning 15Pic by: SparkFun, https://www.flickr.com/photos/sparkfun/4536382170/ • Sensors gather personal information about factors such as posture, attention, rest, stress, blood sugar, etc. • This data helps people to master skills as swimming, driving, and passing examinations • Programmes using this data to optimise learning for different ages and courses
  16. 16. Vision 7: 2025, individuals control their own data 16Pic by: Gideon Burton, https://www.flickr.com/photos/wakingtiger/3157622608 • People are aware of the importance and value of their data. • Learners control the type and quantity of personal data that they share, and with whom they share it • Most educational institutions run campaigns to raise awareness of the risks and exposure of data
  17. 17. Summary of the audience • The most feasible Vision at Serious Request is Vision Number … • The most desirable Vision at Serious Request is Vision Number ... • The most feasible and desirable Vision at #SR15 is Vision Number ... @Hdrachsler, #SR15
  18. 18. “The future of Learning Analytics” by Hendrik Drachsler, OUNL was presented at 3FM Serious Request 2015 in Heerlen, Netherlands 23 December, 2015. Questions or Comments to: hendrik.drachsler@ou.nl OR @HDrachsler This work was undertaken as part of the LACE Project, supported by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme, grant 619424. www.laceproject.eu @laceproject 18