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DSpace 5.0 Feature Preview

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DSpace 5.0 Feature Preview

  1. 1. DSpace 5.0 Feature Preview DSpace 4.2 Advanced Training (including the DSpace 5.0 preview ) by James Creel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Special thanks to the DuraSpace Foundation and the Texas Digital Library for making this course possible.
  2. 2. 5.0’s Fabulous Features • Automation of data migration with upgrades • Batch Import Improvements • PDF Enhancements • Machine Interfaces • ORCID Integration • Google Analytics • Metadata on All DSpace Objects • Mirage 2 Responsive Theme
  3. 3. Automation for Upgrades • DSpace will automatically upgrade an older database whenever Tomcat is restarted on an instance with the older database. • If you want to be more careful and avoid a long Tomcat startup time, take some time to ensure success at the command line • [dspace-install-dir]/bin/dspace database info • make sure DSpace thinks your database is the version it truly is • [dspace]/bin/dspace database migrate • Does the migration chain without stress on your Tomcat • Ant will also automatically upgrade your Solr indexes
  4. 4. Batch Imports • SAF Package ingest through the Web UIs • Import script allows item target collection specification in the SAF with a “collections” file in the item directory • Bibliographic Format ingest with the import script • Leverages the Biblio-Transformation-Engine (BTE), a framework for translating between various record formats • Use the –b flag on the script and you can import BibTex, CSV, TSV, RIS, EndNote, OAI-PMH, arXiv, PubMed, CrossRef and CiNii
  5. 5. PDF Enhancements • Citation cover pages (XMLUI) • Generates a new first page for PDF downloads with some selected Dublin Core metadata • Can be generated on the fly or with a curation task ahead of time • Improved thumbnails from Media Filter • Leverages ImageMagick and Ghostscript (Image thumbnails can be improved too with ImageMagick)
  6. 6. Machine Interfaces • REST API now enables CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) • OAI Improvements • Respects Item Read Access • Lists Contexts • RDF webapp
  7. 7. ORCID Integration • Lookup during Item Submission and Metadata Editing • Lookup button will search for existing authority records in repo • ORCID:dc.contributor.author column heading for batch metadata editing (CSV) • Local caching of authority records facilitates lookups
  8. 8. Google Analytics • Now visible in Admin UI • Bitstream Downloads get recorded
  9. 9. Metadata on All DSpace Objects • Holds promise for some very creative use cases, but it not yet leveraged in the UIs
  10. 10. Mirage 2 Responsive Theme by Atmire • State of the art web development tools – • Bootstrap for responsiveness • SASS to facilitate styling • Bower to manage dependencies • Grunt to automate deployment tasks
  11. 11. Please keep in touch - • Your course provider intends that everyone learns as much as they hoped from this course. • Contact me at jamescreel@jamescreel.net if you want to suggest any amendments to the materials or would like to further discuss any of the topics. • Thank you for your kind attention!