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Learn How Air Canada Uses Employee Advocacy To Build A More Effective Sales Team

In this exclusive presentation Air Canada shares their approach to Employee Advocacy, including goals, strategies and results of their program.

Air Canada is Canada's largest full-service airline and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services in the Canadian market, the Canada-U.S. transborder market and in the international market to and from Canada. Michelle Young, Manager of Global Sales Communication & Partnerships at Air Canada, needed their sales force to drive more leads and pipeline for their B2B business.

Young knew she needed a social selling solution. The solution had to include the ability for salespeople to share relevant industry content via social channels, build their personal digital brand and position themselves as helpful resources for their prospects.

Topics discussed include:
• How Air Canada grows sales to other businesses and partners through social media
• How Air Canada gets measurable, effective social selling content to employees
• How Air Canada measures content effectiveness at the employee level

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Learn How Air Canada Uses Employee Advocacy To Build A More Effective Sales Team

  1. 1. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 2@Dynamic_Signal Have A Question For Us? Use GoToWebinar Ask On Twitter Use #DySiWebinar
  2. 2. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 3@Dynamic_Signal But First, A Quick Question For You: Does your company encourage employees to talk about the brand on social media?
  3. 3. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 4@Dynamic_Signal Why Employee Advocacy Matters Now More Than Ever
  4. 4. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 5@Dynamic_Signal Why Employee Advocacy Matters Reaching a New Audience Is Harder Than Ever o  Organic social media is dying o  Content creation is costly & time consuming o  Consumers are overwhelmed with content
  5. 5. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 6@Dynamic_Signal What Employees Really Want Employees want to engage with family and friends about where they work, what they do, and the value of their company’s products and services. •  They want approved content that can easily be shared on social media. •  They want a way to talk about the their company & its brands and products.
  6. 6. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 7@Dynamic_Signal What business problems was Air Canada looking to solve?
  7. 7. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 8@Dynamic_Signal Business Problems Air Canada Was Looking To Solve Air Canada needed to update and transform the way they currently communicate with employees
  8. 8. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 9@Dynamic_Signal Business Problems Air Canada Was Looking To Solve •  Needed to improve the company narrative being told by the sales department •  Message needed to be more personable and from the voice of the employees •  Lack of visibility with audiences across digital and social media
  9. 9. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 10@Dynamic_Signal Business Problems Air Canada Was Looking To Solve The Sales team represents a mixed demographic of employees with different comfort levels using social media
  10. 10. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 11@Dynamic_Signal Business Problems Air Canada Was Looking To Solve •  Globally distributed workforce presented challenges with timing and languages •  Despite being a global carrier, there is a perception that we are a North American carrier. We needed to arm employees on other points of sale with the ability to tell the story of this iconic brand globally
  11. 11. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 12@Dynamic_Signal What Were The Goals For The Program?
  12. 12. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 13@Dynamic_Signal Goals Of The Air Canada Employee Advocacy Program o  Convince customers to make Air Canada their carrier of choice on a regular basis o  Bring a more human face to the Air Canada brand through the voice of employees o  Helps customers make smarter and more informed travel decisions
  13. 13. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 14@Dynamic_Signal Goals Of The Air Canada Employee Advocacy Program o  Increase the presence of Air Canada in more social channels and in more conversations online o  Increase the Air Canada footprint in new markets to develop a more global presence for the brand
  14. 14. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 15@Dynamic_Signal Goals Of The Air Canada Employee Advocacy Program o  Utilize social media to help amplify the stories employees tell o  Increase traffic to Air Canada website and owned channels o  Increase sales and revenue for the company
  15. 15. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 16@Dynamic_Signal How Did You Solve These Problems In Order To Accomplish Your Goals?
  16. 16. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 17@Dynamic_Signal How Air Canada Trained And Educated Their Employees o  Trained the sales team on social media basics o  Educated employees on how to add value for their clients o  Provided the sales team with company approved content and a platform that allowed them to easily and quickly share it
  17. 17. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 18@Dynamic_Signal How Air Canada On-boarded Employees To The Program o  Started with a group of 50 early adopters •  Solicited feedback from the group •  Implemented changes to content and cadence based on employee feedback o  Held in person meetings every two weeks during early stages of program to ensure success for the launch o  Collaborated with Dynamic Signal on the training for best practices
  18. 18. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 19@Dynamic_Signal Activating Air Canada Employees As Advocates o  Sales teams in all markets are now armed with relevant stories to share on social o  Content is targeted by location and language to ensure it is easily consumed o  Broadcasts are scheduled based on time zones so sales reps receive the content at an optimal time during the day o  Integrated Adobe Marketing Cloud to attribute shares to site traffic increases
  19. 19. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 20@Dynamic_Signal How Have You Defined Success For The Program?
  20. 20. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 21@Dynamic_Signal Initial Measures Of Success For The Program CAN WE ONBOARD & TRAIN EMPLOYEES? 1 CAN ME MAKE EMPLOYEES COMFORTABLE? 2 CAN WE INCREASE ENGAGEMENT? 3
  21. 21. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 22@Dynamic_Signal Results Of The Air Canada Program 50% of sales team active 32K Shares 22K Reactions 17M Impressions 28K Clicks
  22. 22. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 23@Dynamic_Signal Air Canada + Dynamic Signal Partnership of Air Canada employee advocates said the Dynamic Signal platform is easy and intuitive to use. 96%
  23. 23. @AirCanada#DySiWebinar 24@Dynamic_Signal Dynamic Signal Works With The World’s Leading Companies