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Arabian Nights Events Concept by Eclipse Events, 2016

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Arabian Nights Design & Event Concept is all about creating an atmosphere, an environment that tells the unique story.

To give you a feel for what our Idea/Concept Stories are like, Here is a Custom Story we Designed for One of our January Project - VIP PARTY for a beautiful, bright, Arabic Themed Event, UAE(Dubai)

Our Event Concept:

A simple recipe for beautiful Arabian VIP Cocktail Party, Dubai or for any other occasion


– Authentic Arabian Props & Decor, such Moroccan lanterns, Arabian carpets, draping, pillows, low level seating, Moroccan Brass Tray, Moroccan Vases, Moroccan Teapots, Moroccan candelabra, Moroccan mirrors, Moroccan Tea glasses as votive, Moroccan Ceramic Plates & Bowls, lighting inspired by the night sky (starry night lighting), Painted wood low raisers, etc

– Flowers, rose Petals, etc
– Talent & Artistic Belly dancing shows with belly dancers, henna artists and entertainment models wearing Arabic dress
– Event photography and video
– Royal Invitations for Arabian Event night party

At any budget level, you will be able to set the Gorgeous Arabian Themed Event

And here's our recent Arabian nights theme VIP party " TALE OF 1. 001 NIGHTS"

Need a helping hand with your Brief, Event Concept or Brand Story?
Simply Contact our Events Team If you are planning a conference or event, exhibition, corporate event, team building event / team building activities, private party/ VIP party, or just looking for venue hire in Dubai, UAE then you can call us on +971 55 350 5358 /+971 44 216091 or simply send us your comments and questions and we will get back to you shortly to info@eclipseevents.ae

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Arabian Nights Events Concept by Eclipse Events, 2016

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