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Apresentação Buzzmonitor - Inglês

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Conheça o Buzzmonitor e entenda quais são todos os serviços e funcionalidades que ele oferece, tudo em Inglês!

Veja também como esta ferramenta pode otimizar a gestão de uma marca em Social Media com estratégias vencedoras e soluções customizadas que atendem às demandas de cada empresa no mundo digital.

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Apresentação Buzzmonitor - Inglês

  1. 1. Monitoring, Social CRM, Social analytics, Social ads, Influencers, Social news and Dashboards customized in real-time. getbuzzmonitor.com
  2. 2. Buzzmonitor is the Social Business Intelligence platform of E.life, a global consultant, created in 2004 specialised in market intelligence and customer relationship management. We are present in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Germany and Portugal, with services and software. • Passionate about consumer behaviour analysis based on monitoring social media platforms and digital footprints. • Focused on bringing clients and brands closer to each other through establishing surprising relationships. • Inspired by winning social media strategies based on innovation and technology. WHAT DRIVES US?
  3. 3. SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER AUDIENCE, BEHAVIOUR AND BRAND PERCEPTION.. • Social media monitoring • Crisis management • Identification and management of influencers • Consumer tendencies and behaviours • Market monitoring • Online research • Consumer centered research SOCIAL CRM RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ON DIGITAL PLATFORMS • Operating customer service and digital relationship • Coverage of campaigns and promotional actions • Social CRM management consultancy • Online management of bots and chats • Multi-channel customer service • Digital concierge services BUZZMONITOR SUITE OF SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS FOR STRATEGIC SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT • Monitoring/Social Listening • Social CRM • Social Analytics • Social Ads • Social News • Social Influencers – identification, relationship and mediation of influencers SERVICES
  5. 5. More than just a tool, Buzzmonitor is an innovative solution combining consultancy, diagnostics and technology to help you manage your business on social media. MEET BUZZMONITOR
  6. 6. At Buzzmonitor we believe that reports are the key point in social media monitoring because contrary to what happens with most of the other tools, here the reports can be customized. That is, it is possible to combine distinct metrics and develop dozens of reports, that can be edited according to the need of each brand, without having to refer to spreadsheets or Excel formulas. MONITORING MONITORED SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS
  7. 7. The Edit Report menu allows you to create numerous reports and combine different metrics, as well as to elaborate unlimited real-time dashboards! Regardless of the number of indicators or the device being used, with Buzzmonitor your information is always within reach. GRAPHICS AND DASHBOARDS Share your dashboard with clients in real-time With Buzzmonitor it is possible to monitor all publications by geomonitoring the user! INSTAGRAM LOCATIONS
  8. 8. With Buzzmonitor’s SAC 2.0 model it is possible to manage your brands and reply to your clients with ease, as well as to extract metrics regarding their performance. All the information can be transformed into dashboards enabling you to accompany your social media channels in real time. SAC 2.0 SYNCHRONIZED SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS
  9. 9. Customer service is made easy with Buzzmonitor’s frequent responses tool and sorting of posts by tag. Besides that, the history of client-brand interactions remains stored, regardless of when it took place. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT Buzzmonitor collects 100% of its pages dark posts and allows you to extract performance data, qualitative data and the response generated by each interaction. SPONSORED POSTS AUTHOR HISTORY Author History helps you to know if your consumer has a history of mentions of other brands. This will enable you to develop up or cross-selling plans, as well as strategic and personalized customer service.
  10. 10. Tickets is the function of SAC 2.0 that allows you to register additional information to posts that cannot be found on social media such as fiscal number, email, clients’ internal number in the company, order number, account number, etc. A ticket can also be used as a communication mechanism between different areas of the same company, besides helping define specific customer service items. Examples: • An operator can create a priority ticket every time someone mentions “ANACOM” on Facebook or Twitter ads. This ticket can be automatically directed to a specific attendance generating an email alert for the client. • A pharmaceutical company can automatically create a high priority ticket each time a doctor mentions one of its brands on Twitter. CUSTOMER SERVICE THROUGH TICKETS
  11. 11. Triggers is a Buzzmonitor service that programs automatic applications of filters (such as tagging, change of sentiment and sending na email) as part of monitoring. For example: when a user mentions your brand or a term you are monitoring it is possible to define the actions to be carried out: Send email to, Apply tag, Define sentiment, File and Open Ticket. This way, the entire classification process can be done instantly, saving the social media analyst’s time. BUZZMONITOR TRIGGERS
  12. 12. Social Analytics is the best way to analyse your page’s performance and compare it to that of competitors. This is fundamental in enabling you to optimize, direct and maximize all your online communication and create a map of social media performacne for any market. SOCIAL ANALYTICS SYNCHRONISED SOCIAL NETWORKS
  13. 13. Facebook Pages Performance is a module containing 12 metrics to historically measure your page’s performance on Facebookand compare it to any other chosen brand. The metrics are: 1. Engagement 2. Top Users 3. People Talking About 4. Interactions 5. Types of publications 6. Fans 7. Publications by Users 8. Page publications 9. Response rate 10. Response time 11. Publications 12. Engagement by Type of Publication FACEBOOK PAGES PERFORMANCE Export the as 12 metrics with graphics and tables to your PowerPoint.
  14. 14. The most recent Analytics module on Buzzmonitor offers 8 metrics to measure your channel’s performance, competitor performance and to analyse Instagram followers The metrics are: 1. Engagement 2. Tyes of publications 3. Interactions 4. Fans 5. Profile publications 6. Comments by users 7. Engagement by Type of Publication 8. Response rate BUZZMONITOR INSTAGRAM ANALYTICS
  15. 15. With the rise of video as a means of disseminating content, Buzzmonitor developed 10 metrics for measuring your brand and competitor brands’ Youtube channels. The metrics are: 1. Engagement 2. Subscribers 3. Growth of subscribers 4. Total number of Vídeos 5. Visualization of Vídeos 6. Total viewing time 7. Growth of total viewing time 8. Ratio of total Like and Dislike 9. Absolute Growth of Like and Dislike 10. Viewing rate BUZZMONITOR YOUTUBE ANALYTICS
  16. 16. One of the biggest social networks in Brazil, Twitter has began to play an essential part in digital marketing campaigns and real-time actions. With our Social Analytics you can extract the Top Retweets by all the brands you monitor. TWITTER PERFORMANCE This module is a compliment of Twitter Performance and allows you to accompany the growth of followers of your brand and competitor brands on social media. TWITTER PROFILE ANALYTICS
  18. 18. SCHEDULING With Buzzmonitor you can schedule posts for your brand’s profiles with pre-defined dates and times. Besides this you can even create a personalised calendar for mapping your routine of recurrent publications It also has a feature for controling scheduling aspects such as creation, approval and publication. SYNCHRONIZED SOCIAL NETWORKS
  19. 19. Optimize your ROI with Facebook ads. Receive via email on a daily basis the performance of your best and worst ad according to costs by achieved campaign targets. Lyticx for Ads stores all your history regarding social network spenditure. Mediana will tell you which was the lowest cost for the same metric in previous ads with the same objective. Still in need of more information to make a decision regarding the campaign? Download the spreadsheet attached to the email and obtain even more performance related data. Learn more at http://lyti.cx/ SOCIAL ADS
  20. 20. Find influencers according to interests. From Snapchat users to Youtubers, and journalists, bloggers, mothers or vegetarians. More than 120 million profiles directly on your Buzzmonitor. The identification of influencers is carried out through searches by location, where it is possible to find influencers from a specific region of the country, through their minibiography on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, in which the user describes valuable personal information or even through the number of followers he/she has. INFLUENCERS Identification and validation1 Relationship2 Awareness Monitoring3
  21. 21. Monitor interactions on your BOT! Facebook Messenger (inbox) éallows you to implement automatic customer service to respond to requests via user chat. BOTs are applications created to mimic human interactions. We measure the number of attendances carried out by the BOT, the main questions made by users, and the learning curve and autonomy with comparison to previous periods. It is also important to accompany the number of cases that the BOT was not able to resolve so that the user had to be transferred to traditional human based customer service. CHATBOTS
  22. 22. BOT ENGINE Use Buzzmonitor’s free platform to simulate your business BOT for Facebook and apply this new feature to your page. Configure, in an easy and intuitive way, potential user interactions and how your BOT will perform when confronted with these customer service scenarios. An excellent alternative for managing and maintaining the BOT is to permanently feed it in order to attend to new and different user issues. CHATBOTS
  23. 23. 24 Social News is a service focused on monitoring: SOCIAL NEWS Media Channels Including independent channels on all social media. More than 23 thousand journalists and 450 editions - from the more traditional to the new, regardless of format (TV, Iradio, newpaper or magazine) in the end they all compete for the same Facebook reach Reader publication and activity What readers comment on, who they are, which themes and hashtags are most related to those publicatons. Publications by journalists and editor Monitor news even before it becomes news by accompanying the profiles and timelines of journalists and editors that interest you. Blogs Buzzmonitor allows you to monitor millions of blogs and obtain onformation on authors and themes. Crises in embryonic state Sending of alerts 24/7 via email based on the exclusive technology of Buzzmonitor Triggers.
  24. 24. getbuzzmonitor.com