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First love pp

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media studies analysis

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First love pp

  1. 1. FIRST LOVE Short film analysis
  2. 2. The opening shot displays the title of the short film with non-diegetic sound of a heart beat. A voice over is also added which is used throughout the entire film as the male in the story is explaining the events. A fade to black is added. A fade is used to then show a blue sky. This can express freedom and clarity which may be relating to the characters position. A fade is used to show a medium shot of the male character standing on a bridge looking into the distance. The mise-en-scene is looking bleak as though the colour has been drained out of the shot. This could relate to the males feelings at this moment of time. The camera slowly zooms closer towards his face to emphasise his emotions. Fades to black.
  3. 3. Fade is used to transport the audience to this lake. This is used as a location shot. The camera pans to the right to show more of the scenery. This could be from the males point of view. Cut is used to show a female sitting alone on a wall. This shows she is lonely and quite vulnerable. The male approaches her and sits beside her. A close up is used to show the females face who shows beauty. A voiceover is being used to describe her beauty further and his initials feelings towards her.
  4. 4. A medium long shot is used to show the two people sitting on the wall when the male mimes for a pen to write a note to her as he is too nervous to talk to her. A close up is used to show the note he has written. Medium close ups of the two characters faces are used to show their expressions during this situation. The mise-en-scene is slightly brighter than the opening shot, this is to show the more positive moods and minds.
  5. 5. A time lapse is added of the couple sitting on the wall talking which is suggesting time passing as they get to know each other. An extreme long shot is used to show the couple walking away together which suggests to the audience they are wanting to spend more time together. A montage is added to show the couple texting and video- calling. This is showing the relationship between them growing.
  6. 6. Location shots are added to show a pebble beach. The couple then walk into the shot holding hands which tells the audience that they are becoming closer and may be an official couple now. More location shots are added this time showing close ups of bunting in the shape of hearts that connotes love. A medium shot is used to show the couple hugging as the voice over is explaining how he asked her to be his girlfriend.
  7. 7. A montage is created to show the couple chilling together. This shows their closeness and how comfortable they are with each other. They are both happy. The voiceover is describing how happy he is with his girlfriends. For the audience, this is comforting as it is ‘unusual’ for the male in the relationship to talk about his feelings and stating that she is ‘the one’. The non-diegetic music is of a piano playing at a high pitch creating the happy atmosphere. Fades to black as the music begins to become lower in tone. Suggesting the mood is going to become how solemn.
  8. 8. Arguments begin as a year passes. Both of them are unhappy. The music also contributes to this as it has become lower and more serious. Short clips are added to show the effect of the break up on both of them. The mise-en-scenes are dull and bleak to suggest sadness and loneliness.
  9. 9. Another montage is created to show when the relationship was happy and healthy. A close up of the two holding hands, from his point of view, represents their bond. A medium shot is used to show the girl laughing and being happy with the male. Showing her beauty and happiness.
  10. 10. A medium long shot shows the couple happily together. It then dissolves to a closer shot of their hands interlocking. This is again showing their bond as a couple at the beginning. The colour is then drawn out of the frame to create a black and white scene to show it is in the past.
  11. 11. The end scene shows the same shots as the beginning of the film but in reverse. Showing the extreme close up of the males eyes, to a close up of his face showing his solemn expression and the long shot of him looking into the distance, lost without the female. The end credits show the characters in shattered glass as this represents their broken relationship.