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Things I carry

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A quick presentation about the #thingsIcarry, based on the idea of Marisa Wong.

Font : Condensed Milk by David Crow.

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Things I carry

  1. Things I carryby Emiland De Cubber - Presentation Designer
  2. To remember all the things I carry,I browsed through my Instagram photos.
  3. To remember all the things I carry,I browsed through my Instagram photos. Here’s what I found.
  4. Red Hoodie One day, American Apparel will send me alltheir different colors. In the meantime, this red one helps me to fight against the city. Red light in San Francisco
  5. Creative TechnologyWhy playing the piano on a regular keyboard when you can play it on bananas? Makey Makey in Paris
  6. Typographic InspirationYou don’t have to love chocolate and clocks to love Helvetica. Helvetica in Geneva
  7. Coins to play with friends Killing zombies or riding jet skis, there’salways amoment of fun around the corner. Arcade break in Paris
  8. Desire to travelI think I would need three lifes to explore all the places I am dreaming of. Blue church in Santorini
  9. Jawbone UP wristbandIt’s fun to know yourself better.Walk. Sleep. Play with data. Repeat. Quantified self in Paris
  10. Mac & Keynote I love my Mac Book Pro.And Keynote can do everything. Except coffee. Unboxing in Mâchelles
  11. Concert ticketsNothing is better than a live band after a day at work. Cracbooms in Paris
  12. Moleskine sketchbooksI always try to sketch, refine, amend my ideason the paper before jumping on my computer. Wireframing in Paris
  13. Creativebusiness cardsLeave more than a business card. Leave your story. My business cards in Paris
  14. Ideas & Inspiration Everybody should watch two TED talks per day.TEDxPanthéonSorbonne in Paris
  15. Wonderful Internet.From grumpy cats to screaming goats, I wish I could hug THE INTERNET. Homemade gift wrap in Paris
  16. Now that you know what I carry,check out who I am and what I do on : www.emiland.me
  17. Thank you! #thingsIcarryFont : Condensed Milk by David Crow