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N Query Presentation

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N Query Presentation

  1. 1. The Client Advocate<br />We work for you NOT the carriers or providers.<br />
  2. 2. Client AdvocateCritical Element<br /> nQuery Telecom Solutions is a Telecommunications Brokerage that has agreements with some of the largest communications carriers in the Nation (Level3, ATT, Paetec, Nuvox, STS, CBeyond, Verizon to name a few) to represent, as an Independent Agent, the products and services of each carrier to business customers. <br /> nQuery Telecom Solutions understands that your company invests a substantial portion of its time and revenues on telecommunications services. Our approach is to meet with your company’s decision-makers to discuss their current telecommunications strategy as well as their future growth strategy and then help your company by taking a carrier neutral stance in recommending products and services that will meet your company’s needs, both technically and financially. Offering a single point of contact for all your company’s  telecommunications needs, nQuery Telecom Solutions will negotiate on your company’s behalf to get you low cost local telephone service, long distance services, Internet services, and data solutions…virtually any telecommunications service available.<br />In many cases, our telecommunications brokers will be able to save your company anywhere from 20% to 50% off of its current telecommunications service charges. Your company signs a contract directly with the Carrier that you choose and will be billed directly from that Carrier.<br />Best of all, nQuery Telecom Solutions is paid by the chosen Carrier; thereby, eliminating any hard costs to your company for doing business with us. Having our telecommunications brokers on staff, but not on your company’s payroll, provides significant and immediate value at no cost!<br />
  3. 3. Independent Telecom Consultants<br />This is a partial list of telecommunications companies we have available to partner with;<br />
  4. 4. Project Coordination Our work starts after you sign<br />
  5. 5. Focus on your Core CompetenciesLet us focus on ours<br />Our telecommunications brokers have the unique ability to search and find the best telephone service providers, low cost long distance, and just about any other type of telecommunications services that your company could possibly need. <br />Our telecommunications brokers will complete the research, proposals and pricing on your behalf. We will place the orders for you and track them through completion, all the time keeping your staff updated on the status of your telecommunications orders. <br />Our service does not stop there. We will be available for as long as you need telecommunications services. Our extensive know-how and proficiency has helped us gain long lasting relationships with our current clients and we look forward to enjoying the same relationship with your company. <br />
  6. 6. Why nQuery Telecom?<br /> TELECOM CONCIERGE<br />Independent agents of over 25+ Carriers Nationwide.<br />Consulting and Support Services at no cost to the client.<br /> CLIENT ADVOCATES – we represent YOU<br />Being agents for every major telecom and data provider, we can provide an un-biased view of service offerings industry-wide.<br /> PROJECT COORDINATION<br />We coordinate with carriers, phone vendors, IT staff and building management to insure your project is implemented seamlessly.<br /> TELECOM EXPERTISE<br />Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Experts.<br />VOIP Transition Experts having installed more VOIP systems in FL than any other company.<br /> VOLUME LEVERAGE <br />nQuery’s volume commitments helps you receive better pricing and a higher level of customer care.<br />www.nQuerySolutions.com<br />