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Royal Glam Magazine PDF

A Magazine created for a school project.

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Royal Glam Magazine PDF

  1. 1. MAKEUPMARK magazine RosaMakeup ThenextnewUltainthe makeupworld. Whyitisimportant forallmakeuplov- erstodo. BrushCleaning RoyalGlam Peoplecan’tstopraving aboutliquidlipstick LiquidLipstick Makeupshottestnew cosmeticsbrand
  2. 2. M MAKEUP_MARK | Issue 4 M as vegan and homemade. They offered a small variety of colors to start off. When the brand started to gain momentum, they expanded their color offering. In the past year, Royal Glam has re- ally expanded their brand. They have started keeping up with the newest trends in the beauty world. They began to offer products for contouring. Their fans were delighted with the newest additions. The fans began to weigh in their opinions to the brand, tell- ing them what they should offer. They took every suggestion to heart in order to ex- pand the brand even more. Their most recent contribution to the beauty world is the highly anticipated liquid lipsticks that dry completely matte. Every major makeup company has been in the liquid lipstick game for a while now but Royal Glam has just stepped onto the scene. Offering a range of nude colors along with the favorites from the normal lipsticks. They wanted to make sure they offered every possible color their consumers could want. Their liquid lipstick is a specially made for- mula for the brand. Each color contains glit- ter pigments to add extra shine to the color, making it so you feel extra royal. They four special ‘royal’ colors in their liquid lipstick collection. These four colors contain a golden sheen to add to the royal feeling of the brand. Royal Glam wants to continuing ex- panding the brand in the next few years. They have a pretty big following and are constantly coming up with new products to add to their line. They will continue to expand and hopefully be added to a few more beauty stores. Emma and her workers always strive to make the brand about the customers and she wants to continue that philosophy as she continues to make the brand better. Royal Glam offers so many different products. Royal Glamour is a brand new vegan cos- metics brand based in a small town in New Jersey. The owner of the brand is 28-year-old Emma Winstone, who has lived in Jersey all of her life. The brand was launched in January of 2014 and has been slowly gaining an online presence since its start. Only recently have they teamed up with Rosa Makeup & Beauty to offer their products in an in-store setting. So far it has been successful for both the brand and Rosa Makeup & Beauty. Royal Glam started off small and only sold their products online. They got word of the brand out by social media and word of mouth. The gained a pretty good following locally threw their online efforts. At this point Emma knew she wanted to expand the brand by offer- ing more products and finding a way to offer Royal Glam products in store. This has so far been successful for the brand and they believe it can only grow from here. Royal Glamour Cosmetics started the brand with a limited amount of prod- ucts offered, because they were not sure how well they would do since there were already so many other well-known cosmetic brands. Their first products were the simple things, like lipstick and eyeshadow. All products were certified By Emma Wilson Royal Glamour Cosmetics RG 6 84 IN THIS ISSUE... 5 Rosa Makeup Back CoverLiquid Lipstick Brush Cleaning 101
  3. 3. M MAKEUP_MARK | Issue 4 M L iquid lipstick is one of the biggest trends in the beauty world today. All of the most popular beauty gurus on the internet boast about it and wear it actively. This intern causes other people to want to wear it as well. Not to mention it is a product of wonder and amazement. Liquid lipstick is a liquid pig- mented lipstick that is usually sold in a tub with a wand. It goes on the lips completely liquid but a few minutes later it dries to a matte or satin finish. These lipsticks usu- ally last a little longer than regular lipstick. There are so many pros that outweigh the cons of liquid lipstick. So it is hard not to want to try it. There are so many easy solutions to make sure you can overcome all the cons of the product and make it all positive. There are just so many different colors and brands that offer different types of liquid lipsticks, that it is almost impossible to not be able to try them. There are just so many different brands to choose from. Unfortunately, some of the more popular brands are a little on the expensive side but that is probably because their formula is probably much better than those of the cheaper brands. Since it has become a lot more popular in the past six months, a lot more brands have started to offer the product, making it much easier for people to get their hands on. Especially with all these inexpensive Brands Stepping up. There are many pros and cons to liquid lipstick, but most fans do not seem to let that bother them and they by the product anyway. I guess that is why it is so widely popular throughout the makeup world. New brands continue to come up with new formulas to help improve their lipsticks. M akeup is an art form, which means that it tends to get very messy from time to time making those makeup brushes dirty as well. Not only do your brushes get dirty with whatever you use them for but if they don’t get cleaned regularly, they will start to gather nasty bacteria that can and will irritate your face. This is so unnecessary in today’s world not when there are so many easy solutions. The biggest being that you can clean your makeup brushes regularly, which usually means once every week. Not to mention, do you re- ally want the residue from yesterday’s makeup look to end up all in your new makeup look? I didn’t think so. It is so easy to clean your makeup brushes. Al- though it may be a lengthy process if you have a lot of different brushes, it is a very important process to complete. There are daily cleaning sprays, which help to keep your brushes clean of leftover makeup but the more important thing is the actual cleans- ing soap that you should use on your brushes. Now you should not use just any soap for your brushes, you need unscented soap for most brushes. There are brands that offer shampoo’s that are made es- pecially for your brushes. Brands like e.l.f. and Mac sell shampoo for this process. Also there are special products to aid in the cleaning process. All of these products can be found in inexpensive makeup brands and they work just as well as the name brand prod- ucts. Dirty makeup brushes have the ability to carry nasty bacteria that will irritate your face if you do not clean them. Matte Liquid Lipstick tends to look like velvet. The Miracle of Liquid Lipstick by Lauren Rocke P r o s • L a s t s l o n g e r t h a n r e g u l a r l i ps t i c k . • K i s s p r o o f . • W a t e r p r o o f . • T h e y l o o k a m a z i n g o n y o u r l i p s . • L o t s o f c o l o r c h i c e s . • C o m e s o f f e a s i l y w i t h o i l b a s e d m a k e u p r e m o v e r p r o d u c t s . C o n s • I t m a y d r y o u t y o u r l i p s a l i t t l e . • I f y o u e a t s o m e t h i n g g r e a s y o r o i l y i t w i l l c o m e o f f e a s - i l y . • F e a t h e r s o n t h e l i p s i f y o u d o n ’ t a p p l y i t c o r r e c t l y . • C e r t a i n b r a n d s a r e p r i c e y . Brush Cleaning 101 by Sandra Halliwell
  4. 4. M MAKEUP_MARK | Issue 4 M Rosa Barnes, the owner of the busi- ness, loved talking to her customers and getting their feedback. Rosa was a makeup artist in Los Angeles for five years until she moved to New York to work in her friend’s makeup salon to use her beauty skills. Rosa always knew she wanted to open her own store but did not know exactly what she wanted from that store. So for two years she debated what she would do until she finally decided to open her makeup boutique store. Rosa started as a small beauty bou- tique that was located in the middle of New York, it was a well-known store for its area. It carried all of New York’s favorite makeup brands, sup- plying all of the beauty gurus of New York with their war paint. The store saw an overwhelming amount of business as they started to carry the more popular brands. At that point in time the owner of the boutique decid- ed they needed to expand their store to a bigger venue. Especially if they wanted to carry all the brands they had been carrying. Rosa Makeup Beauty moved a few blocks over to a bigger space and started to offer even more make- up brands. At this point in time they started to create their own discount brand for their consumers to enjoy. They saw many different types of customers and wanted to make sure each one was happy with the prod- ucts they offered. The store continued to grow and before she knew it, Rosa decided to open a second location in New York. As she gained more business, she decided to expand even more. She has opened three more stores in New Jersey. Each store has been wildly successful as the first one. The stores own home brand of cosmet- ics has grown as well, earning a pret- ty good following as well. “I never expected the amount of success I would receive. The fact is that people are always looking for new makeup trends and I tend to follow through with many of them.” Rosa tells us. Recently, Rosa Makeup Beau- ty has teamed up with Royal Glamour Cosmetics to offer new brands in their store. Royal Glamour is a fairly new brand that has gained its own following that is more than excited to have the brand come out in stores. Now only New York and New Jersey residents or anyone who is willing to travel can access them, but Rosa hopes to open more stores to offer their products to more states. Rosa started as a small boutique and has expanded to a beauty supply store, much like the famous stores like Ulta and Sephora. They like to think of themselves as a little more exclusive than those other stores. They give all makeup brands an equal change in the beauty world. Rosa Makeup Beauty by Melanie Lindt Royal Glamour Royal GlamourC o s m e t i c s You are a queen. You should be seen as one. Royal Glam. Choose Your War Paint www.royalglam.com A natural fresh clean without the harsh chemicals Nelly’s Natural Brush Cleaner Rosa MAKEUP BEAUTY 1200 Hiddles St. New York City, NY (340) 098-1286 We carry all your favorite makeup brands. Now carrying Royal Glamour Cosmetics. “The fact is that people are always looking for new makeup trends and I tend to follow through with many of them.”
  5. 5. Makeup mark Magazine Published Quarterly by trendyco publishing, Ny, Ny 08776 Emily Winston Editor-IN-Chief R. Bernal Assistant Editor T. Hiddleston Editor Of Photography l. Laufeyson Advertising and Sales B. James creative C. Evans office management ABOUT Makeup Mark Magazine Makeup Mark was started in order for beauty gurus to get the inside scoop on cosmetic brands and trends that are popular at this point in time. The companty spends its time scouting for new brands to introduce and they even try out the newest trends. Makeup Mark writes quarterly in order to capture the new- est trends and not reuse old ones. We are commited to informing our readers about the things they care about most. www.makeupmarkmagazine.com | @makeup- markmag All rights reserved. Copy of Makeup Mark Media Inc. 2016