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Social media strategy project

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My student project for my Airbnb social media strategy.

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Social media strategy project

  1. 1. Airbnb Social Media Strategy
  2. 2. Executive Summary  Our primary social media objective for 2017 is to increase our following.  Although we already produce great content, our main goal is to drive traffic to our website by building deeper connections with our audience and creating a social media contest.
  3. 3. Social Media Audit
  4. 4. Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate Twitter https://twitter. com/airbnb 573,000 8 posts per week 2% Facebook https://www.f acebook.com/ai rbnb 5,198,315 3 posts per week 3% LinkedIn https://www.li nkedin.com/co mpany- beta/309694/?p athWildcard=30 9694 331,851 2 posts per week 0% YouTube https://www.y outube.com/us er/Airbnb 61,688 8 posts per month Average views= 2,000 Instagram https://www.i nstagram.com/ airbnb/ 1,600,000 15 posts per week Average interactions per post= 20,000
  5. 5. Audit- Social Media Assessment  Currently, the highest number of post interactions occurs on Instagram. Followed by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and then LinkedIn, with little-to- no interaction.
  6. 6. Audit- Website Traffic Sources Assessment Source Volume Percentage of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 800 unique visits 5% 2.1% Facebook 3,000 unique visits 25% 1.5% LinkedIn 500 unique visits 0.8% 0.3% YouTube 1,000 unique visits 10% 2% Instagram N/A N/A N/A
  7. 7. Audit- Website Traffic Sources Assessment  We currently have the most unique visits to Facebook, leading the chart with 3,000 and 25% of overall traffic. Followed by YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  8. 8. Audit- Audience Demographics Assessment Age Distributi on Gender Distributi on Primary Social Network Secondary Social Network Primary Need Secondary Need 70% 18-30 Female 54% 50% Instagram 40% Facebook A place to stay while traveling or on vacation To be adventuro us 30% 31-40 Male 46% 45% Facebook 30% Instagram 8% 41-55 30% Twitter 20% Twitter 2% 56-80
  9. 9. Audit- Audience Demographics Assessment  The majority of Airbnb guests are 18-30 years old. There are slightly more female guests than males and their main social networks are Instagram and Facebook. Their primary need for Airbnb is for an affordable place to stay while traveling.
  10. 10. Audit- Competitor Assessment
  11. 11. Competitor Name Social Media Profile Strengths Weaknesses Tripping.com IG: tripping They have a clean, professional profile with a decent following. Their pictures are clear and quality. They don’t post content frequently enough FlipKey FB: flipkey They have a large following and post content frequently Despite their large following, they don’t receive many interactions on their posts HomeAway TW: homeaway They also have a large following and post frequently. They also respond and interact with customers Dull profile– they could improve their profile picture, cover photo, and bio
  12. 12. Audit- Competitor Assessment Summary  We analyzed our top three competitors with strong influences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their posts are clear, quality, and fairly frequent. However, their accounts could use some improvement and they could be more interactive with their audiences.
  13. 13. Social Media Objectives  For 2017, our overall business goal is to increase our following and build deeper connections with our customers. By posting quality content more frequently, we can reach more people and drive traffic to our social media networks and website.
  14. 14. Social Media Objectives  Some objectives to support our business goals include:  Increase our number of unique visitors per month by 30% in 6 months by:  Creating more conversation with people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  Launching a social media contest that engages followers and customers  Increase Twitter followers by 5,000 in 6 months  Increase the amount of visual content on Facebook and Twitter by 30% in the next 6 months
  15. 15. Social Media Objectives  KPIs:  Amount of unique visitors across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn  Increased number of Instagram followers  Amount of photos and videos posted to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube  Guest reviews  Key messages  An ideal getaway with the comfort of home  Affordable adventures
  16. 16. Online Brand Persona and Voice  Adjectives that describe our brand:  Cozy  Unique  Diverse  Affordable  When interacting with customers we are:  Reliable  Honest  helpful
  17. 17. Strategies and Tools  Strategies to will support of our social media objectives:  Paid: Every Monday boost the post with the most interactions from the weekend, but the post must have a minimum organic reach of 150 people, with 3 comments.  Owned: Launch #WhereIBnB across all social media platforms, repost a minimum of pieces of 3 user generated content, and promote the hashtag on all mediums.  Earned: Monitor keywords, hashtags, and mentions across all platforms. Host a few celebrities during important events/holidays and in return, ask them to promote you online.
  18. 18. Strategies and Tools  Tools  Approved tools:  HootSuite  Buffer  Rejected tools:  N/A  Existing subscriptions/licenses:  Google Analytics  Kapost  Splice
  19. 19. Timing and Key Dates  Key dates:  Valentines day  4th of July  Thanksgiving  Christmas  New Years  St. Patrick’s Day  Mother’s Day  Memorial Day (long weekend)  Labor Day (long weekend)  Reporting Dates:  Reports will occur every Friday, once a month for the next 6 months.
  20. 20. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities  Social Media Director: Jasmine Atherton  Increase the company’s online presence and leads the outreach teams and processes  Social Media Manager: Tan Lam  Design and implement the global social media strategy for marketing communication and customer support. Also build customer support processes and teams on social media  Social Media Coordinator: Michael Schaecher  Create content, tweet, post, and update changes made to the social media accounts.
  21. 21. Social Media Policy  Social media plays a vital role in our everyday lives. We use it for personal enjoyment, but it is also an important tool to our company. It is used to build, promote, and strengthen our brand, connect with customers, and drive traffic to our business. Therefore, it is crucial that each employee is aware that they are a representative of Airbnb and they are expected to practice proper social media etiquette and appropriate behavior by following these guideline:
  22. 22. Social Media Policy  Be kind to everyone  Be respectful to competitors, customers, yourself, and your peers  Be helpful to customers  Be careful of what you post  Failure to comply with appropriate use of social media will result in a corrective action plan, and if seen necessary, termination. Further questions may be directed to Human Resources.
  23. 23. Critical Response Plan  Scenario One: Inappropriate tweet sent from @Airbnb  Action plan  When tweet is detected, take a screenshot via mobile device or on computer (Command+Shift+4)  Delete tweet  Alert Social Media Director (Jasmine Atherton)  Tan Lam to meet with Jasmine to discuss impact of the tweet  Tan to write follow up tweet with approval from Jasmine  If the tweet has drawn attention to the media, Jasmine is to manage contact  Jasmine and Tan to meet with responsible employee to discuss consequences as they see fit  No pre-approved messaging applicable for this scenario
  24. 24. Critical Response Plan  Scenario two: host’s property is vandalized  Action plan  Customer service to contact Brian Chesky (CEO)  Brian Chesky alerts John Mildenhall (Marketing Director)  John to analyze social media impact of the incident and discuss follow up posts with Brian and Jasmine  If media has been alerted of the incident, Jasmine is to manage all direct contact  Jasmine and John to determine if a longer/additional social media statement is necessary  Michael Schaecher (Social Media Coordinator) and Social Media Team to continue to closely monitor the situation
  25. 25. Critical Response Plan  Pre-approved messaging:  Twitter: We are relieved to announce that the suspect of the crime is in custody and we will be compensating the owner of the property.  Facebook: We are extremely regretful of the incident that occurred this morning. However, we are relieved to announce that the suspect of the crime is in custody. We are promising additional safeguards to the victim and will be compensating the owner for all items and property damaged.
  26. 26. Critical Response Plan- Contact Information Owner Name Telephone Alt. Telephone Email Marketing Director John Mildenhall (425) 346-7669 (425) 279-3979 J_mildenhall@ airbnb.com Social Media Director Jasmine Atherton (425) 346-9047 (425) 279-3979 jatherton@airb nb.com Social Media Manager Tan Lam (425) 850-4169 (425) 279-3979 tanlam@airbnb .com Social Media Coordinator Michael Schaecher (425) 757-6250 (425) 279-3979 munchery@air bnb.com PR Agency Natalie Harrison (425) 626-7442 (425) 279-3979 Natalie_h@air bnb.com
  27. 27. Measurement and Reporting  Quantitative KPIs:  Reporting period: 6 months  Data as of August 1st, 2017  Social network data- Table 1- monthly average from January 2017-July 2017  Website traffic data- Table 2- monthly average from Junary 2017-July 2017
  28. 28. Measurement and Reporting Social network URL Follower count Average weekly activity Average engagement rate Facebook https://www.f acebook.com/ai rbnb/ 7,020,000 10 posts per week- 8% growth 4% Twitter https://twitter. com/Airbnb?re f_src=twsrc%5E google%7Ctwca mp%5Eserp%7 Ctwgr%5Eauth or 577,500 16 posts per week- 10% growth 6% Instagram https://www.i nstagram.com/ airbnb/?hl=en 1,650,000 20 posts per week- 5% growth Average weekly interaction- 25,000 YouTube https://www.y outube.com/us er/Airbnb 80,194 10 posts per month- 5% growth 3% LinkedIn https://www.li 361,856 1 post per 1%
  29. 29. Measurement and Reporting Source Volume Percent of overall traffic conversion Facebook 20,000 unique visits +10% growth 30% 2% Twitter 12,000 unique visits +8% growth 10% 2.3% LinkedIn 200 unique visits +4% growth 5% 1%
  30. 30. Measurement and Reporting  Results assessment:  In this 6 month time frame, our company saw the most growth on Facebook, reaching our goal by increasing our traffic and following by 30%.  Our team has been successful in producing more quality content on all networks, engaging with our audience and customers by being attentive to their needs, and launching a successful social media contest using the hashtag #WhereIBnB.  We saw growth in all of our social networks, even LinkedIn, which had the lowest amount of traffic, by 4%.
  31. 31. Measurement and Reporting  #WhereIBnB Hashtag Performance  The purpose was to have guests share photos of their experience using Airbnb from around the world using the hashtag #WhereIBnB. Winners would receive a free trip to a surprise destination.  The contest saw excellent success. It was used 4,000 times on Instagram, and had 1,200 mentions on Twitter.
  32. 32. Measurements and Reporting  Qualitative KPIs: We had great feedback from our customer reviews, social media mentions and comments.  Sentiment analysis: Of the posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from the last 3 months, we saw an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Excellent reviews flooded our website as well as social media comments and mentions. Our photos and videos saw an increase in the amounts of reposts on Instagram, retweets on Twitter, and shares on Facebook.