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Erply: New Platform Updates & Applications

  1. Platform Updates & New Applications
  2. Table of Contents Erply POS & Back Office • mPOS - Slide 4 • Customer Engagement - Slide 5 • Payment Processing - Slide 6 • Ecommerce Integrations - Slide 7 • Franchising with Erply - Slide 8 • Erply Implementation - Slide 9 • WMS - Slide 10 • Customer Registry - Slide 11 • Self-service POS - Slide 12 • Erply Plugins Store - Slide 13 New Platform: The Erply App Store • Cloud-based App Store - Slide 14 • PIM - Slide 15 • Clock-In - Slide 16 • Assets Manager - Slide 17 • Barcode Scanner - Slide 18 Events Schedule Slide 3
  3. Schedule 10 - 11 am: Breakfast and open conversations 11 am - 12 pm: Erply POS: Features & Updates 12 - 1 pm: Erply Back Office: Features & Updates 1 - 2 pm: Lunch and open conversations 2 - 3 pm: Introduction: Erply App & Plugin Stores 3 - 4 pm: Payment Processing 4 - 5 pm: Open Discussion 5 - 6 pm: Ecommerce Integrations 6 - 8 pm: VIP Dinner, drinks, one-on-one sessions with TSYS/Cayan & Erply 8 - 9 pm: Drinks, one-on-one sessions with Erply 10 - 11 am: Breakfast and open conversations 11 am - 12 pm: Exclusive New Platform Introduction 12 - 1 pm: Erply Implementation 1 - 2 pm: Lunch and open conversations 2 - 3 pm: Franchising with Erply 3 - 4 pm: Erply Apps Overview 4 - 5 pm: Open Discussion 5 - 6 pm: Erply App: PIM 6 - 7 pm: Erply App: WMS 7 - 9 pm: VIP Dinner, drinks, one-on-one sessions with Erply Monday, 1/14 Tuesday, 1/15
  4. New Erply POS Features New mPOS Home Menu New mPOS Action Toolbar
  5. Erply Customer Engagement • Detailed Customer Information • Promotions • Variable discount and requirement options • Selected locations • Programmed start & end dates • Auto push details to stores • Coupon options • Gift Cards • Integrate with 3rd party cards • Use as primary return option • Real-time Omnichannel • Innovative ways to check-in/identify customer • QR code scan, SMS, Dial in
  6. Payment Processing The future of retail is customization. We currently support a wide range of payment providers, and are currently working to expand our list
  7. Ecommerce Start up a new webshop or integrate an existing one. Erply’s ecommerce integrations make it easy for your business to keep up with fast-paced, omnichannel retail. Automatically sync your product information, customers and orders between Erply’s back-office and your webshops. Integrations Coming Soon: • Amazon • Ebay • Etsy • Prestashop • And more! Current Integrations: • Shopify • Magento • Woocommerce
  8. No two franchises are alike. Choose exactly how your franchise runs with Erply. Key Features: • Cross-chain Promotions • Central User Databases • Centralized Purchasing • HQ and House Accounts Franchising with Erply
  9. Erply Implementation We work with your business to ensure a smooth first day, from backend processes to customer-facing resources. Our team has never failed an enterprise implementation. Tools to ensure your success: • Dedicated implementation Teams • Data Review & Gap Analysis • 24/7 Support • Onboarding • Customer Success Team
  10. WMS - Warehouse Management Run a smarter warehouse with WMS. Increase accuracy, reduce errors, and boost employee productivity. Everything under one roof. Manage multiple warehouse locations in WMS, including receiving, packing, shipping, transfers, and more. A ready-to-go solution. WMS syncs up with Erply’s back office to store information on POs, bin locations, and more, in one centralized location. Ready for anything. Accurately track stock locations with barcode label printing. All documents are stored on a local server so your warehouse can run smoothly,even during a network outage. Your warehouse, your way. Manage your warehouse from your tablet, mobile device, or web browser. WMS also supports wireless and bluetooth scanning.
  11. Customer Registry Real-time updates and third-party integrations help you manage your customers more efficiently. Seamless contacts management. Easily import contacts into your database or edit, and remove contacts by integrating with Erply’s back office. Advanced search capabilities. Segment contacts with custom tags to easily navigate your contact database. Generate custom reports to gain insights on each segment. Highly secure data. Grant employees different levels of access to keep your customer information secure,
  12. Self-Service POS Reduce checkout times with self-service POS. Use any device as a line buster and let customers check out their own orders. • Customer facing Self Service POS • Customizable UI • Supports all or limited product database • Multiple payment types • Supports self-service or assisted checkout
  13. Plugins Store All of your apps under one roof. Erply’s plugin store makes it easy for you to scale your business software. App management, simplified. Easily pick and install new features for your POS or back-office. Try first, integrate later. Want to learn how a specific feature can improve your workflow? Test it out and use it for FREE. Real-time analytics at your fingertips. Install reports and dashboards to view and compare business-wide data. See what’s selling out or who’s your top salesperson.
  14. Cloud-based App Store Years of developing apps taught us that businesses are most successful when they use custom-tailored solutions. Your personal app store Hundreds of apps designed to streamline your business’ workflow. All of your apps under one roof Don’t waste time sharing data. All applications are integrated with each other. Microservices and APIs Use our API to integrate your data with Erply apps and third-party applications. Multitenancy Architecture We physically separate our databases so all apps can be securely shared within your team.
  15. App: PIM Omnichannel is the future of retail. The PIM app gives your business the level of accessibility that your customers expect. Manage product information across all channels. Integrate PIM with Shopify or any other ecomm provider. Receive and send product data from any system to manage physical, online, and mobile shops, all from one system. Enrich your product database. Create custom fields and attributes for your inventory, no matter how many SKUs your business has. A workflow customized to your business. Create templates to easily export products to specific channels and locations.
  16. App: Clock-in Mobile app (iOS & Android) • Stronger employee management. View employee schedules at a glance. • Centralized management. Register work hours, breaks, and time off from any device. • Keep your data secure with unique PIN logins. Web app (accessible from any device): • Find who’s running late by establishing employees start & end times within Erply. • Increased accuracy with automatic employee clock outs. • Easier data analytics with detailed employee work reports.
  17. App: Assets Manager Optimize your company assets and ensure accountability across your business. Easily keep tabs on your business assets. Track your hardware from one centralized location. Assign and relocate assets from one employee to another Remove extra steps in your workflow. Integrate customer and product data, then tag them for easier searching. All information is viewable in the app. An all-in-one product. Associate identification and purchasing data with your assets so you never lose track of your records.
  18. App: Barcode Scanner Eliminate manual data entry to minimize errors and reduce time spent in the warehouse. Mobile scanning. No need to purchase new hardware. Scan and count inventory using your device’s camera. Warehouse management made easier. Automatic timestamps let you save inventory counts and track exactly when orders were received. Inventory management on your time. Erply prevent workflow disruptions. Easily resume counts at any time, from any device. Permanent, exportable records. Easily import and export scans as a .CSV file.