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Why Your Ex Girlfriend Keeps Contacting You - Here's What to Do

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If you're wondering why your ex girlfriend keeps contacting you, I have good news for you. It probably means she has at least SOME kind of attraction left for you.

However, you must BEWARE: If you don't do the following steps I give you after your ex contacts you again, then you will lose her again and this time it might be FOREVER.

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Why Your Ex Girlfriend Keeps Contacting You - Here's What to Do

  1. 1. Why Your Ex Girlfriend Keeps Contacting You 5 Unattractive Behaviors That Stop You From Ever Getting Her Back By: Frankie Cola championsofmen.com
  2. 2. Are you wondering why your ex girlfriend keeps contacting you? When your ex girlfriend keeps contacting you, it means you are still on her mind.
  3. 3. However, you gota keep 1 very important fact in mind: Attraction isn't set in stone When she loved you in the past... she loved you IN THAT MOMENT. When she doesn't feel it anymore right now... this is also IN THIS MOMENT.
  4. 4. Attraction gets triggered, but it also gets lost. Chances are, you are probably doing something RIGHT NOW that is stopping her from regaining the attraction she used to have for you.
  5. 5. 5 Unattractive Behaviors That Stop You From Getting Her Back Unattractive Behavior #1: Acting like a wussy, by begging, pleading, acting weak and desperate. ● Women feel attraction when you carry yourself like a man, not like a little boy ● Women unconsciously "test" you to see if you can handle it when she takes away the validation ● If you aren't emotionally strong, she will notice it INSTANTLY ● If you do keep your composure, she gets turned on and becomes attracted to you MORE
  6. 6. The problem with this is that you're not standing up for what you want. Being "weak" is what caused her to lose attraction in the first place. What most guys do here is accept getting put in her friend zone to "sneak in" later as the boyfriend. Then they get tortured when the girl only treats them as a nice friend while she starts dating some new guy. Instead, you want to make it clear that the type of relationship you want is more than platonic. Tell her you're not interested in anything platonic, and to reach out if she ever changes her mind. Then don't contact her again unless she reaches out. Unattractive Behavior #2: Agreeing to Remain "Just Friends"
  7. 7. Unattractive Behavior #3: Reverting to the Wuss When She Contacts You "Out of the Blue" When their ex girlfriend is texting them again, and she suddenly seems interested again... what do most guys do? They go back to their old way of behaving... the same kind of behavior that made their ex girlfriend lose attraction. Don’t be like them! Instead, rebuild yourself with a better understanding of how attraction actually works. If you don't "get" how attraction works, you'll keep making the same mistakes and all this effort you've made to get your ex girlfriend back will be in vain.
  8. 8. Unattractive Behavior #4: Trying to Convince Her to "Get Back Together" With You This is a big common mistake men often make when trying to get their ex girlfriend back. (That’s why it's mistake #2 in my 7 dangerous mistakes when getting an ex girlfriend back report) They feel the need to make the relationship official again. If you rush it, she'll feel pressured, "less free", and she'll lose attraction again.
  9. 9. Unattractive Behavior #5: Going For the Relationship and Trying to Be the Boyfriend... and Not the Lover Focus on being the lover and only focus on having “fun”. When women sense you want to get into a "serious relationship"… and that you emotionally depend on possessing her as your girlfriend to feel good about yourself... ...that's when she loses attraction AGAIN. And all the time you spent rebuilding attraction gets wasted.
  10. 10. How to Make Her Your Girlfriend Again Focus on just having fun with her without any commitment... without pressuring her to be your girlfriend again. Let go of the "need" to have her back as your "official girlfriend" Only focus on creating fun dates, and having fun. Don't feel that you need to be “together.”
  11. 11. If you can sustain this for several dates, over time she will fall more in love with you and then SHE will be the one wanting to make things "official". But once you get needy of making her exclusively all yours, that's when you lose her. So don't get needy, and remember: Be the LOVER, not boyfriend
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