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EeMAP: Story so far – James Drinkwater, WorldGBC

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Presented at Green Building Council Finland's EeMAP workshop on 13th Feb 2018.

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EeMAP: Story so far – James Drinkwater, WorldGBC

  1. 1. EeMAP: The Story So Far James Drinkwater, Director, WorldGBC Europe
  2. 2. • Mortgages = ⅓ of total EU banking sector assets - worth ½ EU GDP (€7 trillion) • Most well-known and cheapest form of property loan • Engage with key “trigger points” for renovation (purchase, refinance) • EU capital market reforms – EU setting out strategy for sustainable finance • Leading mortgage lenders recognise case for favourable capital treatment if loan data can evidence lower risk Why mortgages and why now?
  3. 3. “has the potential to change consumer behaviour” “opens tremendous social and economic opportunities for households, lenders and investors” “A clear and common framework constituting an Energy Efficient Mortgage would help us grow this market” “we support the development of the EeMAP initiative” “Now is the time for private financial institutions to enter the market at scale” Growing enthusiasm amongst Europe’s biggest banks
  4. 4. “A unique partnership to leverage the power of mortgage lending in reducing the energy use of Europe’s buildings.”
  5. 5. EeMAP GBC Team
  6. 6. Project Timeline: Energy Efficiency Work Research Phase State of Play Reports Pilot Phase 10x National Workshops Initial Pilot Outcomes Consultation Draft Proposals & Consumer Research Updated Proposals for Pilot Phase Public Consultation Closes 12 March 2018 2019 OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUN 2017
  7. 7. EeMAP Consumer Research Qualitative and Quantitative Consumer Research: • Focus groups in 4 key markets: DE, IT, SE, UK • Online surveys in 3 key markets: IT, SE, UK • Insights into consumer preference and likelihood to take out a ‘green mortgage’ • Full report out 15 Feb 2018! Available from worldgbc.org/green-mortgages
  8. 8. 9 All respondents. UK = 525, IT = 516, SW = 543 500 interviews in three markets with consumers who had recently taken out a mortgage, or were actively considering a mortgage First time buyer 1st mortgage or considering first mortgage 19% 24% 17% Experienced mortgagee onto their 2nd or more mortgage 54% 54% 48% Multiple mortgage holder 2 or more mortgages 27% 22% 34%
  9. 9. 10 A significant proportion of the market in Italy consider energy efficiency when buying a home, but this is more muted in other markets X1. Which of the following are most important when considering which property to buy? Base: All respondents UK (525), Italy (516), Sweden (543) Important factors when buying a property All respondents Importance Price 53 % 42 % Location of the property How energy efficient the property is 37 % How energy efficient the property is 24 % Price 71 % 62 % Location of the property Size of the property 35 % How energy efficient the property is 19 % Price 65 % 62 % Location of the property Size of the property 42 %
  10. 10. 11 B2. How relevant is this new mortgage product to you? Base: All respondents UK (525), Italy (516), Sweden (543) Italian’s see Green Mortgage as relevant, but some consumers in Sweden struggle to believe it could be of interest to them Claimed relevance of Green Mortgage proposition All respondents 34% Very / quite relevant Very relevant 63% 53% Very / quite relevant Very relevant 79% Very relevant Very / quite relevant Not at all relevant 20% 19% 43% * Not at all relevant UK = 10%, Italy = 3% Significantly higher or lower vs. other markets
  11. 11. 12 The Green Mortgage holds greatest appeal to the Italian market, and outright rejection of the proposition is minimal… Very appealing (T2B) 37% 55% 31% Appeal of Green Mortgage proposition All respondents B1. Thinking broadly about the new mortgage product you have seen, how appealing do you find it? Base: All respondents UK (525), Italy (516), Sweden (543) Very / quite appealing (T3B) 66% 80% 58% Very unappealing (B2B) 7% 3% 9% “This would be brilliant – we’ve been wanting to do something like this for years… there’s no downside – 10/10” Sweden “I like the idea of ​​improving energy efficiency and I think that in the long run I’ll save money” Italy “An excellent opportunity for energy improvement in my home, helping not only me, but the environment” Italy “I like trying to be green and love idea of being rewarded for it” UK Significantly higher or lower vs. other markets
  12. 12. Building Assessment Briefings Detailed market intelligence covering: • Characteristics of the building stock • Energy performance certificates, eg: access, QA procedures, coverage, etc. • Other energy performance assessment infrastructure • Energy performance measurement infrastructure • Existing EE finance initiatives • Sustainability assessment and certification landscape Available from worldgbc.org/green-mortgages
  13. 13. EeMAP Pilot Scheme June 2018 onwards • To test the EeMAP guidelines in an operational environment • Create the learning and relationships needed to strengthen value-chains • In time, mortgages will be issued, in line with EeMAP’s proposed guidelines • Lenders will identify and ‘tag’ existing mortgages that meet the requirements • Anonymised data on energy performance will be collected by the EeMAP consortium
  14. 14. EeMAP National Workshops • To gather detailed national feedback on proposed Building Performance Criteria • To explore national implementation • Feedback will be collated by WorldGBC Europe • Feedback used to refine to proposals ahead of the pilot in June