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IoT Platform Meetup - IBM

  1. New possibilities in a connected world Create the future based on Internet of Things Marcus Kottinger 2.2.2107
  2. 2 IBM Watson IoT Client/Partner Lab as part of joint cognitive IoT Initiative • As part of and within IBM Watson IoT Center in Munich Client/Partner and IBM will jointly create new IoT solutions capable of accompanying industries into the digital area and create products and services that deliver on the promise of Cognitive IoT. • There will be a close collaboration with Client/Partner to offer joint solutions for Digital Innovation. • IBM and Client/Partner will establish a local governance model to ensure the right interaction between both teams with the goal of transforming IBM technology into client / market relevant IoT offerings • Leveraging IBM Experts like Strategy Consultants, Designers, Data Scientists, Cognitive Experts, Software/ Hardware Developers, Project Managers, IT Architects, Mobile Developers, and Industry Experts • Drive joint Design Thinking Workshops aligned to Client/Partner focus areas • Covering the following areas: IoT, Cognitive, Analytics
  3. 3 IBM Research power worldwide China WatsonAlmaden Austin Toky o Zurich India Dublin Australia Brazil Africa ▪ Next Gen Public Sector ▪ Water & transportation ▪ Human Capacity Development ▪ Natural Resources ▪ Disaster management ▪ Healthcare/Life Sciences ▪ Natural Resources ▪ Smarter Devices ▪ Human Systems/Events ▪ Analytics & Intelligence ▪ Systems &Software ▪ Industry research ▪ Internet of Things ▪ Big Data / Analytics ▪ Enterprise Cloud Services ▪ Energy, Commerce, Traffic ▪ Big Data Analytics ▪ HW & SW Quality ▪ Cloud ▪ Mobile Haifa ▪ Smarter Cities ▪ Analytics ▪ Services ▪ Big Data Analytics ▪ Front Office Digitization ▪ Semiconductors ▪ Systems ▪ Software ▪ Services ▪ Analytics ▪ Semiconductors ▪ Processors ▪ Analytics ▪ Storage ▪ Nanotech Healthcare ▪ Nanotech ▪ Security ▪ Business Analytics ▪ Systems Munich
  4. 4 IoT platform in an Ecosystem Maximo Asset Management Predictive Maintenance and Quality Continuous Engineering IoT Platform
  5. 5 Proven value, immediate opportunity Leaders are putting the physical world to work and achieving results now. Transforming the customer experience Boosting operational efficiency Disrupting the traditional industry segments IBM’s Watson IoT is the leading solution to support the transformation of the manufacturing, infrastructure and service companies in Europe.
  6. 6 Tools for the Internet of Things - Platform = Sensors provide information about the device 1 2 Data comes in through IoT Foundation cloud platform 5 Recommendations drive response IoT Platform Data drives real- time analytics and business rules IoT Analytics Data may be collected by a gateway device for connectivity or protocol translation 4 3 Rules trigger an action Bluemix
  7. 7 The IBM Watson IoT Platform IBM Watson IoT Platform - Connect Connect and manage devices, networks, and gateways IBM Watson IoT Platform - Information Management Integrating information, structured and unstructured, from devices, people, and the world around us IBM Watson IoT Platform - Analytics Gaining insights from information using Realtime, Predictive and Cognitive analytics IBM Watson IoT Platform - Risk Management Ensuring you leverage the right information from trusted sources, the right software runs where you need it and your solution is visible end to end
  8. 8 IBM Bluemix environment for IoT development Run Your Apps The developer can chose any language runtime or bring their own. DevOps Development, monitoring, deployment and logging tools allow the develo APIs and Services Broad catalog of IBM, 3rd party, and open source, APIs and services to c Cloud Integration Build hybrid environments. Connect to on-premises systems of record p Built on IBM SoftLayer No need to worry about provisioning or managing infrastructure. Composable services development, runtime and operations for your IoT apps
  9. 9 Predictive Maintenance and Quality converges enterprise asset management and analytics capabilities Analytical insights Asset lifecycle manage- ment Facilities operation Staff planning Supply chain processes • Better maintenance windows to reduce operating expense • More efficient assignment of labor resources • Enhanced capital forecasting plans • Enhanced spare parts inventory • Automated analytical techniques, including anomaly detection for assets and sensors • Improved reliability and uptime of assets • Asset maintenance history • Condition monitoring and historical meter readings • Inventory and purchasing transactions • Labor, craft, skills, certifications and calendars • Safety and regulatory requirements Enterprise asset management Predictive Maintenance and Quality Better outcomes=+
  10. 10 Watson API services – an overview The Watson IoT Platform provides out of the box API to the IBM standard Watson Services. Each of those can be tested on our Watson services homepage at: services-catalog.html
  11. 11 Watson IoT Industry use cases – what’s the next big thing - IBM Watson and wearable devices protect your Workers - The WorkRight mobile application works as your personal protective application. It allows intuitive specification of “shields” that govern the personal wellness and safety of their owner, detect hazard and notify employees and supervisors. - IBM's Watson IoT hits the skies with Aerialtronics unmanned flying objects - The Watson IoT Platform provides complete infrastructure to connect, manage and analyze remote devices. Watson Visual Recognition provides cognitive APIs that can be trained to perform custom image recognition. Drone service providers such as AirWare and Aerialtronics supply aerial information platform combining hardware, software and cloud services to operate drones and integrate imagery, telemetry and flight data. - Analytics at the edge, anywhere, anytime and everywhere - IBM and Cisco have joined forces to bring the thousands of businesses and organizations that run remote and autonomous operations the combined power of IBM Watson IoT business analytics technology in the cloud and at the edge with Cisco edge analytics capabilities to more deeply understand and act on critical data both in the moment and over time.
  12. 12 IBM cooperation's to Internet of Things @Industrie2025 Smart Logistics – Pilotfabrik - Normen & Standards Forschung, Entwicklung & Innovation - Mensch in der digitalen Fabrik Qualifikationen & Kompetenzen - Regionale Strategien @plattform_i40 @iotaustria Denkmodelles (Charta) - zentralen Anlaufstelle - Online-Plattform - Wissensaufbau - Markt-, Trend- und Aktivitätenbeobachtung Koordination verschiedener Aktivitäten
  13. 13 IBM PartnerWorld – your gateway to the Watson IoT ecosystem Create solutions and reach new clients with access to our vibrant, open ecosystem of partners, experts and digital marketplaces. Build high-value capabilities Develop deep expertise with access to free educational assets, including online courses, training modules, technical validations and innovation centers. Increase speed to market Leverage our rich, flexible benefits to rapidly expand your reach and elevate your brand — whether you build solutions, provide services or act as a trusted advisor. Create new revenue streams Pave your way to financial success with access to cognitive capabilities that help you clearly understand the market and identify opportunities to drive revenue.
  14. 14 Further Information Learn more about IBM’s point of view on the Internet of Things: Try out Internet of Things on Bluemix: IBM MessageSight in Action: Setting up Real-Time Insights & IoTF: Join us in our IoT conversations: @IBMIoT, @MaximoTririga, @IBMBluemix, @IBMWatson, @ibmbizanalytics Outthink Downtime - mit Predictive Maintenance von IBM: Maximo for utilities: IBM Tririga - Lifecycle Corporate Real Estate Management: IBM Watson: How it Works: Siemens and the future of connected buildings: IBM’s commitment to Europe: Get insight with IBM Watson Analytics:
  15. 15 IBM Austria Obere Donaustrasse 95 1020 Vienna +43 664 618 7047 Marcus Kottinger cert. Energy auditor Solutions Architect Industry 4.0 / Business Development IBM Watson IoT Europe