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Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long

Your guide on how to gift give all year long

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Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long

  1. 1. Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long
  2. 2. 2 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Gift giving has and always will be an integral part of society – a fun way to show people that we care about them and want to give them the things they like. When buying gifts, we should always keep in mind seeing things through the eyes of the recipient. Knowing your recipients well enough to give them something they want can give you a leg up when searching for just the right present for them. This is not always easy to do however; the people most likely to give the gifts they would want are the ones that have the most trouble with empathizing with what their recipient really needs. Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long
  3. 3. 3 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long When it comes to these gift-giving concepts, the time of year almost becomes irrelevant. It’s not just holiday season anymore; between graduations, holidays, birthdays, weddings, and other occasions – there’s no lack of events for giving gifts all year long. And despite the almost never-ending focus on the monetary aspects of gift-giving, the psychological meaning of a gift may be even more important than its value in cash. In this article, we will offer several tips and tricks for gift giving, and give some best practices for how to consistently give great gifts all year long. Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long
  4. 4. 4 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Everyone knows at least one person that’s difficult to shop for, and some people are just difficult to get gifts for in general, regardless of the occasion. Having said that, with a little creativity, you can get something both fun and useful for them to enjoy. Start with the internet. You can learn a lot these days about someone online. Check out what they’ve said they liked on Twitter or Facebook, or items that they may have posted to Pinterest or Instagram. Using these avenues, you could get more clues than you might think. If you’re doing this with good intentions of getting them the perfect fun and bizarre gift, then you don’t have to feel any shame in ‘researching them’ this way. Be Creative
  5. 5. 5 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long We all know someone in our lives who’s a bit quirky. The internet is full of ways to show these recipients how much you care. There are all kinds of fun and bizarre gift ideas out there, perfectly suited for anyone on the unusual scale. Fiverr.com is one place to find some great off the beaten path gifts for those who like that sort of thing – with services ranging from putting your logo or text in a cup of coffee to recording 200 words in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Look for the Bizarre
  6. 6. 6 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Research suggests that a big driver of grateful feelings in close relationships is a sense of felt understanding and perceived responsiveness to the self. Simply put, this means that we like to feel that the significant people in our lives truly understand us. Knowing that, you should consider what types of gifts would really make a person feel understood. It could be a book that relates to an important theme in someone’s life, a gift certificate for a night out alone, a babysitter for the kids, or an album that brings back fond memories. The idea is to get a gift that says ‘I get you and I understand you’. A Gift for That Special Someone
  7. 7. 7 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Finding a gift for someone special in your life, however, can be difficult. Even if you know them well, you may have a tough time finding just the right gift to make them happy. You can start by personalizing the gift by sitting down and making a list of that person’s likes and interests. Try to jot down as many items or experiences that person has told you they enjoy. You could also think about any items that the person may have mentioned that they need, or a big purchase they’ve been putting off but dying to do. It could even be as simple as something the person can afford, but that they haven’t had time to go out and get themselves. As the time for giving this person their gift gets closer, pay attention to what they’re talking about and longing for as you walk around with them or sit and have coffee with them. Watch what the person talks about frequently, what they buy for others, or where they like to shop. These small clues can end up meaning a great future gift idea from you. The point is to always pay attention to what they’re saying, and to see if you can get some clues and ideas from it for getting them that perfect gift that they desire.
  8. 8. 8 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Formal Events Getting gifts for formal events such as weddings and bridal showers requires a different way of thinking. The biggest events in a person’s lifetime will likely cause stress for gift recipients and givers alike. In this case, the emotional aspects of the event mean that you are there to share in the joy of their event, and so the cost of the gift may be less important than the thought you’ve put into it. Don’t worry too much about what other guests are spending; get what you feel the person or couple will appreciate that fits within your budget. When shopping for a wedding gift specifically, check the bride and groom’s registry to see if there is something you can afford that the couple truly wants or needs. If you prefer buying something that’s not on the registry, only do it if it’s unique or provides a personal touch that you know will make them happy. Always enclose a gift receipt too; it’s a thoughtful gesture and could be useful to them if they get a duplicate present or if the gift is not the right size, or design.
  9. 9. 9 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Giving a material gift isn’t always the only way to go when it comes to great gift-giving. The gift of your time for volunteer work or for helping out a friend or neighbor is also a form of giving — and one that in the end could be appreciated more than any material item you can give. Sometimes simply being there for your loved ones or someone you care about can make their occasion or event much more special. It’s easy to buy presents for those on your list, but all too often these gifts are put away in a corner and quickly forgotten. The gift of your time is priceless and much more likely to have a big impact on your recipient’s life. Give the Gift of Time
  10. 10. 10 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Give the Gift of Time There are many ways you can give the gift of time – whether it’s offering a free night of babysitting for your friend’s kids, teaching someone something you know like how to cook or speak a foreign language, or taking the time to help them build an addition to their house. You can even offer these kinds of services to people you don’t know. Volunteer by serving meals at a soup kitchen, building houses for low-income families, or helping local senior citizens learn technology and electronics. The opportunities are endless, and gifts such as these will often help you feel just as satisfied as your recipients.
  11. 11. 11 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Gift giving is one area that you may be budgeting the wrong amount for, or forgetting to include in your budget altogether. Tackling the world of gift giving can be complicated, especially when you consider what seems like one event after another – whether it’s at the office, the holidays, or weddings and graduations and other special occasions. But there are ways to make shopping for gifts easier, and to set aside money to cover gifts throughout the year. When you shop with a list, it’s easier to find what you need and want, as well as stick to your budget. Before you shop for gifts, set a budget for what you can afford to spend and then keep a running total of what you’ve bought, how much you’ve spent, and where you stand in relation to your annual gift giving budget. Be Conscious of Your Budget
  12. 12. 12 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Be Conscious of Your Budget Additionally, you should always budget higher than lower when it comes to giving gifts. You’ll need to be prepared not only for the events that you know are coming – such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays - but to plan for the unexpected events that will inevitably come up as well. Ultimately, the cost of your gift will not be the deciding factor in its success. Gifts given with sincerity are appreciated even more so than expensive, impersonal, and rushed last minute items. By assigning a dollar amount to each desired gift on your list, you’ll be better prepared to shop within your means. Use coupons if you can, and take advantage of online sales and other special events that can help you stretch your gift-giving budget.
  13. 13. 13 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Cross cultural awareness and an understanding of etiquette is important in today’s world. One area of importance in this awareness is in the different gift giving etiquettes around the world today. Understanding this etiquette can help you connect with those from different cultures, and show them that you’re aware of their culture’s unique customs and traditions. In Japan, for example, you should give a gift with both hands to demonstrate sincerity. Your gift should be wrapped in a high-quality wrapping paper and should exclude white and black colors, as they’re associated with funerals and death and are not well-received. Cultural Customs
  14. 14. 14 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Cultural Customs In China, it’s proper etiquette for gifts to be exchanged for celebrations, as thanks for assistance, and even as a sweetener for future favors. Business gifts are always reciprocated, and to not do so is bad etiquette. Latin American cultures don’t have formal or traditional ceremonies surrounding gift giving. However, business relationships are developed as personal relationships, and in order to build a strong and lasting friendship, gifts are a thoughtful way to make a good first impression, and show generosity, appreciation, and kindness. Always have the gift wrapped in a quality paper, as this is a subtle detail that can express the value of the relationship.
  15. 15. 15 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long Presenting a gift properly to your recipient is sometimes just as important as the gift itself. A beautiful container always increases the perceived value of the gift, even if it only costs a few dollars more. Use fun special containers such as a jar, a wooden box, a tin, or a basket. Beware of wrappings; beautiful gifts don’t necessarily need to rely on excessive ribbons, boxes, wrapping paper, and so on. A tastefully wrapped gift with a little bit of creativity can go a long way. Japanese-influenced, understated wrapping is a good way to wrap your gift. Avoid using brightly colored, bold paper and a lot of brightly colored, fancy bows and ribbons on the package. Instead, use solid colors and quality paper with simple ribbon. The Presentation is Important
  16. 16. 16 | Guide to Gift Giving All Year Long The Presentation is Important One way to really personalize your gift for your recipient is to present it beautifully wrapped and in person. Beautiful gift wrap makes your gift stand out and gives your recipient a sense of fun and anticipation that comes from unwrapping a unique present. When you do give the gift, present it held with both your hands as though it’s on a silver platter. This ritual is adopted from Asian culture to show the utmost care and respect for your recipient. Put together a nice card to accompany the gift as well. Use a card that expresses how you feel about the person. If you are giving the person a gift certificate or gift cards, place them in the card and use the envelope as gift wrapping. All images are subject to copyright.