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Flumotion Corporate Presentation (English)

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Flumotion is an award winning streaming technology company that was founded in 2006 by a group of open source developers and multimedia experts. Flumotion provides live and on demand streaming services that enrich content and simplify video and audio processing for delivery to multiple devices.

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Flumotion Corporate Presentation (English)

  2. 2. Specific solutions for every business model We have designed our solutions considering the different business models of companies that use audio and video online and on their specific needs so every customer has the solution he needs. Close Comprehensive Service We continuously accompany clients, offering and advising them on an end- to-end service to help them succeed with their online audio video projects. THE NEW WAYOF STREAMING 2
  3. 3. All functionalities from the base price Regardless of the size and edition of our clients contract, they will have access to all the technology and functionality used by large corporations. We are live specialists All our solutions incorporate the necessary technology to stream live audio and video , whether for 24x7 channels or for one time events. MISSION Flumotion wants to help each client to maximize the ROI of their investment in online video using a solution with features and prices fully adapted to their needs and possibilities. VISION We want to be the market referent in professional streaming solutions. 3FLUMOTION SERVICES
  4. 4. ONLINE RADIO PLATFORM Stream anywhere worldwide with excellent sound quality, increase your audience and monetize your online broadcasting. MEDIA VIDEO PLATFORM Mass media companies can create and easily publish their own video channel with simplicity, monetize their online content thanks to the insertion of advertising in the player. ENTERPRISE VIDEO PLATFORM Strengthen your marketing campaigns, presenting and diffusing your products through your own video channel. Use video to optimize your internal communication. LIVE EVENTS PLATFORM Broadcast live your online event from anywhere, increase the audience and maximize its impact thanks to the social network integration. ONE STREAMING PLATFORM FOR EACH BUSINESS NEED. 1 2 3 4 Reach 100% of your audience thanks to our high quality video streaming with multi device technology. Enlarge your potential customers using our streaming platform with full social network integration. Improve your SEO and increase your site traffic by 55% thanks to the video content. You can have the total control of your online video content and the traffic it generates. WHAT GREAT BENEFITS ARE OFFERED WITH OUR STREAMING TECHNOLOGY? 4
  5. 5. ACQUISITION All the audio and video formats in the market CONTENT MANAGEMENT Categorization of content, creation of channels and playlists, thumbnails, captions, points of interest, etc. DELIVERY HD video quality with search functionality and multi device delivery. Interactive video which can include call to actions for the clients. PLAYERS Flash HTML5 versions fully customizable with corporate branding and improved with plugins, skins, etc. APIs Integration with other systems taking advantage of the platform’s full potential automatically. ANALYTICS About the video channel: concurrent users, location, device from which the content is displayed, etc. MONETIZATION Self-managed advertising in the usual formats and integration with external adservers using VAST 2.0. FEATURES WE MANAGE ALL STEPS OF THE VIDEO VALUE CHAIN 5FLUMOTION SERVICES
  6. 6. SERVICES and CUSTOM PROJECTS Flumotion accompanies the client throughout the streaming project to ensure the expected success and satisfaction. STRATEGY We help our customers to define their online video strategy to maximize the ROI. DEVELOPMENT DEPLOYMENT We personalize the streaming service and install all the custom functionality. TRAINING Our customers are provided with all the necessary training to manage the streaming platform with ease and simplicity. SUPPORT Our on-site support ensures the highest quality success of our streaming services. VALUE ADDED SERVICES We provide a complete catalogue of extra services offered by our partners which complement our streaming solutions. 6
  7. 7. SOME OF FLUMOTION’s SATISFIED CUSTOMERS CLIENT: NESTLÉ SOLUTION: Enterprise Video Platform Nestlé TV (http://www.nestle-tv.es) is the online TV channel from one of the world’s lar- gest manufacturers of food products. Nestlé TV uses the Enterprise Video Platform to pu- blish video content in its eight online thematic online channels about cooking, pets, baby care, etc.. CLIENT: DIARI ARA SOLUTION: Live Events Platform Diari Ara is a newspaper of general information in Catalan which has a circulation of be- tween 40,000 and 60,000 copies a day. Ara uses the Live Events Platform to stream all the live events they carry out, which can be watched through their website. CLIENT: BARCELONA TV SOLUTION: Media Video Platform Barcelona TV, also known as BTV, is a public television channel managed by the municipal corporation of the City Council of Information and Communication of the city of Barcelona. BTV uses the Media Video Platform to stream its live TV programs through their own web- site. CLIENT: CORPORACIÓN DE RADIO TELEVISIÓN ESPAÑOLA SOLUTION: Online Radio Platform Radio Televisión Española, also know as RTVE, is a state corporation that organizes the indirect management of public radio and television in Spain. RTVE works with the Online Radio Platform to manage the online streaming of their 4 na- tional radio channels. CLIENT: DANONE SOLUTION: Enterprise Video Platform Danone Group, better known as Danone (Dannon or in the United States), is a French mul- tinational food products headquartered in Paris, France. It specializes in dairy products. The Spanish subsidiary uses the Enterprise Video Platform to improve the internal commu- nication between employees and keep them informed with the latest corporate news. CLIENT: ESADE SOLUTION: Live Events Platform The Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE) is a private academic institution of higher education located in Barcelona, ​​Spain and now part of the University Ramon Llull. Thanks to the Live Event Platform ESADE can do the online live streaming of their gradua- tion events in a private and secure environment. 7FLUMOTION SERVICES
  8. 8. Since 2006 Flumotion has been a leading company in audio and video streaming solutions and named one of the 100 largest worldwide companies in online video, along with YouTube, Facebook and Apple. Companies such as Nestlé, Danone and Esade use Flumotion’s streaming platforms to implement their online video marketing strategies. Top broadcasting companies Radio Televisión Española, Barcelona TV, and Flaix FM maximize the monetization of their content and return on investment, thanks to Flumotion’s solutions. Flumotion Services S.A. Avda. Diagonal, 579-581 7º 08021 Barcelona T. +34 935 086 350 info@flumotion.com www.flumotion.com