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How do Americans define a 'Sustainable Diet'?

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Nearly two-thirds of Americans have thought about whether their foods and beverages are produced in an environmentally sustainable way. But, there isn't much consensus about the meaning of a sustainable diet: 39% see it representing a ‘balanced, nutritious diet,’ 25% say it means foods are ‘affordable and readily available,’ and 23% say it means both that the foods you eat ‘have a smaller impact on the environment’ and that they are ‘produced in a socially responsible way.’ What does a 'sustainable diet' mean to you?

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How do Americans define a 'Sustainable Diet'?

  1. 1. sustainable diet? How do Americans define a Americans believe a sustainable diet means the foods you eat . . . sus•tain•a•ble diet, suh-stey-nuh-buhl dahy-it, adj. “a pat- tern of eating that promotes health and well-being, and provides food security for current and future populations while sustaining human and natural resources.” --Working Definition, 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Americans with higher income tend to define “sustainable diet” as “having a smaller impact on the environment.” Those with lower income tend to define it as “representing a balanced, nutritious meal.” 25% 23% 23% 39% Represent a balanced, nutritious meal Are affordable and readily available Have a smaller impact on the environment Are produced in a socially responsible way IFIC Foundation 2015 Food & Health Survey Foodinsight.org S T U V W X Y