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Food valet presentation

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A Presentation for our possible Google Glass App, Food Valet. Food Valet is a restaurant concierge service for Google Glass that brings all the info you need about a restaurant right to you with one simple picture before ever entering the restaurant.

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Food valet presentation

  1. 1. Food Valet Kaitlyn Richards, Erin Kelly, Natasha Schuyler and Sammy Lo foodvaletapp@gmail.com twitter.com/foodvalet Pinterest.com/foodvalet Instagram.com/foodvalet Facebook.com/foodvaletapp Food Valet #FoodValet
  2. 2. Overview ● Food Valet is an app that brings everything you need to know about a restaurant right to you before ever stepping through the door. #FoodValet
  3. 3. Problem/Opportunity ● When traveling to a new city, it can be hard to decide which place is worth eating in and what place doesn’t make the cut. ● Programs like Yelp and Urbanspoon bring restaurant reviews to the consumer, but none do it with the simple ease of snapping a picture. ● No program has yet figured out how to bring wait times to consumers before ever entering the restaurant. #FoodValet
  4. 4. Unfair Advantages ● Ease of access to information. Simply take a picture and it’s all in front of your eyes, no handson searching required. ● Wait-time availability-check wait times for your group size before even attempting to navigate to the hostess stand. #FoodValet
  5. 5. Demo ● Food Valet Commercial #FoodValet
  6. 6. Sales and Marketing ● Sales will come through promoted posts ● Restaurants will want to buy app to post wait times to streamline service ● Restaurants who partner with the app can post more complete bios about their restaurant on home screen #FoodValet
  7. 7. Competition Competitors What they can do that we can’t What they can’t do that we can Yelp Dense base of reviews, already have faithful followers and contributors for content Ease of search based on look and snap photo ability and instantaneous searching Urbanspoon Ranking of restaurants in area based on reviews, types of food Cannot display wait times of these restaurants GrubHub You can order food straight off of GrubHub Send you results based on what food you want, harder if you don’t know what you’re looking for #FoodValet
  8. 8. Business Model ● Social Media will be huge in our promotion effort. ● People love food, and they love talking about food, good or bad ● We want to spread word via social media and collect reviews and pictures through conglomeration of these social media sites ● Once we have backing of reviews, we can head to restaurants to entice them to join with us #FoodValet
  9. 9. Forecast ● We can see this becoming an extremely profitable business simply because people like to know what they are spending money on before purchasing anything, especially food. ● It is a business that doesn’t require a lot of manpower because it relies so heavily on crowdsourcing ● Once companies see how apps like this can make or break their business, they will be more than willing to jump on board to make themselves as favorable looking as possible. #FoodValet
  10. 10. Team ● Kaitlyn Richards-Creator ● Natasha Schulyer-Designer/Developer ● Erin Kelly-Developer/Social Media ● Sammy Lo-Developer/Social Media #FoodValet
  11. 11. Status and Milestones ● Currently in the creation and building phase ● First shipment is expected around Thanksgiving, just in time for some holiday traveling ● First revenue may not begin until January 2014 once restaurants start to see benefit of app, growth of Google Glass #FoodValet