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Mobile App Development - Why You Need a Mobile App?

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We are living in the Mobile App Era. There are 1,300,000 apps in Google Play, Windows Phone store has crossed 300,000 apps and Apple App Store has observed more than 85 billion app downloads in 2014.

Users are constantly using mobile apps and these are not limited to mCommerce, navigation, communication, games or business. Utility apps, enterprise apps, mobile automation solutions, there is an for most of business process or daily activities.

Explore with us what a mobile app can do for you and how to enter in the market.

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Mobile App Development - Why You Need a Mobile App?

  1. 1. Mobile App Development With
  2. 2. Mobile Apps... • Look at your Smartphone and guess how much time you are spending on it? • You are using it for nearly 7 out of 10 times for your daily internet browsing just like the other 1.5 billion Smartphone owners around the world. (Source: Nielsen) • 90% of this internet time is consumed by mobile app. (Source: Localytics) • Mobile app market will be an industry of more than 75 billion dollars by 2017. (Source: Gartner) • In last year, mobile app usage time has grown by more than 50%. (Source: comScore) • There is a promising market with potential clients and all you need to connect with them is a mobile app. • Take leverage of this booming market and • Why do you need an app and how can it help you to earn more? Let us guide you through the path...
  3. 3. Do You Need An App • Still thinking WHAT AN APP CAN DO FOR YOU? • Just look Tinder, Uber, FourSquare, AngryBirds, Whatsapp and many others who make it big with the mobile boom. • Add the power of mobility to your business and create an easy channel for clients to connect with you. • Get rid of paper work, messy timesheets and cut overheads with an effective mobile solution. • Cut expenses, connect with more customers and monitor staff for optimum performance and faster services. • Improve customer service with minimum staff and automated systems. • Bottom line – Save and earn with just one mobile app. • HOW TO GET AN APP? Just reach to us...
  4. 4. How To Get An App • Meet Fuel4Media Technologies, your mobility partner. • An experienced team with decade long experience in IT services. • A group of versatile analysts, designers and developers who will assist you in each and every step. • Native or hybrid, we deliver best apps for all mobile platforms. • Our strong and vast skill set covers - iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Sencha, Titanium and Xamarin. • Our experts will help you in shaping your app, designing it, developing and its not the end of process. • We stand with you for the real battle – Making a strong presence in market. • With digital marketing services and app store optimisation, we ensure that you get best result for your investment. • Share your queries and our expert will reach to you with a solution that fits in to your budget.
  5. 5. What Do We Do • We put our efforts, do brainstorming and uncover all hidden aspects and requirements. • Location based services, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, social networks, mCommerce, enterprise mobility, our experts have in-depth knowledge of dos and don'ts for all. • Team divided in industry specific groups , so you get a team with exposure to your business processes and have worked on similar apps before. • Find out what a mobile app can do for you and your business, that too without spending a single penny. • Understand how the app will help you in earn more and cut expenses before you invest in it. • Just go to http://www.fuel4media.com/contact.php today and get free consultation for your mobile solution.
  6. 6. How To Reach... http://www.fuel4media.com/