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Types of advertising

Methods & types of advertising

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Types of advertising

  1. 1. TYPES OF ADVERTISING By Gabriela Sokol
  2. 2. TYPES OF ADVERTISING On screen Magazines Online Packaging Print Leaflet Illustration Outdoor advertising Animation Mobile Post Guerilla Sponsor advertising Posters
  3. 3. Online advertising Online advertising is adverts that involve use of the internet. You can find them on websites, social media, in apps. The advert below is an example of an advert you could find on any website, it advertises brand selling shoes.
  4. 4. Print advertising Print advertising is a type a of advertising that uses physical print like magazines, newspapers, leaflets and posters. It always appear in printed format. Below there are digital examples of adverts you can see printed as posters or in magazines.
  5. 5. Guerrilla advertising Guerrilla advertising is a method of advertising that promotes the company and their services with little budget and in a very different, unconventional way. Some of Guerilla adverts are illegal such as stickers or posters on lampposts. This kind of advertising involves a lot of creativity and teamwork to get people's attention.
  6. 6. Broadcast advertising Broadcast advertising are all kind of adverts we see on the television or hear on the radio, known as on-air advertising. It is an expensive type of advertising.
  7. 7. Outdoor advertising Outdoor advertising is any kind of advertising done outside. It includes billboards, ''street furniture'' (buses, vehicles, signs etc.) and transit which are ads on side of buses, in subway stations or taxis. It is done to publicize the company and their products.
  8. 8. Product placement advertising Product placement advertising is a type of advertising we can see on the television again, in the films or TV shows. The companies, such as Apple, pay for their products to be featured in films and any other kinds of television programs. It is known as a very expensive method of advertising.
  9. 9. Mobile advertising Mobile advertising is a marketing strategy that pops up on mobile devices like smart phones or tablets. The adverts can be send to the audience as text adds via SMS or adverts that appear during using apps like on the example. Depending on the type it usually pops up and leads you to the website.
  10. 10. Packaging advertising Packaging advertising is a method of advertising through the packaging of the actual product. The packaging is designed to catch the customers' attention and make them buy even if it is just for the packaging – like the strawberry-shaped jar bellow could be reused.
  11. 11. Design Context – information needed to make an advert 1. Company details 2. Details about the product – What am I advertising 3. Information about the audience 4. Research of previous adverts of the company to find out the style used 5. The budget 6. Any necessary information you need to include such as logo
  12. 12. Constraints in advertising 1. Law: In advertising you need to stick to certain rules. One of them is libel which refers to publication of false statements that lead to ruining other person or company's reputation. Also there is some products that are banned from advertising or they can be advertised only under specific conditions such as tobacco or alcohol. Not being able to make untrue statements and claims in adverts is another important rule. 2. Money: Depending on the budget different options of advertising can be considered, e.g. you cannot consider billboard advert with small budget. Money also decide on the quality of the advert 3. Ethics: Some adverts are inappropriate and some people can find them distasteful also some products should not be advertised to certain groups of people – e.g. advertising fast food to children.
  14. 14. This advert is against testing cosmetics on animals. It is using ''empathy'' strategy to make people feel sorry for the animals. It uses quite terrifying image of a woman that has been used to test cosmetics and some strong words written above and on the bottom that have to opposite meanings. It is aimed mainly at women as they are the main group that uses cosmetics. The advert is effective in my opinion as it is really scary and has an impact on the audience, also the fact they used woman attracts the feminine audience. The text used also creates an effect of the audience and speaks the truth about animal testing.
  15. 15. The poster presents a rabbit with mascara going through its eye and bold writing underneath. The background is pink to catch women's attention as it is mainly aimed at females. The image used is quite terrifying as the cute rabbit is bleeding from its eye and it creates an impact on the audience's emotions. The used font is quite interesting but does not stand out too much to make the image of the rabbit be the main thing on the advert, and the bleeding letter 'B' adds to the scary image. It uses the ''empathy'' strategy. The use of mascara which is a daily used product refers to wider range of audience. The use of block colors make the image very clear and the message it is trying to tell easy to understand. The overall poster is very effective, mainly because of how simple it is.
  16. 16. The poster presents a terrified looking rabbit drawn in pop art style with a bloody tear coming out of its eye and a question next to it. The used colors red and brown make the audience think a bout blood. The used font is really simple what makes it easy to read. The overall poster is effective because of how simple it is.
  17. 17. The advert looks like a typical female's perfume advert what shows it is mainly aimed at 20+ women. It gets females attention as the start they may think it is just a perfume however there is a rat inside the bottle and ''torture'' written next to it like the name of the perfume. The pinkish feminine style makes it really clear who it is aimed at. The overall advert is really effective as the image is scary and disgusting what has an impact on the audiences' emotions. The message is also really clear there so no useless images or text.
  18. 18. The advert present a mascara wand at the end of a needle. It is a really simple advert, there is only one image and blank background. It is aimed at women what is shown with the mascara. The needle makes the image kind of scary as most people are scared of needle and it also makes them think about pain. The overall poster is effective with the scary needle and daily used mascara that can be used for torture, however it is not really eye-catching because of lack of colors
  20. 20. “Before and After” This strategy is used to show the affect of the product on your life. Usually the first image would be a negative picture presenting your life without the product and the second image would picture how the product has changed your life for better. This method shows the audience the importance of the product in their life and the value of it.
  21. 21. “Advice” “Advice” strategy is based on giving the audience an advice and offering help to present the benefit of the advertised product. For example the advert could say that everyone needs to consume 5 fruits or vegetables everyday so you can sell more fruit juice.
  22. 22. “Empathy” Empathy method is supposed to make an impact on the audience’s emotions to make them develop feelings when they see the certain product, e.g. disgusted when they see cigarettes or happy when they see something advertised by a puppy.
  23. 23. “Testimonial” This strategy uses famous or non-famous consumers’ opinions to support the quality of the product. For example a famous singer showing her white teeth on an advert of toothpaste. It is used to convince people about the authenticity of the advert as people who already h have used the product recommend it.
  24. 24. “Demonstration” Demonstration is a method of advertising that shows the audience how the product works and presents its effectiveness.
  25. 25. “Competitive” Competitive is a type of advertising that is using a different brand or company in the advert to compare both and show that the one they are advertising is better.
  26. 26. “Negative to Positive” Negative to positive is a way of making features of the advertised product that would be normally considered negative and showing them in a positive way e.g. when this advert was made bigger cars were popular and to advertise it the creators took an advantage of the fact it is smaller what makes it easier to drive in cities.