6 Ways to Rock Mobile Marketing In 2017

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26 Jan 2017

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6 Ways to Rock Mobile Marketing In 2017

  1. 6 Ways to Rock Mobile Marketing in 2017 AddShoppers + Power Digital
  2. Your presenters Peter Messmer Director + Growth at AddShoppers Ryan Larkin Paid Media Account Manager at Power Digital Marketing Antonio Johnson Director of SEO at Power Digital marketing
  3. I. Paid Ads II. Winning Micro-moments III. Mobile first index for SEO IV. Personalize multi-channel UX V. New on-site strategy VI. Making social work harder The Breakdown
  4. AddShoppers The leading On-site Marketing Platform (OMP) for Commerce. We believe on-site marketing should be as agile + powerful as email marketing. 1,000+ brands worldwide agree with us. Clients across industries Marketing on your site shouldn't take a village
  5. Power Digital Marketing A full service digital marketing agency. We provide the skills and insights of what clients actually need and what an interactive marketing agency should be. Clients across industries
  6. January 2015: Mobile-friendly sites ID’d in Webmaster Tools February 2015: Announced mobile-friendly algorithm April 2015: Mobile-friendly algorithm goes live September 2015: Google emphasizes micro-moments October 2015: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) announced February 2016: AMP news carousel goes live in SERPs September 2016: AMP no longer only for news publishers November 2016: Google begins testing mobile-first index January 2017: Mobile Interstitials Penalty rolls out History of Mobile Search How did arrive at this mobile-first world?
  7. Micro Moments
  8. What’s a Micro Moment? Micro-moments are instances where consumers expect brands to address their needs with real-time relevance. These critical touch points within the consumer journey work in conjunction to ultimately determine how that journey ends. ➢ I-want-to-know: >51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphones. ➢ I-want-to-go: 2x increase in “near me” searches in last year ➢ I-want-to-do: Searches related to”how to” on YouTube are growing 70% year over year ➢ I-want-to-buy: 82% of smartphone users consult their phone while in a store Source: Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile
  9. Search in a Mobile-First World
  10. Impact of the Mobile-First Index Googlehas come to the realization that majority of searches are conducted via mobile, but the index is prioritized for desktop. In an effort to fix this issue, and the inevitable shift to a mobile-first web, Google will look at the content, links, and structured data of the mobile version of your site… if one is available. Ifa responsive design or dynamic serving design is in place, where primary content and markup is equivalent across mobile and desktop, no changes should need to be made. If your content and markup varies across mobile and desktop, there are some changes to consider: ➢ Serve structured markup for both desktop and mobile version ➢ Verify that mobile version is accessible to Googlebot ➢ Add and verify your mobile site in Search ConsoleSource: Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile
  11. Mobile in Adwords
  12. Ads that Speak to a Mobile User
  13. Mobile Preferred Ads ● Within Adwords, we’ve been able to write text ads that speak to a mobile user with the click of a button ● We’ve been able to use verbiage such as: ○ Buy Now From Your Phone ○ Visit Our Mobile Site ○ or ● With this type of messaging, we’ve been able to instill trust in mobile users with our Ads, which in turn drives higher CTR’s
  14. Expanded Text Ads ● As of January 31, 2017 Google will be sunsetting standard text ads in favor of new ‘Expanded Text Ads’ ● This essentially means that ‘Mobile Preferred Ads’ will no longer be an option ● ETA’s were built specifically to resolve better on mobile devices
  15. Device Specific Bidding ● While Google is sunsetting their Standard text ads, they have also reintroduced device specific bid modifications ● In the last few years, we’ve only had bidding modifications available for mobile - now we are able to do this for mobile, desktop and tablets ● Knowing this, we can create a work-around to speak to mobile users
  16. Mobile Specific Ad Extensions
  17. Price Extensions Price Extensions ● Mobile only feature (won’t show up on desktop) ● Each Link can lead to a different page on-site ● In addition to the ad, the will help dominate all visible real estate in the SERP pre-scroll
  18. Location Extensions ● Will help direct your mobile traffic to visiting your in-store location(s) ● Not direct response focused, however can be a great way to push offline sales Location Extensions
  19. Affiliate Extensions Affiliate Extensions ● Work in the same fashion as location extensions, however instead of directing traffic to YOUR store, they direct traffic to a store that sells your product (i.e. Target, Walmart, Ulta) ● Not direct response focused, however can be a great way to push offline sales
  20. Call Extensions ● These extensions allow users to directly contact you via phone calls ● You can use a dynamic call forwarding number, or use your own number if you employ call tracking software Call Extensions
  21. Message Extensions ● Work like call extensions, but the end user will instead ‘text’ your business ● Can be great for business to consumer models Message Extensions
  22. Winning Micro-Moments
  23. Integrated Search & The Customer Journey In a world of instant accessibility, it is imperative that we obtain a deep understanding about the customer’s journey. Capitalizing on opportunities to expose our brand to potential customers earlier on in the buyer’s journey places us in the driver’s seat. From PR to SEM, Search Marketing needs to be integrated. Identify and optimize for moments when your audience engages via mobile Understand consumer intent signals Create mobile-specific content that resonates on the small screen Bring the consumer along the buyer’s journey with story telling and micro-moments Optimize mobile design for site speed Easier said, than done.
  24. I-Want-To-Know I-want-to-know-moments From Curiosity, to Answers Search: How to fix scratches on cars Top 5 Ways People Address I-Want-To-Know Moments:
  25. I-Want-To-Go I-want-to-go-moments From Search, to Store Search: Where is the nearest taco shop? Search: Bob’s Red Mill products near me
  26. I-Want-To-Do I-want-to-do-moments From Home, to Action YouTube Search: How to make waffles 67% of millennials agree that they can find a YouTube video on anything they want to learn. - Google
  27. I-Want-To-Buy I-want-to-buy-moments From Interest, to Purchase Mobile Screenshot:
  28. Combine social + on-site strategies Making social work harder for your brand on mobile
  29. Social + mobile guides the Shopper Journey
  30. Bri hears about Madewell through a Facebook invite from a friend. Day 1
  31. Bri follows Madewell on Facebook and checks out their videos. Day 3
  32. Started following Madewell on Instagram for fashion inspiration. 10 Day 10
  33. Madewell posted on Instagram about a holiday gift guide, so Bri joins their newsletter for more information. 12 Day 12
  34. Bri receives an email with details about the holiday gift guide, so she heads to their website to check out Madewell’s products. 20 Day 20
  35. Bri arrives on the site and notices a Black Friday sale. She places her first mobile order with Madewell after being influenced by the sale. 22 Day 22
  36. Bri tells her friend about her steals from Madewell (and now when they shop, she’ll save when they order). 30 Day 30
  37. 2017 Social Trends: Where to Focus? Video marketing Snapchat Facebook 1 2 3 Instagram4
  38. Video Marketing Brand growth in 2017 will rely heavily on video content. What we know: - 68% of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision - 34% of B2C marketers say that pre-produced video will be critical to content marketing success - 28% of smartphone users watch video on their devices at least once a day
  39. Snapchat Snapchatters watch 10 billion videos a day. Benefits: - Sponsored Geofilters: Brands can take part in snaps sent based on location - Analytics: Helping marketers gauge level of attention paid to their video ads - Higher purchase intent: Snapchat’s purchase intent rate is at 11%
  40. Facebook More than 75% of Facebook’s ad revenue now comes from mobile. Key focal points for 2017: - Dynamic ads: “Advertisers can reach broader audience segments...engaged with multiple websites or content on Facebook looking for similar products...” - Live 360 Video: Immersive interactive photos. - Facebook Live: Share content and interact in real-time.
  41. Instagram 72% of U.S companies will use Instagram for marketing purposes in 2017 to expand into social commerce with: - Shop Now: Seamless shopping experience. Hosting PDP then directs to brand’s mobile site. - Stories + Live video: Offer real-time engagement with followers. - Paid Ads: Now reach over 600 million users. Image courtesy of Instagram for Business blog
  42. Personalize multi-channel UX
  43. Personalization is expected.
  44. What are the ingredients for personalization? 1. Data 2. Touchpoints
  45. First Name / Last Name Peter Messmer Email Address Male / Female Male Birthday 4/17/1988 Location Charlotte, NC Klout Score 58 Follow Stats ✓ Follows You # Of Social Shares 9 Profile Picture # Of Social Clicks 127 Amount Of Social Revenue $497.68 # Of Social Referrals 3 Where do you get data? Social media is a great source.
  46. Fact: Mobile devices are used when people travel. Travelers often spend more and need recommendations (vs at home when they already know everything around them). Localization based servicing is going to impact 2017 in a few ways: ● Proximity marketing: Since mobile conversion rates are low, this can help drive customers into brick-and-mortar (if a brand has one). ● Geofencing: Used to send text message when customer is about to enter a competitor's store Localization is another
  47. Personalization will only get deeper.
  48. There’s a shift in the force...
  49. smarter experiences Current personalized experiences aren’t truly personal. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) will change that. Already behind in current mobile personalization? Time to catch up. Here’s what’s coming: ● AI will twist the digital shopping experience by bridging cognitive thought and predictability of the shopper to anticipate their needs. ● AR will be integrated into utility apps. Think “try before you buy” (e.i. Warby Parker, Gap, Modsy).
  50. Prepare for AI 72% of US millennials believe that brands using AI will be able to accurately predict what they want. AI picks up on subtle shopping habits that can be analyzed for proper personalization to uncover better shopping experiences through: ● Deep learning algorithms ● Visual personal shopper ● Visual search ● Merge offline with online Source:
  51. Until then...
  52. New on-site strategy How it’s redefining mobile UX
  53. 3 things you need to know about mobile
  54. 1. Mobile Traffic Requires More Touchpoints 1 touchpoint conversions 12+ touchpoint conversions vs.
  55. 2. Mobile conversion rates are lower Average Conversion Rates by device type Desktop 4.66% Tablets 3.89% Smartphones 1.43% (2.3x lower than desktop!) US Traffic from Q4 2015 1. Source:
  56. 3. These are annoying
  57. (Google thinks popups are annoying too.) These are now penalized:
  58. 3 Keys for Mobile Optimization Usability & User Experience Lead Capture “Handoff” conversions on desktops 1 2 3
  59. What’s the solution? Shoppers UXs are currently disjointed + annoying. Moving forward, brands must shift to an on-site strategy that brings separate experiences to one penalty-free outlet.
  60. Solution: The Shopper Portal
  61. Why it works (it’s not just “replacing mobile popups”) User controlled Gesture based swipe & scrolling. Gives users control of when they see promotions. Personalized + Mobile Friendly Built with 1:1 personalization. Also has mobile styled alerts & notifications. Google friendly It’s non-intrusive -- doesn’t cover up content automatically without user input. 1 2 3
  62. Offer(s) + Free Shipping + 5% off over $100 + $10 off Experience(s) + E-mail acquisition + Social login + Referral campaign + Videos + content Audience(s) + Unidentified new customer + Customers with carts + Loyal repeat customers Auto-Personalization 27 variations shown below
  63. Success Over 50% of our client,, site traffic comes from mobile. Mobile user interactions with Portal showed: - 294% lift in mobile conversions and - 9% lift in conversion on site abandonment.
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