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Learning a lesson from history

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Teachmeet at the GA Conference Presentation
Biographies of GA Presidents

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Learning a lesson from history

  1. 1. Learning a lesson from History
  2. 2. All the (GA) Presidents: Men (and Women) Lords MPs Strong links with LSE, RGS-IBG, IoE Mountaineers and explorers, including Scott’s Terra Nova Authors of textbooks used when teaching / training Teacher educators Curriculum developers Colonial administrators Archaeologists, geologists, classicists The occasional teacher Plymouth Argyle supporters
  3. 3. Everything has changed….
  4. 4. … and nothing has changed... The place of knowledge and who decides what to teach Policy work with governments and decision makers The nature and accuracy of assessment Diversity and representation of different groups Geography’s importance in society
  5. 5. More Geo Blogs https://gapresidents.blogspot.com Launched today… One President per week (ish…) Will finish in September 2021