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returns on investment ratio technical un general assembly development strategy international poverty day evolution branches headquarters organization development international presence the world we want recruitment man made god event slope valley flood management sediments debris administration military logistic cloud outburst himalaya mountains india $1.5 per day in poor country poor $38 per day in rich country poor july 2021 august 2021 septembre 2021 vaccines distribution older persons world population nurses and medical staffs rich and poor country vaccines planification rate of distribution per countries who forecasts tedros world health organization (who) 15 years 5-17 years sex proportion of children employment least developed countries (ldc) sdg data target indicator 8.7.1 target 8 sdg8 economic growth child labor soils land planning aquifer recharge dangers and opportunities climate risk complement national system disaster risk information availability multihazard early warning system mhews target 7 economic nobel prize khanneman against the god standard deviation unfccc preparedness hit harder deaths turquoise 1990-1994 genocide rwanda learning builder paradox extrapolation projection corporate 2 millions nobel prize rebert schiller avinash tyagi bill gates stakeholders risks biological hazard virus death control mathematical modeling hyogo framework for action wallstreet cac economy and finance rationality irrational behavior disaster reduction models antonio guterres helath biology viruses médecine protecting people save lives hazard management education healthcare school systems win-win change and resistance to change africa 3 d printer workshop layout features metrics creative thinking denial forecast gap anlysis detector gender equality sdg5 mining analytics change management gap analysis complexity counting database luck love 2020 logistics protection bad practice good practice peope nature growth firm claim strategic capacity building 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behavior - change planning – engineering – project- communication – teamwork – delegation – management teamwork – delegation – management discrepancies- intervention swiss knife – conflict resolution- dissuasion – in fish bone swiss knife cisco- skype – social media – fish bone modern mordern globalisation patriarchy rules paternalim macho business and human rights combatting all discrimination against women women and girls empowerement potential opportunities potential conflicts 62 session design landless people paternalism matcho patriarchy rural areas violence gender review and evaluation beijing 1995 poverty reduction cycle waste plastic bag recycling monitoring powerpoint sustainable development goals ecology sdg high level political forum 2018 practical actions theory hobbs montesquieu marx weber power in organizatio diplomacy conformism judges killers executive 5 minutes learning to change the world for better learning and coaching strategy sdg actions how when where what- why 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