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Sharpen Your Pencils for Back-to-School Marketing

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Consumers are increasingly finding back-to-school supplies through Google Shopping Product Listing Ads. Study up on how to capture traffic during the second biggest shopping season of the year.

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Sharpen Your Pencils for Back-to-School Marketing

  1. 1. STRETCHING A BUCK SEARCH: A GROWING PLACE TO FIND BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES BACK-TO-SCHOOL VS. HOLIDAY HOW DO THEY COMPARE ANYWAY? TOP 4 SEARCH TERMS: 82% 58% OF PARENTS OF SHOPPERS Unpack your notebooks and sharpen your pencils, because the back-to-school shopping season is heating up. Don’t believe us? The second largest retail season of the year—which brought in a cool $26.5 billion in revenue in 2014—begins this month. How long it runs, though, is anybody’s guess, because consumers are already indicating they’ll be changing their shopping behaviors. If you want to know how, we suggest you read on and study up. No surprise here, but an overwhelming majority of back-to-school shoppers say their purchases will be influenced by how much money they can save. What is surprising, though, is how that focus on savings is changing behaviors. Though search is a major lifeblood for any retail season, its influence on back-to-school has only grown over the years. Shoppers aren’t abandoning the one-stop brick-and-mortar approach to the season, per se, but they’re more willing than ever to look online. Aside from the obvious overall revenue impact, back-to-school and Holiday have some nuanced differences. The lengths of the shopping seasons are one, but there are others, too. Here’s an equation for you: say they always look for deals before shopping. will buy only the necessities during the traditional back-to-school season. As for the rest of the traditional haul? They’ll wait until Holiday Season (when the deals are better). (AND THE SHOPPING SEASON) “back to school” “school supplies” “school shopping” “back to school sales” ALL ABOUT THE HAUL Though shoppers are searching for deals, they also planned to spend more last year— $669.28 per household —than they did the year before—$634.78. That adds up to a pretty full backpack. (WHAT’S IN THE BAG?) 81% of parents say it’s most important for students to have their school supplies on the first day of school 73% of parents say students heavily influence clothing and school supply purchase decisions 29% $112.83 $101.18 SCHOOL SUPPLIES $231.30 CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES $124.45 SHOES & SNEAKERS $212.35 ELECTRONICS of shoppers say they plan to spend more in 2015 average order value during Back-to-School shopping season AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD SPENDING PER CATEGORY 31% BEGIN ONLINE SHOPPING 2 MONTHS BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS 48% BEGIN ONLINE SHOPPING 1 MONTH BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS 18% BEGIN ONLINE SHOPPING 2 WEEKS BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS Welcome back! monthsmonthWEEKS 38% of shoppers say they’ll do back-to-school shopping online this year 31%planned to use a tablet to make a purchase in 2014 21%planned to use a smartphone to make a purchase in 2014 1/3 Amount of shoppers who say online advertising helps them find back-to-school items BACK-TO- SCHOOL HOLIDAY SEASON Discount Store: 64.4% Department Store: 59.1% Clothing Store: 53.8% Office Supplies Store: 42% Online: 38.2% Final two weeks in August Discount store: 61.9% Department Store: 59.7% Online: 56% Supermarket: 51.2% Clothing Store: 36.7% Cyber Monday, Black Friday & Thanksgiving $669.28 per household $804.42 per household 1.86% 2.29% Desktop: 65.68% Mobile: 20.78% Tablet: 13.54% Desktop: 64.86% Mobile: 19.8% Tablet: 15.34% WHERE THE SHOPPING HAPPENS RED-HOT SHOPPING DAYS OVERALL SPENDING CONVERSION RATE DEVICE SHOPPING ACING BACK-TO-SCHOOL: THE ONE ANSWER YOU NEED VOLUME VOLATILITY NIGHTMARES FOR MARKETERS + = If you’re trying to ace product listing ads during the back-to-school on your own, you’re doing it wrong. That’s why we’re here. Sidecar is the first and only technology that fully automates Google Shopping campaigns at the product level. Retailers that use Sidecar drive millions of dollars of measurable revenue and save time and internal resources, while maximizing ROI and improving the search-to-transaction journey for customers. LEARN MORE AT: WWW.GETSIDECAR.COM SOURCES: NRF | SEARCH ENGINE WATCH | CNBC | EXPERIAN | AOL | MARKETWATCH