Adventure travel trip tips

17 Jun 2014

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Adventure travel trip tips

  1. Adventure Travel Trip Tips
  2. During the travel, You have picked up some handy pointers to ease the whole travelling experience so we thought it would be useful to share these tips with you!
  3. Security • Call your bank before you leave your home country to inform them you will be abroad and will be likely to use your cards. Otherwise the bank will freeze any withdrawals or payments on that card, thinking your card has been stolen or cloned
  4. • Carry at least two copies of a scan of your passport with you and carry them in separate bags. Also, email a copy to yourself and to a trusted parent or friend before you leave your home country. This way the scan is readily available. Make a note of the emergency contact numbers for any bank cards or travellers cheques
  5. • Always carry a money belt that is well hidden. Also, consider carrying a fake wallet with expired cards and a little money, in case of being mugged
  6. A simple bit of advice for lone female travelers worried about people entering their rooms in the middle of the night – just buy a doorstop and wedge it in the door. It makes opening even an unlocked door practically impossible, and would at least make plenty of noise to wake you
  7. Packing • Save small bottles to fill with shampoo/conditioner so you don’t have to carry large/heavy sizes and you can beat the 100 ml limit for hand luggage
  8. if you are a person that travels ‘heavy’, invest in some compression sacks which will allow you to take a few more items with you! Rolling clothes instead of folding them also saves space. On the other hand, there are considerable benefits to simply packing lightly!
  9. Pack different sections of your luggage (outer clothing, underwear etc…) into waterproof bags/bin liners in case your bags get left out in the rain on the runway or en route to the hotel
  10. • Travel towels – far lighter, more hygienic and quicker to dry than normal cotton towels. They can absorb nine times their weight in water
  11. • Always bring padlocks with you on trips, as often lockers are provided for you to leave valuables in
  12. • Always carry a pack of cards – for train and bus journeys and creating easy camaraderie in groups
  13. • Pop in sachets of ketchup, tabasco, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, etc to improve any bland food
  14. Etiquette • Always decide with the taxi drivers the price of the total fare BEFORE you get into the taxi. Also, make sure you are comfortable paying that price. Check if they charge extra for air-conditioning and be wary of offers to take you to their uncle’s cousin’s brother’s hotel which is the ‘best in town’.
  15. Some countries haggle as a way of life (Morocco), but others see this as an insult (Mongolia). Make sure you understand what sort of behaviour is considered acceptable before you arrive
  16. • In the countries that DO haggle, decide the highest you are happy to pay before you ask the price. What can be a pittance to you can mean a great deal to them. Keep it friendly!
  17. Respect the traditions of the country you are in. It is not only the correct way to behave when you are a ‘guest’ of another country, you will avoid any unnecessary attention. For example, in certain countries, female travellers should dress conservatively.
  18. General • Smell the top of plastic water bottles for the tell- tale sign of glue. The bottles may be re-filled
  19. Remember that no matter how experienced you are as a traveller, if you are in a foreign country you are a ‘tourist’, and are not entirely privy to their unique social conventions.
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