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Value of your metrics: goodbye monitoring, welcome observability

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Monitoring is not mainstream anymore, observability is. 10 minutes about why this shift is happening now and what's the purpose of that. Is it just another name for monitoring?

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Value of your metrics: goodbye monitoring, welcome observability

  1. 1. Value of your metrics Goodbye monitoring, welcome observability @gianarb - gianarb.it
  2. 2. Observability vs Monitoring Learning vs eye examination Debugging vs Ops work
  3. 3. SWEs should run their code We need Ops people. I Ops
  4. 4. ● Event ● Metric ● Tracing Terms: Logs are just a transport layer
  5. 5. Instrumentation is part of the development workflow
  6. 6. dashboards you
  7. 7. Staging environment are useless Allow your team to test in production
  8. 8. Why all this troubles? ● Cloud ● Containers ● Distributed systems
  9. 9. Build tools to have a better point of view on your system
  10. 10. Do you need more? ● @mipsytipsy Charity Major on twitter ● @gianarb (it’s my twitter username) ● https://gianarb.it/blog/observability ● https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wj ovFSCGhE