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Next Generation Datacenter Oracle - Alan Hartwell

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Next Generation Datacenter Oracle - Alan Hartwell

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Next Generation Datacenter Alan Hartwell Vice President, Core Technology, EMEA
  2. 2. Have we Ever Lived in a More Volatile World?
  3. 3. Volatility Demands Strength and Agility • Unprecedented and increasing change and volatility • Product and technology life cycles shortening • Competitive pressures forcing change • Product, content and service demand • Consumer driven data protection • Governance, risk and compliance • Need quick ROI • Needs • Faster response to change • Make decisions based on fact • Better ability to: • Monitor market demand • Match market capacity • Unprecedented high availability
  4. 4. <Insert Picture Here> Jorma Ollila Chairman of Nokia “Our experienced and unique way of operating is what we see as increasingly putting us ahead of the competition. As we move forward in this complex industry, winning will be less about what we do and more about the way we do it.”
  5. 5. Top CIO concerns • Security and privacy of data • Maximum availability • Change without risk • Cost effective management that business understand • Customer and business insight • Dealing with massive data volumes
  6. 6. <Insert Picture Here> Security
  7. 7. Data Protection Data Security Challenges Protecting Access to Application Data Database Data Monitoring Encryption De-Identifying Information for Data Sharing Classification
  8. 8. Oracle Database Security Solutions for Privacy and Compliance Database Vault Configuration Advanced Management Security Total Secure Recall Backup Audit Label Vault Security Data Masking
  9. 9. Oracle Database Security Key Benefits • Full Data Security Lifecycle Support • Security transparency • Security backed-in • No application changes required • Easy script based packaging • Support existing applications • Flexibility for customization • Minimal performance impact
  10. 10. <Insert Picture Here> Maximum Availability
  11. 11. The HA / DR World According To: Forrester Research Jan 08
  12. 12. The HA / DR World According To: Oracle Customers Requirements Solution Profile Support outages Any type, anywhere Typical recovery time Seconds to minutes Testing frequency Whenever Typical data loss Zero or seconds Complexity in deployment Simple Stack integration required Pre-integrated ROI Demonstrable
  13. 13. Enterprise Grid – Key Drivers • Better decisions faster • Improve Infrastructure QoS • Faster response to changing business priorities • More agile Infrastructure • Reduced IT costs • Better Utilization • Reduce excess capacity Data Sales ERP Custom Warehouse Application Application Application • Less administrative burden Middleware Server Clusters Database Server Clusters Storage Clusters
  14. 14. Enterprise Grid Next Generation Data Centre • Dynamic Infrastructure • Dynamically adapt to changing business requirements • Policy-based automation to meet defined service level objectives • Fast provisioning and deprovisioning of resources as needed • End-to-end Application Quality of Service management • End-To-End Optimization • Sharing and optimization of resources across entire stack • Move applications and workloads around the entire grid • Tools manage the entire infrastructure • Tiers communicate and negotiate with each other to deliver service level objectives
  15. 15. Oracle Enterprise Grid Solutions for a Dynamic Infrastructure Fusion Middleware Real Application Clusters Grid Control Automatic Storage Management
  16. 16. Oracle Enterprise Grid Key Benefits • Better information faster • Perform more work with fewer resources • Spread work across resources • Access to resources on demand • Faster response to changing business priorities • Instantly and dynamically realign IT resources as business needs change • Reduced IT costs • Improve utilization of existing resources • Utilize less expensive commodity platforms 8
  17. 17. <Insert Picture Here> Cost effective management
  18. 18. Systems and Applications Management – Key Drivers Getting More Value From Business Apps Challenges in availability and costs • Budget • 60% - 70% of IT budget is spent on systems & labor** • Downtime • 90% of application failures have major impact on business* • Productivity • Opportunity to increase IT Staff productivity over 30%* • Compliance • 40% of CIOs surveyed cite lack of automation tools* * Enterprise Management Associates, 2007 ** CIO Magazine, 2007
  19. 19. Top-Down Application Management • Manage the whole application NOT just pieces of it • Active Performance management with accelerated detection, diagnostics and remediation • Application Lifecycle Management: Test-Deploy- Maintain
  20. 20. Oracle Enterprise Manager Solution for Top Down Systems and Application Management Oracle Real User Experience Enterprise Manager Packaged & Custom Apps Superior User Experience Dashboards Top Benefits Service Level SOA and Middleware Better App Performance Management Improved Compliance Database Performance Management Lower Operations Costs Provisioning Host, OS, Storage, Network CMDB
  21. 21. <Insert Picture Here> Dealing with massive data volumes
  22. 22. The Exponential Growth of Data • Gartner - Rate of data collection nearly doubling every year! • Winter Corp - Data Warehouses Growing Rapidly Tripling In Size Every Two Years
  23. 23. The Exponential Growth of Data Unstructured Structured Data Data Regulatory Business Compliance Intelligence Mergers Data Acquisitions Consolidation
  24. 24. Oracle’s Leading Position Number 1 in Data Warehousing! Teradata Other 11.7% 12.5% Microsoft 14.8% Oracle 39.3% IBM 21.7% Source: IDC, Aug 2008 – “Worldwide Data Warehouse Management Tools 2007 Vendor Shares”
  25. 25. Data Warehouse Approaches • “Brainy Software” approach - use smart database software to minimize the need for hardware • OLAP, Bitmap Indexing, Join indexing, Materialized Views, Result Caches, Range Partitioning, etc. • “Brawny Hardware” approach - use powerful hardware to perform brute-force scans and joins • Brawny hardware approach only works if the rate of scanning data scales with size of data
  26. 26. The Brawny Hardware Challenge Storage Data Bandwidth • Current warehouse deployments often have bottlenecks limiting the movement of data from disks to servers • Storage Array internal bottlenecks on processors and Fibre Channel Loops • Limited Fibre Channel host bus adapters in servers • Under configured and complex SANs • Pipes between disks and servers are 10x to 100x too slow for data size
  27. 27. Solutions To Data Bandwidth Bottleneck • Ship less data through pipes • Add more pipes • Make pipes bigger
  28. 28. The Oracle Exadata Storage Server An Introduction…
  29. 29. Oracle is in the system business The Oracle Exadata Storage Server
  30. 30. Exadata – A New Architecture Breaks Data Bandwidth Bottleneck • Exadata Ships Less Data Through Pipes • Query processing is moved into storage to dramatically reduce data sent to servers while offloading server CPUs • Exadata has More Pipes • Modular storage “cell” building blocks organized into Massively Parallel Grid • Bandwidth scales with capacity • Exadata has Bigger Pipes • InfiniBand interconnect transfers data 5x Exadata Moves a Lot faster than Fibre Channel Less Data a Lot Faster
  31. 31. Oracle Grid Computing Architecture Add Capacity – On Demand – One Server At A Time Exadata Storage Server Grid Oracle Database Server Grid
  32. 32. HP Oracle Database Machine
  33. 33. The HP Oracle Database Machine An Introduction…
  34. 34. HP Oracle Database Machine • Integrated data warehouse solution • Database Server Grid • Storage Server Grid • Software installed and configured • Extreme Performance • 10-100X faster than conventional DW systems • Enabled by Exadata Storage • Unlimited Scalability • Add racks for more data and performance • Enterprise-Ready • Complete data warehouse functionality • Enterprise-level availability and security • Enterprise-level software and hardware support Runs Oracle 11g
  35. 35. In Summary • Two new products from Oracle • HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server • HP Oracle Database Machine • Extreme Performance • At least 10x faster than current data warehouse • Unlimited Scalability • Linear scale-out storage, data bandwidth and processing • Enterprise Ready • Hardware from HP and software from Oracle • All software pre-installed and configured ready to run
  36. 36. HP Oracle Database Machine: The next step in DW Hardware Solutions Custom Reference Optimized HP Oracle Configurations Warehouse Database Machine • Complete Flexibility • Documented best- • Scalable systems • Highest performance practice pre-installed and pre- • Any OS, any platform configurations for • Pre-installed and pre- data warehousing configured: ready to configured • Easy fit into a run out-of-the-box company’s IT • Sold by Oracle standards
  37. 37. HP Oracle Database Machine 10x faster • Please come and see at the Oracle booth (G3) • Test whether YOU are 10x faster! • Test and win a Nintendo Wii!
  38. 38. Extreme Performance