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BICS empowers predictive analytics and customer centricity with a Hadoop based Data Lake

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BICS empowers predictive analytics and customer centricity with a Hadoop based Data Lake
Danielle Kana, BICS
Bert Oosterhof, Informatica

BICS empowers predictive analytics and customer centricity with a Hadoop based Data Lake

  2. 2. slide 2 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Agenda Introduction Business Intelligence @ BICS Informatica Big Data Platform Who is BICS? BIG Data @ BICS Q and A
  3. 3. The #1 Independent Leader in Data Integration Informatica 3 267 325 391 456 501 650 784 812 948 1,048 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Founded: 1993 Headquarters: Redwood City, CA 2014 Revenue: $1.048 billion 2014 GAAP Diluted EPS: $1.03 2014 Non-GAAP* Diluted EPS: $1.59 Partners: Over 500 • Major SI, ISV, OEM and on-demand leaders Customers: Over 5,500 • Customers in 82 countries • Direct presence in 28 countries • Ranked #1 in TNS Customer Loyalty rankings for 9 consecutive years Employees: Over 3,600 Technology Leadership: • Gartner positions INFA in leaders quadrant for Data Integration, Data Quality, MDM – Customer Data, Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement, and Data Masking • Forrester Research names INFA a leader in Hybrid Integration, Master Data Management Solutions, Data Governance Tools, Product Information Management, and Big Data Streaming Analytics Solutions. 2005-2014 Total Revenue CAGR = 16% * A reconciliation of GAAP and non-GAAP results is provided in the Appendix section, as well as on Informatica’s Investor Relations website. Annual Total Revenue ($ millions)
  4. 4. Data Archiving Data QualityEnterprise Data Integration Cloud Data Integration Master Data ManagementData Masking Proven Technology Leadership
  5. 5. Data Governance Tools Master Data ManagementData Virtualization Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms Enterprise ETL Cloud Data Integration Product Information Management Proven Technology Leadership
  6. 6. 10 2 MAINFRAME CLIENT-SERVER WEB SOCIAL INTERNET OF THINGS CLOUD Few Employees Many Employees Customers/ Consumers Business Ecosystems Communities & Society Devices & Machines 10 4 10 6 10 7 10 9 10 11 Front Office ProductivityBack Office Automation E-Commerce Line-of-Business Self-Service Social Engagement Real-Time Optimization 1960s-1970s 1980s 1990s 2011 2014 2007 OS/360 TECHNOLOGY USERS VALUE TECHNOLOGIES SOURCES BUSINESS
  7. 7. Big Data Related Business Initiatives • Fraud Detection • Risk & Portfolio Analysis • Investment Recommendations Financial Services • Proactive Customer Engagement • Location Based Services Retail & Telco • Connected Vehicle • Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing • Predicting Patient Outcomes • Total Cost of Care • Drug Discovery Healthcare & Pharma • Health Insurance Exchanges • Public Safety • Tax Optimization • Fraud Detection Public Sector Media & Entertainment • Online & In-Game Behavior • Customer X/Up-Sell
  8. 8. 80% of the work in big data projects is data integration and data quality “80% of the work in any data project is in cleaning the data” “70% of my value is an ability to pull the data, 20% of my value is using data-science…” “I spend more than half my time integrating, cleansing, and transforming data without doing any actual analysis.”
  9. 9. Big Data Competencies and Disciplines Data scientists, data analysts, business SMEs Exploration & Discovery CDO, data stewards, data engineers, data management, architects Data Management & Governance Analysts, SMEs, apps and data engineers, dev ops Operationalize & Monetize Explore data, build PA models, test/validate models Data wrangling, preparing the data for analysis is both batch & schema-on-read, visualization, advanced analytics, managed data lake Data warehouse optimization, managed data lake, data quality, certified data sets, managing master data, enriching master data, managing metadata, enterprise information catalog, security, data masking Manage data as an asset, catalog data assets, certify data, master data, build repeatable data pipelines to feed analytic apps Operationalize Insights, build data products that monetize data assets (e.g. “be Google”), Agile SDLC Automated/scheduled big data integration pipelines, streaming analytics, pub/sub delivery (DIH), deliver data to the point-of-use, data warehouse, managed data lake Process Technology People
  10. 10. First Pilot(s) Data Warehouse Optimization Data Discovery Real-Time Operational Intelligence The Big Data Journey and Use Cases A phased approach to implementing Big Data initiatives “Get all the information you can, we’ll think of a use for it later” “Deriving value from all this data is hard and costly. Is there a better way?” “I need my data to tell the future to help me succeed and prevent me from making mistakes”. Predictive Maintenance Lower Total Cost of Care Customer X/Up-Sell Public Safety Fraud Detection Machine Device, Cloud Documents and Emails Relational, Mainframe Social Media, Web Logs DrivenbyITDrivenbyBusiness Lower Infrastructure Cost Added Business Value “What’s Hadoop and how does it work?” Intelligent Data Lake
  11. 11. Who is BICS?
  12. 12. We deliver best-in-class wholesale telecommunication solutions to any communication service provider worldwide 1997 Creation of Carrier & Wholesale business unit @ Belgacom 2000 – 2003 A global player is born: offices are opened in Asia Pacific, America and the Middle East 2001 – 2004 Belgacom ICS goes mobile. Soon 100 mobile operators are connected 2005 Spin-off & JV with Swisscom 2006 Strategic partnerships with Omantel and MTN & launch of VoIP 2007 GRX leader with over 100 customers connected 2009 JV with MTN ICS & launch of HomeSend, the first global mobile money hub 2011 BICS connects its 40th service provider to its IPX 2010 Full deployment of roaming suite of services & Belgacom ICS becomes 2013 BICS enables world's 1st international LTE roaming relations & concludes a partnership with MasterCard for HomeSend
  13. 13. slide 16 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 more than 700 customers incl. over 400 mobile data customers top 3 voice carrier with over 28 bio minutes world leader in mobile data services 1.65 bio euro revenues HQ in Brussels with offices in Bern, Dubai, Singapore and New York 400+ employees 22.4% 20%57.6% Introducing BICS
  14. 14. slide 17 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Sender Receiver Belgacom Swisscom MTN Fixed operators Mobile operators xSP’s Fixed operators Mobile operators xSP’s BICS business
  15. 15. Global network reach • 100+ points-of-presence worldwide offering SDH and Carrier Ethernet services • Pan-European DWDM network offering 100G services • Reseller
  16. 16. slide 19 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Top 3 voice carrier Over 28 bio minutes Backed by a Tier 1 network • 100 points of presence (PoPs) in 55 cities and 33 countries • 9 metropolitan area networks • teleport in La Ciotat • participations in 40 submarine cables 3 3 1
  17. 17. world leader mobile data services  Innovative market leader in 3GRX services with 220+ customers connected  N°1 in Signalling services with access to more than 850 mobile networks  Over 2.3 bio international SMS transported (2014) Connectivity Messaging Roaming
  18. 18. BI @ BICS
  19. 19. slide 22 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015  Provide a 360 view on the Roaming Activity PROJECT THE
  20. 20. slide 23 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Architecture
  21. 21. slide 24 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 • Monitoring on the customer’s network performance to guarantee service levels • Analysis of consumer trends to support expansion plans • Identifying consumer preferences to launch targeted marketing campaigns • Monitoring and tracking of subscribers for problem identification and resolution in real time Reports
  22. 22. slide 25 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Near-Realtime (5-10mins) Distribution by Country Network Performance Monitoring
  23. 23. slide 26 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Transactions Status Network Performance Monitoring (2)
  24. 24. slide 27 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Identifying consumer preferences
  25. 25. slide 28 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Troubleshooting subscribers for problem resolution in real time
  26. 26. slide 29 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 • Storage Cost − Various type of Products/Technologies (SS7, 2G, 3G, 4G) − Billions of transactions by day and by technology − Estimate growth of more than 100% by year • Performance is key! − Near real time reporting (latency < 10 minutes) − Processing of Huge volume of data − Increasing demand in complex analytics IT Challenges
  27. 27. BIG Data @ BICS
  28. 28. slide 31 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Hadoop - Why ? • Cost-effective scalable storage • Cost-effective scalable processing power
  29. 29. slide 32 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Hadoop: How ? • Which Flavour ? (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MAP-R…) • Hadoop set-up: Commodity ? Appliance ? • How to integrate Hadoop in the current DWH Architecture ?
  30. 30. slide 33 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 BICS Integration Strategy • Teradata Hadoop Appliance (HortonWorks) − Kick start with Hadoop − Easy set-up/Implementation of a functional Platform − Pre-configured /designed /tested − Plug & Play • Hybrid Architecture − Keep the current architecture for the critical flows and mainly use Hadoop for high volume data with a less critical constraint on the latency.
  31. 31. slide 34 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 BICS Hybrid Big Data Architecture
  32. 32. slide 35 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Informatica BDE Expectations • Shorter the learning curve  Existing ETL skills can be reused to develop on Hadoop • Easy Data Integration on Hadoop  Visual development environment & Extensive library of prebuilt transformation • Reuse of existing ETL code  Existing ETL code can be easily reused on Hadoop
  33. 33. slide 36 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 Informatica BDE Expectations (2) • Provide Universal data access  Easy Ingestion and processing of all types of data types and formats into Hadoop • Provide High-speed data ingestion and extraction  Move data between source systems, Hadoop, and target applications using high-performance connectivity • Allow Data profiling on Hadoop  Profile data on Hadoop to understand the data, identify data quality issues
  34. 34. slide 37 | BICS confidential | 27 April 2015 • Phase 1 : Migrate the data storage and processing from the Teradata DB to the Hybrid Platform  Set up the loading of the data into hadoop  Move all the Tracking Applications (using the detailed data) into Hadoop and keep the SLA (<1 min) for the Subscriber Tracking  Move the processing of all the high latencies (15 minutes, Hourly, Daily) application to Hadoop • Phase 2: Compute the new analytics on Hadoop and provide longer historical reporting to the customers The Roadmap
  35. 35. Big Data Platform
  36. 36. Data Sources Applications Data Ingestion Visualization Data Security Archiving Data Streaming Change Data Capture Batch Load Event-Based Processing Agile Analytics Advanced Analytics Machine Learning Data Management Data Delivery Machine Device, Cloud Documents and Emails Relational, Mainframe Social Media, Web Logs Mobile Apps Visualization & Analytics Real-Time Alerts Batch Load Data Integration Hub Pub / Sub Data Virtualization Data as a Service Data Integration & Data Quality Integrate & Prepare Virtual Data Machine Loose Coupling & Abstraction Single, Complete, Version of Truth Master Data Management Data Warehouse Scalable Storage & Processing
  37. 37. Unleash the Power of Hadoop Informatica Developers are Now Hadoop Developers Archive Profile Parse CleanseETL Match Stream Load Load Services Events Replicate Topics Machine Device, Cloud Documents and Emails Relational, Mainframe Social Media, Web Logs Data Warehouse Mobile Apps Analytics & Op Dashboards Alerts Analytics Teams
  38. 38. Staff Projects with Readily Available Skills Informatica Developers are Hadoop Developers Hand-coding A large global bank grew staff from 2 Java developers to 100 Informatica developers after implementing Informatica Big Data Edition Careerbuilder.com found in a survey there were 27,000 requests for Hadoop skills and only 3,000 resumes with Hadoop skills – whereas there are over 100,000 trained Informatica developers globally.
  39. 39. Reduce Risk of Changing Technologies Informatica provides an insurance policy as Hadoop changes Minimize or eliminate the need to rebuild or recode data pipelines & quickly adopt new innovations in the Big Data community Hadoop Cloud DI Servers Data Warehouse Development Deployment
  40. 40. Transactions, OLTP, OLAP Social Media, Web Logs Documents, Email Machine Device, Scientific Maximize Your Return On Big Data Hadoop complements your existing infrastructure Data WarehouseMDM Operational Systems Analytical SystemsData Assets Data Products Data Mart ODS OLTP OLTP Access & Ingest Parse & Prepare Discover & Profile Transform & Cleanse Extract & Deliver Manage (i.e. Security, Performance, Governance, Collaboration) & other NoSQL
  41. 41. Data Warehouse MDM Applications Data Ingestion and Extraction Moving terabytes of data per hour Replicate Streaming Batch Load Extract Archive Extract Low Cost Store Transactions, OLTP, OLAP Social Media, Web Logs Documents, Email Industry Standards Machine Device, Scientific
  42. 42. Unleash the Power of Big Data With high performance Universal Data Access WebSphere MQ JMS MSMQ SAP NetWeaver XI JD Edwards Lotus Notes Oracle E-Business PeopleSoft Oracle DB2 UDB DB2/400 SQL Server Sybase ADABAS Datacom DB2 IDMS IMS Word, Excel PDF StarOffice WordPerfect Email (POP, IMPA) HTTP Informix Teradata Netezza ODBC JDBC VSAM C-ISAM Binary Flat Files Tape Formats… Web Services TIBCO webMethods SAP NetWeaver SAP NetWeaver BI SAS Siebel Messaging, and Web Services Relational and Flat Files Mainframe and Midrange Unstructured Data and Files Flat files ASCII reports HTML RPG ANSI LDAP EDI–X12 EDI-Fact RosettaNet HL7 HIPAA ebXML HL7 v3.0 ACORD (AL3, XML) XML LegalXML IFX cXML AST FIX SWIFT Cargo IMP MVR Salesforce CRM Force.com RightNow NetSuite ADP Hewitt SAP By Design Oracle OnDemand Packaged Applications Industry Standards XML Standards SaaS/BPO Social Media Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Kapow Datasift Pivotal Vertica Netezza Teradata Aster MPP Appliances
  43. 43. Real-Time Data Collection and Streaming 46 UltraMessagingBus Publish/Subscribe Leverage High Performance Messaging Infrastructure Publish with Ultra Messaging for global distribution without additional staging or landing. HDFS, HBase, Targets Web Servers, Operations Monitors, rsyslog, SLF4J, etc. Handhelds, Smart Meters, etc. Discrete Data Messages Sources Zookeeper Management and Monitoring Internet of Things, Sensor Data Real Time Analysis, Complex Event Processing No SQL Databases: Cassandara, Riak, MongoDB Node Node Node Node Node Node
  44. 44. Informatica Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data 47 • High performance/efficient streaming data collection over LAN/WAN • GUI interface provides ease of configuration, deployment & use • Continuous ingestion of real-time generated data (sensors; logs; etc.). Machine generated & other data sources • Enable real-time interactions & response • Real-time delivery directly to multiple targets (batch/stream processing) • Highly available; efficient; scalable • Available ecosystem of light weight agents (sources & targets)
  45. 45. 48 Streaming Analytics Complex Event Processing
  46. 46. THANK YOU! For more information: Danielle Kana daniella.kana@bics.com Bert Oosterhof boosterhof@informatica.com