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Message map

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Message map

  1. 1. MESSAGE MAP Hannah Gordon COM 476
  2. 2. DefinitionsThe foundation for all communications relating to anorganization, a specific project or an initiativeManagement tool used to develop core concepts behind aspecific messageHelps you capture the core messages for: Your organization, particular strategies or initiatives, different department or organization functions, specific programs, products or announcements and people
  3. 3. Examples
  4. 4. How does this relate to PR?“The process for public relations is to dive intothe executive mind, extrapolate leading thoughtsand opinions, document them as approvedmessages, and then deliver them to externalaudiences using various channels.”
  5. 5. Who is involved?Who should come to a messaging session?People that... Know the most about the topic Will be communicating the messages Understand your audiencesDiverse group=wide spread of information
  6. 6. 3 Types of RolesLeaderFacilitatorParticipant
  7. 7. Components of a MessagingIntroductions SessionSenior leader reinforcementWhy are they here?Review meeting goalsIdentify key audiencesWhat are your message objectives?Elevator speechSupporting messagesData, info and stories
  8. 8. Steps to MessagingFacilitation of executives who lead the companyOpen-ended questions that address: The competition The space The audience The stakeholders The services/products
  9. 9. Steps to MessagingBrainstorming session to capture the essence ofthe discussionFirst draft of all the captured messagesEdit supporting content and descriptorstatementsPlacement of messages into a message map
  10. 10. Results of a Message MapAn understanding of who your audiences are andwhat they want or needCore team and concepts are on the same pageabout what needs to be said to drive youraudience to actionCredible key messages that can be usedthroughout any communication channelKey messages that team leaders can begin to testdrive
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