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Burj khalifa

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Construction Details of Burj Khalifa, Information about maintenance works of Burj Khalifa

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Burj khalifa

  1. 1. V.Hari Krishna, R111794, Civil Engineering 2nd Year, RGUKT, RK Valley, Idupulapaya.
  2. 2. Burj Khalifa Facts  “Burj Kahlifa” world’s tallest building.  Height : 829.8m (2,722 ft).  Occupied Floor area : 33,31,100 sq. ft.  Consists of 163 floors, plus 46 maintenance levels and 2 parking levels in basement.  Situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  3. 3. Why it is Constructed ?  It is constructed to change Dubai’s economy from an oil based to one that is service and tourism based.  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president of UAE and constitutional monarch of Dubai.
  4. 4. Previous Constructions
  5. 5. Construction Details  Construction started in 6 January 2004.  Completed in 2 December 2009.  Construction cost “USD $ 1.5 billion” (9,117,93,75,000.00 in Rs).  Chief Architect: Adrian Smith at SOM.  Developer: Emaar Properties.  Structural engineer: Bill Baker at SOM.  Main contractor: Samsung Engineering and Construction Company.
  6. 6. Casting of Construction  The soil stratum of Dubai is very week so they had to excavate up to 50m deep to get a hard rock structure.  But the rock that they found was fragile and saturated with ground water and is having holes.  The engineers filled this holes with a viscous polymer slurry.  194 piles were constructed to avoid sinking of this structure.  Over 30,000 tons of steel were used.  About 250,000 m2 concrete was used.
  7. 7. Casting of Construction Continued  High performance concrete(HPC) is used which has Low permeability and High durability.  C80-C60 cube strength concrete was used.  For reducing cracks due to high temperature concreting was done only at night.  They used heavy pumps which can pump 25000 tons of concrete to 150th floor in 14 minutes.  They completed every new floor in 3 days.
  8. 8. Casting of Construction Continued  The three wing shaped basement allow for greater building height by buttressing one another by a central core.  It is called as Hexagonal Hub.  This hub is surrounded by the three wings.  These three wings afford the torsional resistance and the twisting of the tower.
  9. 9. Armani Hotels Mechanical Residential Rooms Corporate Suits Communication and broadcast Floor Plans At.mosphere Restaurant World's second highest outdoor observation deck
  10. 10. Plumbing systems  The Burj Khalifa's water system supplies an average of 946,000 L of water per day through 100 km pipes.  An additional 213 km of piping serves the fire emergency system.  And 34 km pipe supplies chilled water for the air conditioning system.  The waste water system uses gravity to discharge water from plumbing fixtures, floor drains, mechanical equipment and storm water, to the city municipal sewer.
  11. 11. Air conditioning  The air conditioning system draws air from the upper floors where the air is cooler and cleaner than on the ground.  At peak cooling times, the tower's cooling is equal to the cooling which is produced by melting 13,000 tons of ice.  Condensate recovery system collects water condensate from the air conditioning system and diverts it to an irrigation tank.  It provides about 15 million gallons of water per year
  12. 12. Window cleaning  To wash the 24,348 windows, a horizontal track has been installed on the exterior of Burj Khalifa at levels 40, 73, and 109.  Each track holds a 1,500 kg bucket machine which moves horizontally and then vertically using heavy cables.  Above level 109, up to tier 27 traditional cradles from davits are used.  The top of the spire, however, it is reserved for specialist window cleaners, who brave the heights and high winds, dangling on ropes to clean and inspect the top of the pinnacle.
  13. 13. Additional Features  Burj has 9 Refuge Rooms for every 30 floors which can resist fire for more than 2 hours.  The Burj utilizes solar power, nearly 378 panels having an area of 1020 sq.m.  These panels have the ability to heat 140,000 lit of water when supplied with just 7 hours of day light.  The Evacuation system of Burj Khalifa is self controlled whenever it recognizes smoke or fire it will automatically puts out that by special mechanism.
  14. 14. Records  Tallest structure ever built: 829.8 m (2,722 ft)  Building with most floors: 163.  World's highest elevator installation (situated inside a rod at the very top of the building)  Highest vertical concrete pumping (for a building): 606 m (1,988 ft).  World's highest New Year display of fireworks.
  15. 15. Conclusion  Tallest Building built by man.  Several new techniques were introduced while constructing burj khalifa.  The construction of the Burj Khalifa proves that height doesn't matter in any civil engineering construction.
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