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Ski trip pocket money

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ski trip pocket money amendment

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Ski trip pocket money

  1. 1. Money • Pupils will require a packed meal and/or £ sterling to purchase a meal en route (services/ferry). • We will collect €60 euros (in ten euro notes please) and £15 notes(sterling) for breakfast on the ferry (return journey) at the parent meeting on Wednesday 21st February 2019 – 6.30pm. • The €60 includes: • €10 for helmet hire which is paid in resort. • €10 Euros will be given to your child for Saturday breakfast and lunch en route. • €40 will be given to your child at intervals during the week which can be spent on any extras they may wish to purchase (drink, food, sweets etc.). • Any extra money you wish to give your child is your child's responsibility and will not be collected in. Pupils may (time permitting) have an opportunity to spend at services, on the ferry or visit the local village shops where they can shop if they wish. • PLEASE BE AWARE – In previous years, one pupil spent 45 euros on Kinder Eggs!