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Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Health and healing benefits of drinking coffee.

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Benefits of Drinking Coffee

  1. 1. Kitchen Cures Benefits of Drinking Coffee• Men who drank six or more cups of coffee per day were found to have a 20% reduction in developing prostate cancer.• Other studies suggest coffee consumption reduces the risk of being affected by Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease, heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, cirrhosis of the liver, and gout.• Most of coffees beneficial effects against type 2 diabetes are not due to its caffeine content, as the positive effects of consumption are greater in those who drink decaffeinated coffee.• The presence of antioxidants in coffee has been shown to prevent free radicals from causing cell damage.• Another study has shown that those who consumed a moderate amount of coffee or tea (3–5 cups per day) at midlife were less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimers disease in late-life compared with those who drank little coffee or avoided it altogether.• Though drinking coffee increased the risk of acid reflux and associated diseases. www.ChefinMe.ca
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