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Letter of Recommendation

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Letter of Recommendation

  1. 1. Stefanie Dueweke 31253 Lakeview Blvd #1310● Wixom, Michigan 48393
 Phone: 810.434.4366 ● E-Mail: stefanie@latcha.com February 25, 2016 To Whom It May Concern:: I am writing on behalf of Heather Kilchenman. Heather and I became friends while I was attending Michigan State University, after I got a job at the Bath & Body Works where she was a sales lead. After she moved on to another store to be the co-manager, Heather and I became roommates. During these times, I was able to get to know Heather very well on both a personal and a professional level, and can thoroughly vouch for her character. Heather was always a pleasure to work with, and live with, because of her positive attitude, willingness to help, and genuine concern for others. I’ve looked up to Heather as both a friend and a co-worker. I can always count on her whether I need advice or just need a listening ear. Above all of Heather’s professional qualities and achievements, I mostly admire that she is a good person. She will always go the extra mile to ensure that people are happy and well taken care of, and tends to put others before herself. Heather treats everyone with respect and sincerely has everyone’s best interest at heart. Sincerely, Stefanie Dueweke