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TA Corp Brochure_FINAL

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TA Corp Brochure_FINAL

  1. 1. Sharpening up print management The complete package for print output
  2. 2. For over a hundred years our company has been leading the way in print output. Starting with the humble typewriter we now offer sophisticated multi-function machines and complete solutions to help you minimise expense and maximise quality. We offer a complete package of smart solutions to all size businesses, from the smallest operations to multi- nationals. These are designed to help you enjoy more control, simplicity and cost efficiency over your document management. If you’re looking for a partner who can improve the way you work with paper or electronic documents, there’s only one name to pencil in: TA Triumph-Adler.
  3. 3. 80% of customers choose to stay with TA once their initial maintenance contract has expired TA Triumph-Adler are document business specialists – offering analysis and tailor-made solutions to a wide variety of organisations. In Germany we are a market leader and on the back of which we are expanding rapidly internationally and have established a base in the UK. Our UK location means we are even better placed to help you enhance your document workflow, whether paper or data. Using tailored solutions we can provide you with a wide range of benefits, such as reduced cost, greater efficiency and more reliable processes. Our manufacturer-trained, fast and reliable service facility, with a nationwide fleet of technicians, ensures your essential technology is constantly available. Our technology- based approach enables us to use the latest applications and software to provide first class support. As part of the Kyocera Mita Corporation, we draw on the group’s pioneering research & development and the economic stability its global status as a multi-billion dollar organisation brings. Together, they help us provide your business with a single source for all your document management needs. Building strong relationships We believe that the way we work with you is as important as the solutions we offer. With that in mind, we build strong relationships through being honest and transparent about all aspects of our business - from realistic costing to achievable KPIs. This refreshing attitude is appreciated by many major enterprises and institutions across Europe. TA in the UK
  4. 4. We have one of the richest histories of any company in Germany. Before joining forces in 1957 to become the company you know today, Adler and Triumph were successful companies in their own right. They produced everything from bicycles and motorbikes, to typewriters and cars. 1880 1921 1903 1896 1909 1914 Embryonic Adler company produces first bicycle Triumph produce 3,000 typewriters a year First Triumph motorbike produced Siegfried Bettmann founds the Deutsche Triumph Fahrradwerke Aktiengesellschaft in his native city of Nuremberg Triumph starts producing typewriters Adler factories employ around 7,000 people, making typewriters and cars A vibrant past
  5. 5. 1957 1984 1966 1959 1977 1981 Merger to form Triumph-Adler Re-christened TA Triumph-Adler First office machine with electronic printing mechanism Factura 3 automated invoicing machine marks a shift in technology towards office computers Market leader in office computers The Gabriele series electronic typewriters set standards worldwide for text processing and writing comfort
  6. 6. This experience and expertise gives us a firm foundation to provide you with world class solutions and services you need today and in the future. 2006 2012 2008 2003 Record year as specialists in the document business Award winning range of MFDs and printers Awards for best brand strategy and best customer support Strategic alliance with the Kyocera Mita Corporation TOMTotal Output Management
  7. 7. Clients that implement our solutions save an average of 15% on paper and digital documentation costs. The way we like to operate is to sit down with you, talk through your business aims and make a detailed analysis of your current document workflow. This provides a solid foundation for making key decisions. Between us we can decide on the best print management solution for you and how it can best benefit your bottom line. Once this has been agreed, we’ll design and implement a solution to optimise your document workflow. This can be done without major changes to your IT or disruption of your business. Old hardware? No problem. We can buy it from you at book value. There are a number of areas that we can cover: Security / accounting Whatever size company you are we can design a low cost print management solution to suit. All are simple to install, providing user management software and secure encryption systems. They are also designed to provide you with the accounting information you need to reduce print costs and environmental impact. Capture / workflow This clever software converts scanned documents into popular files such as word, excel and PDF. It can even recognise and handle barcodes. Document management Our document management solution (DMS) allows you to electronically manage, store and share documents, regardless of format. A full palette of solutions and services
  8. 8. Printing on the go Our innovative MobilePrint application provides you with the ultimate in printing flexibility. You can print and scan from and to your smartphone or tablet, send documents via email and print web pages from anywhere, simply and quickly. For Apple devices, when all you want is print and go, our AirPrint capability gives the option to do just that. Administration / monitoring With these solutions you can keep track of all your printers and Multi- Functional Devices (MFDs) wherever they are - from centralised configuration and maintenance, to remote meter readings and automatic ordering of toners.
  9. 9. It’s a tricky balancing act, but with the right strategic partners and a deep understanding of our customers, we can provide cost efficiencies without compromising on quality. Why do customers buy our products time and time again? Because they are guaranteed cost-effectiveness, efficient print output and minimal impact on the environment. Kyocera Mita, our strategic partner, manufactures all of our MFDs and printers, so you can rest assured you’ll be using a reliable product of the highest quality. Cost-effectiveness Each product in our range features long life drum and developer units that go on and on. They are backed up by our competitively priced servicing contracts, which include toner, service and maintenance. Quality Our products manage to combine cost- efficiency with excellent quality output. We achieve this through: Finer toner particles than other manufacturers, which enable better quality printing. Individual Colour Hue Adjustment to enhance individual colours on our professional A3 products. A Universal Print Driver that allows you to adjust the print quality settings as required. Minimising expense, maximising quality From our high volume MFPs to stand alone printers we are committed to providing you with value for money and quality of output, time after time.
  10. 10. These all combine with a range of other features designed to more accurately portray your pictures and text. Our range includes: MFDs We offer a comprehensive range of A4 and A3, colour and mono multifunctional systems. These cover a wide range of requirements - from entry level to high volume use. Printers Whether you are after A4 or A3, colour or mono, workstation system or productive departmental unit, we can offer you the ideal machine.
  11. 11. We are well aware of the impact our business can have on the environment. Of course there are strict environmental standards that we must abide by, but we prefer to go further. Wherever possible we exceed legislative requirements to help keep the world a better place for future generations. From durability to packaging, energy consumption to recyclability - we look carefully at every aspect of our solutions to minimise its impact on the environment. By choosing TA Triumph-Adler you will be doing your bit to reduce: Consumable usage – our printer cartridges are designed to last longer. Paper usage - duplex printing is standard on all our devices. Power consumption
- all our machines meet the latest stringent Energy Star criteria. CO2 emissions – our machines will normally only need a technician visit every 500,000 copies or roughly once a year, reducing their travel emissions. Waste sent to landfill - all the materials we use are recyclable. For instance, our transport pallets are mostly made of cardboard. All the transport packaging we use is returned to our solution centres and passed on to collecting companies. Since 1991 we have also made great strides in reducing packaging material - by up to 50% in some cases. Polystyrene and plastic are now rarely used for transport. We are also continuously looking to reduce emissions from our products – such as ozone, dust and styrene – and noise levels. This helps to create a better working environment for you and your people. Our favourite colour is green We operate in an environmentally responsible way without compromising the quality of our solutions.
  12. 12. When you choose TA Triumph-Adler you’re choosing a company that keeps one step ahead of its customers’ needs. This applies not just to manufacturing new, more sophisticated products and technology, but also to staying abreast of environmental concerns. We’ve always been responsive to change and we will continue to remain so. This allows us to maintain the highest levels of efficiency – both for our customers and in the way our own company operates. Your next step Discover more about how we can help you improve the performance of your document management systems. We’d be delighted to speak with you, or you can browse our website for more information. Telephone: 01793 783 298 Email: sales@triumphadler.co.uk www.triumphadler.co.uk Follow us on: @TriumphAdler_UK ta-triumph-adler-uk What does the future hold?
  13. 13. TA Triumph-Adler UK Unit 89 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park Majors Road Watchfield Swindon SN6 8TY Telephone: 01793 783 298 Email: sales@triumphadler.co.uk www.triumphadler.co.uk