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DBA Advanced - Hiram Fleitas - SQL ML / AI

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I am very excited to share with you how to analyze text using pre-trained Machine Learning models to predict a sentiment, on-prem with SQL Server 2017 and Python. This is a SQL ML / AI deep dive to predict the sentiment.

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DBA Advanced - Hiram Fleitas - SQL ML / AI

  1. 1. SQL Saturday South FL 755 Hiram Fleitas Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company Public: goo.gl/BqfYSi Hack / Protect / Predict SQL Server – Learn Them
  2. 2. Please silence cell phones
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  4. 4. Session evaluations Your feedback is important and valuable. Submit your feedback by the end of this session to win a prize. http://hiram/evalsgoo.gl/rWbupj goo.gl/rWbupj
  5. 5. BIO Father, SQL Server DBA/Dev, IT Pro, GRT, USCG Auxiliary. *Dev since 1995. *SQL since 1999. FUN Wakeboard, Wakesurf, Snowboard, GORUCK, Family. /HiramFleitas hiramfleitas@hotmail.com dba2o.wordpress.comHiramFleitas @HiramFleitas Hiram Fleitas Database Administrator (DBA), @UPCIC /hfleitas
  6. 6. Agenda • SQL ML / AI • Resources • TDS Encryption • Load Test • DDM • RLS • DB Source Control (TFS/Git) • Raffle
  7. 7. DEMO 6SQL Server Machine Learning & AI
  8. 8. SQL ML / AI
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  10. 10. Sponsor 1110 W. Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 // Ph. 954-958-1200 // www.UniversalProperty.com
  11. 11. Session evaluations Your feedback is important and valuable. Submit your feedback by the end of this session to win a prize. http://hiram/evalsgoo.gl/rWbupj goo.gl/rWbupj
  12. 12. Thank You Hit me up! hiramfleitas@hotmail.com dba2o.wordpress.comHiramFleitas @HiramFleitas /hfleitas/HiramFleitas