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  2. KEY INSIGHTS Burberry is a British luxury fashion house headquartered in London, England. Established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, originally focusing on the development of outdoor attire, the house has moved into the high fashion market, developing a first of its kind fabric called Gabardine, which is completely breathable and waterproof, and exclusively made for the brand. Burberry is a public limited company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company's main fashion house focuses on and distributes ready-to-wear outerwear, trainers, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses and cosmetics.
  3. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS Burberry saw pretax profits fall by 62 per cent in the first half of its financial year to September 26, after impacts from the coronavirus restricted luxury spending. The luxury British fashion house recorded first-half pretax profits of £73 million in the six months to the end of September, down from £193 million a year before. Sales fell 31 per cent to £878 million, although Burberry noted it had seen a good recovery for revenue later into the first half. Comparable store sales were down just 6 per cent in the second quarter, compared to a 45 per cent in the first quarter. Its first half of the year began with 60 per cent of its stores closed across the globe due to the pandemic.
  4. Competition from the other players: Intense competition from other players in Players like Gucci, Louis Vuitton & Prada having presence worldwide possess serious threat to the existence of Burberry. Continuously changing lifestyle & fashion is major threat as far as this industry is concerned as Fad items have shortest life cycle.
  5. INTERNAL ANALYSIS Burberry has appointed Antoine Bernard de Saint-Affrique to its board as a non-executive director. Effective from January 1, he will also become a member of the luxury fashion retailer’s audit and nomination committees. Burberry clearly understands that interactive and engaging social media is vital to enable them to appear relevant to their target audience. It has reinvented itself from a mere manufacturer to lifestyle brand. It has received Royal warrant twice till now. It has Global presence. The company is exposed to a range of ideas concerning the trending fashion . Burberry’s distinctive check pattern is one of the most widely copied trademarks in the world.
  6. Although pricing suggests quality & desirability but high price range has made it reachable within the pocket of few customers only.  Burberry product line consists of Apparels ,Beauty products & accessories which in itself is limited in the luxury & fashion segment , whereas many other companies had broaden their product line to Home décor & furniture, personal grooming and segments. Products produced by Burberry are unique and cannot be imitated by similar producers like Gucci. Burberry has released a new multi-media campaign to highlight its recent commitments to supporting local and global charities. Burberry has teamed up with the British Fashion Council (BFC) to launch ReBurberry Fabric, a pilot programme that will see the British luxury label donate leftover fabrics to fashion students most in need across the country.
  7. On November 17, Burberry launched the ongoing project Burberry Generation, which highlights avant-garde young talents from different genres. Burberry Connects To China’s Gen-Z Consumers Via Emerging Artists.
  8. CUSTOMER ANALYSIS The customer of Burberry is super rich HNIs (High Net worth Individuals) who are at the stage of Esteem. These customer groups are demanding, have the detail view of everything in and around to them, are passionate and quench of looking good and outshining the crowd. In wholesale segment customers of the brand are franchisees, e-commerce websites, wholesalers while in retail segment brand caters to Women & Men in the age group of 20-55 years and children in the age of 0-36 months & 04-14 years. In terms of psychographic and behavior, target markets are persons who are fashion conscious and appreciated the heritage of the Burberry brand and love following the trend and shopping at least two to three times a month. Burberry created multiple brands (Prorsum, London, Blue and Black, Thomas Burberry) to attract certain kind of customers whom they were not targeting initially and to cater certain characteristics of certain customers.
  9. COMPETITIORS The global Luxury brand has been carrying the rich heritage to different nations through its supplier network which has helped it in popularising the authentic and distinctive designs. Burberry competes in the market by penetrating to developing nations (like in India the brand is present through third-party e-commerce sites), innovatively delivering through Omni-channels, reducing product assortments and simplifying the offerings etc. It competes in the Luxury segment with the brands such as Zara, Only, Dior, Madame Tussauds, Armani etc. Burberry also has many different lines within the Burberry brand. This allows for more high-end goods and goods that would be feasible for purchase by the general population. Burberry's positioning of functional luxury is extremely competitive and will sustain over the long-term.
  10. FUTURE ORIENTATION Brand remains conscious of the uncertain macro-economic environment caused by covid-19. In an environment which remains uncertain, it will continue to deliver exceptional product, localise plans and shift resources, while leveraging the strength of our digital platform to inspire customers.
  11. FORMULATING STRATEGY TARGETING: Women & Men in the age group of 20-55 years and children in the age of 0-36 months & 04-14 years is the target of the company. Burberry can focus on attracting same target customer base because the pandemic has decreased the sales of its products so instead of new consumer base it can target their existing consumers by focusing on costumer retention strategies. POSITIONING: Since 1856 company has positioned itself as luxury lifestyle brand. BRANDING: The Burberry brand is defined by its authentic British heritage and is globally recognized by the iconic trench coat, trademark check and Prorsum horse logo. 257 years after its founding, Burberry still stuck by its founding principles of quality, function and modern classic style, rooted in the integrity of its outerwear. With the funding received, company can focus more on branding by revamp campaigns. Digital Marketing Campaigns are the need of an hour. Company can also host digital fashion shows.
  12. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Key apparel categories outperformance-Outerwear i.e. the iconic trench and other contemporary styles, is the core and key growth driver of Burberry’s apparel business. At the top end of the pyramid, fashion outerwear drove outperformance from Prorsum, Burberry’s runway collection. Integrated menswear-SS11 was Burberry’s first fully in-house global menswear collection. Historically a licensed business, the Group exited all its licenses, enabling the relaunch and repositioning of this category. This first pure collection drove outperformance in menswear during the year, with reported growth of 31%. Further built childrenswear- Childrenswear was formally integrated into the global business in 2010/11 with products aligned with core design and merchandising strategies. Women’s shoes represent an important growth opportunity for Burberry. Its boots, a natural complement to the Burberry outerwear offer, performed particularly strongly. Burberry must enhance its product category in order to keep pace with the competition. Following are the products that Burberry can introduce: Desk accessories, Belt Bags, More variety in jewellery.
  13. Innovation: When it comes to technology and innovation Burberry has always excelled in it by using AI and robotics engineering. It can formulate AI strategy to make products better, faster, cheaper process and more insightful analysis. It can focus on machine learning to improve and automate a number of their support processes- dev ops, testing, etc. Expanding its product line will open a new set of opportunities while at the same time it can differentiate itself from the competitors. As the particular checks design has become the brand identity company can innovate in design keeping the same checks pattern.
  14.  Relationships: Burberry clearly understands that interactive and engaging social media is vital to enable them to appear relevant to their target audience. The success of their social media marketing strategy is evident in the number of fans and followers they have accumulated Alliances: China acquisition-The Group acquired 50 stores across 30 cities, which had previously been operated by its Hong Kong-based franchisee, giving Burberry control of its brand in the fastest-growing luxury market in the world. 10 new stores have opened since the acquisition, including Burberry’s most digitally-advanced flagship in the world in Beijing. Merchandising and inventory initiatives have also successfully driven productivity in existing stores.
  15. STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN STAKEHOLDER MAPPING: For successful management of a project, systematic processes need to be used. To achieve this, proper stakeholder mapping is required. Stakeholders are part and parcel of organizations, and they need to be included in all organizational operations. They may influence the outcome of the project by contributing different constructive ideas. For effective mapping of stakeholders, it is necessary, to begin with identifying the stakeholders present in the organization. After identification follows analysis to determine the exact positions that they hold in the organization, in addition to their interests and expectations. The next step is prioritizing, where all the stakeholders’ needs are addressed. Eventually, stakeholder engagement is encouraged. PRODUCT: Expanding its product line will open a new set of opportunities while at the same time it can differentiate itself from the competitors. As the particular checks design has become the brand identity company can innovate in design keeping the same checks pattern.
  16. PRICE: As the current situation in the world has dropped the sales of the brand, prices can be kept same. It should continue with premium pricing because a slight rise or fall in price may deteriorate the brand image. As the company has cash overdrafts first it should clear cash overdraft to some extent with funding. PLACE: Burberry is working SAP Ariba Technology for simplified and digitally enabled universal supply chain globally. The market of the luxury brands like Burberry continues to be challenging with stagnation (slow growth) in the developed economies, high debts in the emerging markets, easy acceptance of the digital mediums for purchases, decline in the growth rate of the sales through Retail as the well wholesale segment. However, with the advancement of technology, digital platforms, and high acceptance of luxury goods through e-commerce sites the strategy of the brand in going digital is in line with the other players in the market. With the funding company can focus on and invest in under-penetrated markets; both developed and emerging, through distribution channels and a variety of business models.
  17. PROMOTION: Burberry has quite a positive brand judgment in the eyes of the general consumers. The Burberry brand has been known as one of the oldest and most respected British fashion brands. Consumers recognize it for its symbolic trench coat, high quality products, distinctive checks prints and classic British style. However, in the eyes of the younger consumers, Burberry does not stand out and seems overpriced, and hence they have a low consideration for this brand. To overcome this company can launch revamp campaigns portraying youth wearing brand. Radio Advertising, Newspaper, Magazine Advertising, Online Advertising, Arts College Sponsorships, Customer Membership Discount, immersive experiences on websites, digital pop ups, online brand activation strategies can be used.
  18. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Consistent analysis of the progress of retail strategies. Recording customer’s response to retail designs and mediums. Managing personable associations with all complementary partners to accelerate the retail visibility for Burberry as well as conduct word-of-mouth advertising. Engaging not just the customers but also the employees i.e. to keep the motivation levels high in order to guarantee that the quality or intensity of the marketing plan does not falter after the first wave of activities.
  19. IMPLEMENTATION AND CONTROL The marketing plan is designed to increase the overall performance of Burberry by increasing sales, revenue, brand value and customer satisfaction. If the constructed plan works efficiently and hit the targets set in next 3 years, then the next major step would be setting up a high-class fashion institute in Paris and Beijing. The name would be “Burberry Institute of fashion”. Target students will be celebrity children, child artists and employee trainees. Education is a huge business. And this institute will also assist Burberry to showcase its fashion events and creativity development. Control can be done by matching the results with the set objectives, checking performance standards, comparing profits, metrics, data analysis, surveys.
  20. A direct marketing plan will achieve to engage all the parties involved from the manufacturers to the promoters to the web planners to the recruiters to the sales and marketing department.
  21. THANK YOU!