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7 Talents: The #1 Bulgarian MCN

How to reach the millennials through unskippable ads integrated in the video? Or how to reach your designated audience through branded content?

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7 Talents: The #1 Bulgarian MCN

  1. 1. We are part of the №1 Digital Company in Bulgaria – Netinfo. We are part of MTG – a leading international entertainment group. We are part of the №1 Broadcaster in Bulgaria – Nova Broadcasting Group. 7Тalents dares to be big. We are part of something really big. We want to be the №1 MCN in Bulgaria. What?
  2. 2. Distribution Manager Business Development Manager Product Manager Junior Product Manager Video Manager Sales Department Video Creators & Editors Video Creators & Editors Video Site Editors Head of Talents Team
  3. 3. • We offer revenue share contracts with Vbox7 and YouTube • Our Production department produces our own content – web series, different types of vlogs, web exclusives of the prime-time TV productions of Nova TV • Our Distribution department executes individual program schedules and PR & distribution models in Netinfo’s portfolio for both internal and managed production • Our Business Development focuses on product placement projects, content marketing through promotion in suitable channels, branded content What do we do? content creators brands media We serve as the link between
  4. 4. 490+ channels • TV shows, Web exclusives • Fashion, Cosmetics, Lifestyle • Music • Sport, Fitness, Yoga • Talents • Technology, E-sports, Science 40+ channels Main Distribution Channels • TV shows, Web exclusives • Fashion, Cosmetics, Lifestyle • Music • Sport, Fitness, Yoga • Talents • Technology, E-sports, Science
  5. 5. Facilities for Video Creators Individual marketing and PR strategies for promoting the content creators themselves and their content in the Netinfo and Nova Broadcasting Group portfolios Rights management and content strategy advices Netinfo is the biggest sales house in Bulgaria and for the next few years we aim to implement a lot of special projects and product placements, while providing an alternative revenue stream for the content creators Social media consultants Brand management consultants Copywriting specialists Facilities for Video Creators 1/2
  6. 6. Facilities for Video Creators Free access to a music library Free access to a studio and a lot of equipment Organizes events. For instance: fan meetings; events, sponsored by advertisers; seminars; trainings; creating materials for their partners aiming for sales or promotion and more We connect and help our partners to cooperate and work together. We know all stars in Bulgaria and we will make our best to make it possible for you to have them as your guests at your productions Facilities for Video Creators 2/2 Workshops with the creators to improve the production Free legal advice Free financial advice We produce free animated spots for the video series of our partners We provide access to a large amount of costumes and all kinds of props Including our partners as special guests, speakers, guest speakers or participants in some of the biggest specialized events for digital and advertising business in Bulgaria Provides photo shoot sets, directing, equipment renting, editing, lighting, postproduction, animation
  7. 7. Results for the period 01.07.2015 – 01.02.2016: 170 000 000 VV: 11% 7Talents Productions 45% 7Talents Distribution (TV) 44& 7Talents Distribution (Partnership program) Results for the period 01.07.2015 – 01.02.2016: 7 700 000 VV 7Talents Productions & Distribution 38 000 000 Watch Minutes Team / Equipment / First steps / Results 2015
  8. 8. 2016 Challenges • Team • Digital Video Studio • Talents • Scale • Sales • Goal: double the results!
  9. 9. Mariya Atanasova Head of 7Talents, Mobile: +359 885 036 545 E-mail: maria@netinfocompany.bg Thank you!