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Sales Training Company Reduces Cost Per Lead with HubSpot

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Huthwaite Asia Pacific, an international sales training company uses HubSpot to generate more high-quality leads and reduce its cost per lead conversion.

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Sales Training Company Reduces Cost Per Lead with HubSpot

  1. 1. Customer Case Study: Sales Training Company Reduces Cost Per Lead with HubSpot About Huthwaite Huthwaite Asia Pacific is an international sales training company committed to helping businesses improve their sales performance. Ralph Vugts, Huthwaite’s online marketing specialist, recently shared with us how he has been using HubSpot to increase the volume of qualified leads for his sales team. Results: Growth in Lead Volume & Quality • Captured over 1300 leads in the past 6 months • Reduced Cost Per Lead 40x • Reached a 21% conversion rate for all landing pages Challenge: Increasing Need for Qualified Leads Prior to HubSpot, Huthwaite’s site was “like a brochure,” as Ralph put it. It was pretty to look at but didn’t act as a mechanism to collect leads and turn them into sales. “The guys needed as many qualified leads as possible,” Ralph said.
  2. 2. Sales Training Company Reduces Cost Per Lead with HubSpot Solution: Gaining Insights about Leads & Continuously Nurturing Them HubSpot’s Lead Intelligence gives Ralph valuable information about visitors who convert on his marketing events. For each lead, the tool shows lead source, viewed pages and submitted forms. Such data, as Ralph pointed out, helps reps “tailor their sales pitch accordingly” and warm up cold leads. Ralph also uses HubSpot’s Lead Nurturing to design general campaigns as well as more specialized PPC campaigns. He schedules event-triggered emails that keep the engagement level with leads high, pushing them down the sales cycle. As a HubSpot Large customer, Ralph receives ongoing consulting which has guided him with the setup of targeted PPC campaigns. While in the past Huthwaite used to spend about $400 for a single conversion, the company has now reduced that cost significantly--down to $10 per conversion. Ralph can come to his inbound marketing consultant with a list of questions and receive insights that give him more confidence in his marketing strategy. Pull your online marketing budgets into this as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the better. The average HubSpot customer gets 4.2x more leads after 5 months of active use of HubSpot. To find out what type of increases in leads a company with your current lead volume could expect, check out HubSpot’s ROI study at www.hubspot.com/roi. HubSpot’s integrated marketing software gives you all the tools to implement a successful online marketing strategy from increasing the top of your funnel through conversion, sales alignment and analytics. To learn more, check out HubSpot’s free trial or request a customized demonstration.