transmission loss optimal reactive power cloud computing psnr internet of things manet clustering machine learning gps genetic algorithm wsn feature selection data mining optimization ad hoc network q routing authentication game theory cloud random forest wireless sensor network wireless networks qos evolutionary programming distributed generation fuzzy logic voltage stability classification virtualization cryptography dsdv aodv dsr cdrq routing cq routing hevc education cognitive radio software defined networking text classification classification algorithms cloud security nash equilibrium security circular polarization image processing routing protocols compression lpg iot quality of service nfc android robotics wi-fi energy consumption naive bayes traveling wave method fault location techniques fault in transmission line transmission line transformers evolutionary algorithms robust estimators antenna spectrum xml big data filter directivity mean square error gsm wavelet transform wind energy decomposition products gas insulated switchgear artificial neural network fast voltage stability index microcontroller cloud storage sensor border distortion discrete wavelet transform system reliability facial recognition multimodal biometrics system ofdm renewable energy direct power control dc-dc converter knowledge golomb rice code image compression zonal dct binary dct feature reduction knime analytics platform m5p tree regression tree multiple linear regression template transformation random projection discrete fourier transformation cancelable fingerprint template agile software development software engineering project management estimation openmp bubble sort parallel programming gns3 tunneling ipsec vpn k-nearest neighbor undergraduate thesis rejuvenation software aging active directory privacy preseving content sharing triz blocks differential frame differences lucas–kanade optical flow prediction forecasting artificial inteligence amplify and forward power splitting-based relaying energy harvesting power beacon aomdv olsr visual featured hmax model hierarchical object recognition quality assessment saliency memory effect lyapunov method hankel norm performance finite wordlength effect digital filter security lock keypad home security electronic doorbell virtual reality neonatal care training medical diagnosis driving augmented reality variance optimal block multi-focus images fusion feed forward neural network tie-strenght social graphs recommender implicit contact ego-centric networks cluster gryllidae optimization algorithm mq lcd gas leakage feature selection methods gentoo penguin algorithm university writing medical skype academic quantum computing cloud automation telegram sms notary multi channel access administration system tundra wolf algorithm predestination of particles wavering search algori mine blast harmony search optimal reactive power text prediction text generation recurrent neural networks natural language processing arabic language spp psd noise tracking gaussian distribution a-priori-snr support vector machine electroencephalogram dementia alzheimer’s disease pet attenuation correction non-linear descriptor low-rank approximation knn regression ct calculation spectrum access integrated cooperative communication stratgy quality online education online education middle east adoption model t-shaped resonator patches meandered line lowpass filter whale optimization algorithm text processing text normalization spam filters semantic processing memetic algorithm bayes theorem enhanced wormhole optimizer multicarrier cic virtualized data center security cloud security standard cloud security issues cloud security attacks togaf government enterprise architecture enterprise architecture australian government architecture websocket serversent event real time http polling comet shelve placement prediction analysis market basket concept drift associative rule mining synthetic minority over-sampling technique (smote) stacking classifiers ensemble educational data mining (edm) academic performance prediction safety load cell gas cylinder arctic wolf optimization marketing researches transformation and loading (etl) extraction business intelligent solutions business intelligence (bi) shuffled frog leaping search and levy flight flower pollination algorithm chaos theory traffic analysis attacks sink location security random routing misleading dead ends proof-of-ownership deduplication convergent encryption wireless body area network sensor node bluetooth low energy (ble) wrapper methods filter methods boosting bagging random tree naive bayes classifier heart ailments virtual output queuing switch scheduling maximum weight matching mining knowledge discovery zf vblast qr decomposition mmse mimo-ofdm natural languages processing clustering algorithms arabic text mining arabic text categorization arabic language processing social web social tagging wireless sensor networks flexibility aggregation retrieval sketch-based 3d model skeleton features histogram feature comparison advanced skeleton strength map gaussian mixture model depth perception 3d stereoscopic videos 3d graphical rendering return loss micro strip antennas axial ratio semantic net ontology knowledge representation (kr) representation (hkr) hybrid knowledge wavelet transform. signal to noise ratio electroencephalography skeleton morphology junction points end points abnormal activity network lifetime energy efficient routing protocols next generation wireless dual band printed slot antenna 5g wireless communication presevation murals image archiving culture heritage svm pattern recognition optical character recognition feature vector wireless sensor network (wsn) prototype mobile military health tsg ct dsm cordic 4g radio of wireless receiver microwave transmission electrical permittivity watershed segmentation sobel mri gardient magnitude wlan terms microstrip antenna photographic paper smart wheelchair sensors artificial intelligence multiple description coding multipath transport delay slot loaded reference antenna (ra) rectangular microstrip antenna (rmsa) meandering slots electromagnetically dual band coupled capacitive feed real-time application and robust encryption technique cabac triggered update mapping engine etl deviation detection system (dds) third parity security of cloud storage one time password cloud attacker random discriminant analysis mobile biometrics many manifolds facial biometrics face scrambling traffic awareness locations intelligent speed break driving awareness accidents spelling correction stopwords stemming nlp steganography substitution least significant bit (lsb) capacity bit flipping crops diseases detection cddass android apps agricultural experts one-class svm noise reduction machine learning classifier dbscan pricing-qos price of anarchy content providers web service composition web service skyline multi-agent system social welfare quality of service (qos) net neutrality economic model of networks images mpm ice hmc-in em brain tumor mri service provider (sp) rationality optimization inverse problem eye shut eye blink sensor drowsiness accelerometer real-time streaming fog computing edge computing password encryption cued click points authentication protocol and password based authent synchronization index recurrence order patterns eeg machine anesthesia shortest path planning robotic path planning markov decision process coverage path planning proteus pic16f887 mikroc lm35 atc visibility social networks popularity content provider wsns pegasis optimization of energy leach hierarchical routing ad-hoc network wideband antenna split ring resonator notch band defected ground structure residual energy network life time energy efficient routing adhoc networks leve compression haar wavelet orthogonal codes mai focdma electrocardiogram arrhythmia performance analysis modelization riemannian geometry jacobi iterations geodesic distance eikonal equation 3d face recognition resonant frequency microstrip patch antenna multilayer perceptron (mlp) artificial neural networks (ann) learning algorithm time series anomalies non homogeneous distribution network matching approaches impedance based method three phase to ground fault fault distance and photovoltaic panel optimum angle tilt angle computational fluid dynamics flow over buildings line stability network reconfiguration power congestion device-to-device (d2d) business development management frameworks (bdmf) internet of things (iot) voice detection gsm network tyke rf communication tracking sensor and roi quantization lossy dtmbwt satellite image enhancement pi controller multiple dc output fly back sepic smps smartcard communication russian peasant multiplication (rpm) amplitude detection (ad) control signal generator (cg) multiplier control signal decision window (mcsd) digital signal processing (dsp) finite impulse response (fir) arm cortex-m4 dtls routing network simulation link quality trust wireless network distance data transmission register transfer level data security cipher block chaining advanced encryption standard electronic framework handheld secured doorstep managing an account energia blynk-cloud platform smart switch board zigbee network electrical devices power management power misfortunes relationship and results responsibility information administration capacity information technology histogram underwater images color balancing auto level center of buoyancy buoyancy radial basis function (rbf) knowledge repository rural domain ict e-agriculture exchanging operations vacuum electrical switch (vcb) photovoltaic power plant manets lifetime energy consistent path online networking long range informal communication sns nanet code division multiple access/collision avoidance high frequency steadfast routing auto-reconfigurable multiuser orthogonal zed widespread interference k-means ct satellite image denoising arm cortex m-3 rbi coin byte remote controls bluetooth uart lpc1764 cc3200 semester of code virtual positions management development virtual alliances for learning society (vals) ultrasonic sensor arduino uno e-monitoring msl rfid geo-science and the information science geo-spatial information management of technology (mot) co-citation network investigation bibliometric investigation rms framework hfss tool ansys ultra high frequency (uhf) k-nn lbp ewt texture classification matlab/simulink landsman converter pid controller ann neural networks target recognition moment invariant radar image maximal marginal relevance information gain news classification qoe content adaptation disfluencies detection acoustical feature decision fusion evolutionary algorithm electricity pricing regulated market enhance time of use (etou) time of use (tou) demand response photovoltaic nominal operating cell temperature standard reference environment extension mode sliding window synchronous generator protection scheme loss of excitation surge protection devices lightning protection system solid-state dc breaker hybrid dc breaker vacuum circuit breaker sulphur hexafluoride circuit breaker air circuit breaker oil circuit breaker circuit breaker multiple source protection distance protection expected load reduction protection system cyber security partial discharges thermal stress aging effect ac breakdown voltage cable test iterative-based sizing algorithm (isa). performance ratio (pr) cuckoo search (cs) grid-connected photovoltaic (gcpv) matlab calculations psim simulation half-bridge rectifier zero voltage switching (zvs) series-loaded resonant converter (slrc) noise images lts with gas least trimmed squares face recognition voltage deviation index thyristor controlled series compensator static var compensator chaos embedded symbiotic organisms search measurement and verification energy saving neural network smart grid ant lion optimizer dynamic programming unit commitment bad data detection and identification distribution system state estimation dynamic state estimation state estimation overcurrent overvoltage transient impact lightning hybrid pv-wind system modeling adaptive contrast enhancement local standard deviation shape defect detection trainbfg cci data outliers voltage stress pv-battery asymmetrical inverter multilevel inverter led driver pulse density modulation dimming dc-dc conversion pilot density [dx dy dz] lmmse ls mimo channel estimation monopole antenna dual-frequency operation coplanar waveguide (cpw) fed rfid (radio frequency identification) self-organized map canny edge detection image segmentation fuzzy c-means clustering cnn reconstruction quality yuv21 aremcnn closure property generative capacity multiset controlled grammar regulated grammar multiset computational intelligence biochemical systems cooperative coevolutioan algorithm differential evolution algorithm newton method behavioral tracking correlation log data learning styles lms e-learning anthocyanin solvents roselle dye-sensitized solar cell optimal placement phasor measurement unit voltage stability predictor random matrix condorcet-ahp decision support system condorcet voting theory analytic hierarchy process (ahp) multi-criteria decision making (mcdm) reconfigurable computing devices hardware accelerators power-efficient crypto system json data retrieval digital image watermarking copyright protection invisible watermarking precision and recall color moments ch (color histogram) ga (genetic algorithm) dct (discrete cosine transform) wrapper mutual information phoronix test suit openstack virtual machine performance evaluation docker container gst bbu ihon fronthaul c-ran sade elliptical cylindrical antenna array hyper beam sll uhf band slot meander line size miniaturization printed monopole antenna fuzzy logic system mobile ad hoc routing beam selection multiuser interferences beamspace mmwave communications mimo resource allocation power control femtocell error level analysis image forensic image forgery jpeg compression canny edge detector edge detection mri images variance stabilizing transformation curvelet transform rician noise sparse representation magnetic resonance imaging solar charger arduino smart home remote control automatic lift. wechat operating platform pillow comfort sleep quality regression analysis macro modeling kernel methods host navy pic-microcontroller meteorology rf module imbl auxiliary resonant cell energy storage batteries zvt markov chain model wireless multi-hop sensor networks torque ripple inverter model direct torque control asynchronous machine heat response model photovoltaic thermal phase layered topology heat transfer envelope detection hilbert vibration decomposition (hvd) voltage flicker blade pitch control kharitonov's theorem resilient controllers robustness dynamic stability condition monitoring ftir spectrometer chemical diagnostic technique diagnostic technique partial discharge sulphur hexafluoride gas distribution loss penetration level embedded meta ep-firefly algorithm dg planning loss control immune system artificial immune system optimal location and sizing chaotic mutation dgpv system fahp rfm multi-products sales prediction model global positioning system (gps) doppler effect receiver transmitter maritime boundary monitoring system logistics map henon attractor chaos polygram playfair coal theft passenger comfort indian railways emergency stopping train chain pulling weather parallel networks monitoring system prioritised concealment interleaving uep rs codes h.264 video compression estimation method okumura model ultra-wideband channel loss estimation reflection coefficients decibel (db) advanced design system pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (p low noise amplifier (lna) f-ratio cry signals mutilayer perceptron orthogonal least square daubechies transient voltage power quality matlab step size filter order least mean square (lms) stereo system normalized least mean square (nlms) adaptive filtering linear feedback shift register (lfsr) error detection field programmable gate array (fpga) controller area network (can) cyclic redundancy check (crc) risk of transient stability severity trajectory index (rti) distribution systems radial distribution network voltage profile renewable energy industries solar thermal installation system dynamics solar thermal transient analysis power transfer efficiency analysis resonant wireless power transfer wireless power transfer string matching rabin-karp plagiarism jaro-winkler distance fully complex valued relaxation network league championship algorithm mammograms computer-aided detection web service annotation knn algorithm semantic web ontology alignment centroid classifier document processing line follower mobile robot barrier fourier transform gabor filter digital image processing fingerprints biometrics message urgency energy efficiency message length mac clustering evaluation density peak based clustering affinity propagation yaxum/3d numerical design kinetic energy marine current velocity video watermarking signal processing mpeg-2 standard information security discrete cosine transforms prioritized sweeping dual reinforcement q routing confidence based routing csma/ca contention access period backoff algorithms ieee 802.15.4 forecasting and itu ngni numbering roadmap adaptive filter mc-cdma blind identification blind equalization angiographic contours houg combined vector and direct power control vector control dfig fopid controller index terms - pid advanced driver assistance system lane keeping assist system adhoc netwoks. ieee 802.11 dcf non-linear load models firing angle pwm tcsc upfc induction generator self-excited standalone multi-phase co2 emission electricity demand non renewable energy torque oscillations cancellation grid connected converter rotor connected converter doubly fed induction generator optimal allocation and sizing of aplcs (oasa) prob shuffle frog leap algorithm (shfla) harmonics active power-line conditioner (aplc) simulink bit error rate cyclic linear rician rayleigh fading hybrid energy storage system reactive power statcom design user designer random matrix feature extraction dimension reduction coronary heart disease grey rational analysis radar target recognition adaptive angular-sector segmentation grey system streakline streamline crowd behavior analysis visual surveillance spatio-temporal ieee 802.11p dsrc path loss v2v vanet drq routing reinforcement encoding nss auc thd csv apodspwm csv podspwm csv pdspwm seven-level cascaded and diode clamped multi-level
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