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distribution transformer tdr soil moisture sensor system probe sensor heritage structures multi index automatic change detection hr remotely sensed imagery financial inclusion humanities arduino. gpsgsm transmitter-receiver microcontroller tracking electronic security monitoring system indian economy chinese economy consumers purchase intention social networking stress management women employees health issues banking sector stress waste management lean six sigma compatible mappings and weakly compatible mappings uniform space common fixed point pressure presser vessel fem air pollution global warming cds nanocrystalline film substrate sem cds teflon spur gear root fillet stress reduction abs/pa6 sagma copolymer prediction for growth of the company price earning ratio photocatalytic nanocomposites rhodamine b dye nanotechnology identical series system two component identical system awgn ofdm ber rayleigh mimo channel capacity structural audit visual inspection leakages cracks structural 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split waste effect of flyash on the properties of concrete slump. compaction factor thermal glcm k-mean clustering pnn correlogram cbir descriptors feature extraction relevance feedback ocimum sanctum lead solution biosorbents iron solution smes in auto components financial pradhan mantri jan dhan yojana inclusions pmjdy computer engineering predicting electricity consumption single rotor system microcontroller based elevator system wireless electronic lcd notice board wi-fi wimax towerless mobile networks voip raspberry pi performance management organization’s ability to pay non-monetary rewards outsourcing corporate culture personnel management compensation management it governance. strategic change organization’s performance sinusoidal pulse width modulation(spwm) carrier wave frequency fast fourier transform(fft) analysis low pass filter(lpf) modulating index(mi) total harmonic distortion(thd) demonetisation human resource development and training development waste plastic bottle strips strength characteristics soil reinforcement image fusion discrete wavelet transform principal component analysis stationary wavelet transform mild steel thermal spray corrosion resistance cold mix bitumen construction technology reclaimed asphalt pavement (rap) bitumen emulsion aodv rreq afors-het hit solar cell hit defect lean manufacturing tools garment. kaizen lean manufacturing line balancing lean manufacturing tools in garment industry value stream mapping quadrature mixing signaling rate transmission capacity. atharva digital modulation wgfe multiple roles recognition social infrastructure women's studies bimaru states thermal stress analysis of a thin rectangular plat planning water mismanagement sustainability future action. water resources semi- infinite rectangular slab transient problem integral transform heat source relative humidity (rh) humidity sensors irrigation controller nrf24l01. precision agriculture role of students in country the role of students in free 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