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Joel Comm - The Live Streaming Revolution

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With bandwidth and mobile devices now a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives, a new generation of live video streaming apps have captured the attention of content creators. In this brand new talk, Internet veteran Joel Comm provides a run-down of the latest apps, shares use studies and explores possibilities for content creators wanted to reach and engage with an audience. From Periscope and Meerkat to Hangouts and Blab.im, this talk will provide you with up-to-date survey of the fast-growing live-streaming market.

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Joel Comm - The Live Streaming Revolution

  1. INBOUND15 The Live Video Streaming Revolution Joel Comm CEO, Joel Comm, Inc. @joelcomm
  2. INBOUND15
  3. #INBOUND15 Nielsen - 2015
  4. INBOUND15 Ustream.tv
  5. INBOUND15 - First real streaming service - Desktop at launch - Mobile later Ustream.tv
  6. INBOUND15 3/26/08
  7. INBOUND15 2 Google Hangouts / YouTube Live
  8. INBOUND15 Google Hangouts On-Air - Promised video-conferencing - Desktop and Mobile - Buggy and Clunky
  9. INBOUND15
  10. INBOUND15 3 Hang w/
  11. INBOUND15 - Launched in 2013 - Stream from Mobile easily - Celebrity usage (Fifty Cent, Larry the Cable Guy) Hang w/
  12. INBOUND15 Hang w/
  13. INBOUND15 Video Explosion
  14. INBOUND15 - Instagram – 300 million monthly users - Vine – 200 million active users – 12 million videos per day! - Facebook native video Mobile Video Blows Up
  15. INBOUND15 4 Meerkat
  16. INBOUND15 - Blew up at SXSW 2015 - First intuitive easy-to-use app for iOS - Connected to Twitters’ social graph… - Until Twitter cut them off! - Replays available indefinitely if saved Meerkat
  19. INBOUND15 5 Periscope
  20. INBOUND15 - Twitter’s answer to Meerkat - Fully integrated with Twitter - Instant Audience - Dry-by Syndrome - Replays stay for 24 hours Periscope
  21. INBOUND15 Periscope – 10 million + users
  22. INBOUND15 6 Blab.im
  23. INBOUND15 - Still in Beta - Easy-to-use video conferencing / broadcasting - Desktop and Mobile - Host shows with up to 4 people on screen - Chat room - Integrated Tweets Blab.im
  24. INBOUND15 Periscope or Blab.im? - Apples vs. Oranges
  25. INBOUND15
  26. INBOUND15
  27. INBOUND15 Netflix & Hulu are killing broadcast TV Will live streaming hurt Netflix & Hulu?
  28. INBOUND15
  29. INBOUND15 MEERKAT Starting your stream
  30. INBOUND15 MEERKAT Onscreen Engagement
  31. INBOUND15 MEERKAT Comments are Tweets
  32. INBOUND15 MEERKAT Streams Saved to Meerkat Account
  33. INBOUND15 MEERKAT Followers/Following Library Settings
  34. INBOUND15 Meerkat Embedding Video
  35. INBOUND15
  36. INBOUND15 PERISCOPE Select a Stream to View
  37. INBOUND15 PERISCOPE Engaging with Michael Hyatt
  38. INBOUND15 PERISCOPE Browse by Region
  39. INBOUND15 PERISCOPE Starting a Stream
  40. INBOUND15 PERISCOPE Engaging with Comments
  41. INBOUND15 PERISCOPE After-Broadcast Stats
  42. INBOUND15 PERISCOPE Profile Display
  43. INBOUND15 PERISCOPE Celebrity Siting
  44. INBOUND15 LIVE for Facebook Mentions Limited Availability
  45. INBOUND15 LIVE for Facebook Mentions Select Live Video from Post Menu
  46. INBOUND15 LIVE for Facebook Mentions Start Your Stream
  47. INBOUND15 What is Blab? Blab.im
  48. INBOUND15 Engagement & Community Blab.im
  49. INBOUND15 Blab.im On-Air Listings
  50. INBOUND15 Login with Twitter Blab.im
  51. INBOUND15 Blab.im Topic, Tags & Time
  52. INBOUND15 Blab.im Scheduling a Blab
  53. INBOUND15 Blab.im Countdown to Broadcast
  54. INBOUND15 Open Seat / Lock Seat Blab.im
  55. INBOUND15 Requesting a Seat Blab.im
  56. INBOUND15 Engagement & Community Blab.im
  57. INBOUND15
  58. INBOUND15 Requesting a Seat Blab.im
  59. INBOUND15 Getting Props Blab.im
  60. INBOUND15 Share on Twitter Blab.im
  61. INBOUND15 Type “/q” Blab.im
  62. INBOUND15 Type “/topic” Blab.im
  63. INBOUND15 Blab.im
  64. INBOUND15 Download Links For MP3 and MP4 Blab.im
  65. INBOUND15 Manycam Production Suite
  66. INBOUND15 Blab.im Replay Quality
  67. INBOUND15 Blab.im Celebrity Appearances
  68. INBOUND15 Blab.im Celebrity Appearances
  69. INBOUND15 #FlashBlab Blab.im
  70. INBOUND15
  71. INBOUND15
  72. INBOUND15
  73. INBOUND15
  74. INBOUND15 (general blank slide)
  75. INBOUND15 THANK YOU! Follow me anywhere @joelcomm