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Inspire ttt (1) todd chang

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Inspire ttt (1) todd chang

  1. 1. The Effect of Train-the-TrainerModules on evaluating Simulated Lumbar Punctures Todd Chang, MD dr.toddchang@gmail.com
  2. 2. Background• The former POISE Network used Train-the- Trainer (TTT) Modules for supervisors for the Infant Lumbar Puncture (LP) study• TTT show how infant LPs should be rated on a 4-point Global Assessment Scale (GAS)• It is unknown if the TTT truly affected the supervisors’ ability to rate simulated LPs
  3. 3. PICO Question• Population – In senior residents, fellows, and attendings who have supervisory exposure to infant LPs,• Intervention – Does the completion of a TTT Module• Comparison – Compared with no such use• Outcome – Improve the Scoring Accuracy when rating 4 standardized simulated LPs on video?
  4. 4. Approach• Record 4 simulated LPs used in the Validation study reflecting 4 levels of expertise: Novice, Beginner, Competent, Proficient• Randomize scenarios on SurveyMonkey• Approach POISE Network trainers as the Intervention Group and ask to rate LP videos• Approach EXPRESS Network trainers as the Control Group without exposure to the TTT
  5. 5. 3 Questions• Should there be 3 groups: TTT, LP Study exposure without TTT, and Control?• What is the optimal scoring method?• How do we prevent inoculation when testing a TTT v2.0 Module? Todd Chang, MD dr.toddchang@gmail.com